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We will be shortly upgrading the DB to Oracle RAC 12.2 but currently it is not supported by Advanced Authentication 9.0.   Request to support Oracle RAC 12.2 with Advanced Authentication 9.0   Case no for reference:  01252439   
  This message is displayed: "Please select an authentication mechanism" If you want to bypass CA Mobile OTP during enrollment phase, requires customization by Services. Out of the box that is not possible right now and would be a great enhancement for the product.
  It's great that we have such vibrant communities to get quick answers to questions and gain product knowledge! We have very active members jumping in to help others out all the time. The goal of the communities is to respond to every members' question so that no one goes away "empty handed".  Shoutout to the following members who provided tips… (Show more)
We are using AA 8.1.3. The backend is using CA directory 12.6 for user authentication and UDS user store. For every user access to Riskminder, it generated 5-6 lines message in directory warn log like below which could impact Directory performance.   [4] 20181029.000016.458 WARN : LDAP: Unknown attribute type: useraccountcontrol [3]…
ARCOT OTP Soft Token PIN complexity rules - Add complexity rules, currently the product does not prevent the use of sequential numbers. Sequential numbers for pin (12345678) is not an acceptable pin. There should be a means to allow for Pin Complexity rules.
Introduction With our customer we use the Arcot ID with the Arcot Native Client on Windows to distribute S/MIME certificates to be used with Outlook/Exchange. A single certificate is about 4 kByte. Certificates are renewed every year. Encryption certificates remain in the Arcot ID, signature certificates are exchanged every time. Arcot IDs expire…
  ARCOT OTP Soft Token PIN resets - currently the only way that you can reset a PIN is to re-enroll.  We would the user to have the ability to reset their PIN with out having to re-enroll.          
Please allow for the ability to assign multiple LDAP references in the Arcot WebFort/RiskFort Administration Console for organizations. We would like to create a highly available environment and currently if the LDAP server would fail it would bring down the organization.   This would be very helpful for any organization with multiple LDAP…
Mahabaleshwara Hegde
Hello , It would be great value add if we have QR code scanning for CA AA Mobile OTP  Many customers are looking for this , it is easy to scan rather typing it. Push has this feature..   Thanks
Hi all,   We have a CA Strong Authentication implementation and I'm trying to build a system to bulk import the users via webservices or sdk. And I have the following situation:   If I create a user via admin console, webservice, sd,  bulk import or ca-strongauth-sample-application, the user is created, the credentials are created, but register… (Show more)
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