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CA Directory introduced (in release 12.5) a configuration setting to improve the performance of a router DSA in situations where large numbers of bind, compare and search requests are occurring. We wanted to make sure that this capability was explained so the team recently produced a performance evaluation report of the benefits of this setting. Attached you will find this report which describes how the testing was done and the conclusion regarding the optimal settings. Your personal performance gains may vary so we suggest executing your own testing if you desire to use this feature and see what benefits your environment may achieve.


Our internal testing showed that in some cases the throughput increased 100% by using just a few DSP links configured on the router. We hope you will find this information valuable and appreciate your feedback!



Rob Lindberg - Product Manager for CA Directory on behalf of the entire CA Directory team


Idea Management 2.0

Posted by RobLindberg Employee Mar 28, 2017

Hello Community Members!


I'm your new product manager for CA Directory and I want to thank you for your participation in our enhancement process. As you all have hopefully noticed, we've given some recent attention to the ideas that have been submitted but hadn't been updated. We've marked many to show that they have already been delivered and we've put several under review. Lastly, we have indicated for some that we have no plans to implement them. Our intent is to provide feedback on a regular basis for ideas that are being submitted and as well as those that we are considering and will incorporate into our upcoming release planning. Also, your votes provide us with the insight we need to prioritize what's important to the community


So, please keep the ideas and votes coming since we would love to hear how we can improve and enhance CA Directory.