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Client (Retail / Department Store) would very much like a Native REST API available for Q&A Issuance and Authentication for AA 9.0. This is critical to the March go live. Please relay next steps / feasibility etc for this enhancement. I will also log a CES if needed.
Lakshmikanth Mundlapati
The UI we have in the AFM is pretty old and not Responsive enough. As the mobile usage exploded in recent years, every end user facing website out there should be responsive. We should have been there by now. We typically claim that we support mobile browsers. When we claim that we are only concerned on storing the CA AuthID on the mobile devices…
Mahabaleshwara Hegde
Hello Team, Currently we have two parameters configured in ARRFCONFIGURATION i.e USERLOCKEDTIMEDIFF and DEVICELOCKEDTIMEDIFF. Basically these two parameters will influence the risk engine to wait in case same user /device record is locked and contunue the txn. Currently it takes time only in sec, it should be made to mili sec.   Thanks M.G.HEGDE…
Hello,   Is there a way to refresh the Risk Authentication cache using a script? or can the cache refresh only be done on the admin console?   Regards; Neo
in CA Advanced Authentication
Can someone please help me understand what this "Important!" tag is trying to say? We have 9.0 installed, can i apply this patch?   Upgrade CA Adapter from 9.X to 9.0.02 - CA Advanced Authentication - 9.0 - CA Technologies Documentation      from the page: Important! The CA Advanced Authentication 9.0.02 patch does not support Adapter… (Show more)
in CA Advanced Authentication
CA SSO integration with multiple profiles are not working as afmLandingURL in parameter comparison with policy server AA shim.ini profile specific afmLandingPage. We tried all below scenarios but authentication is failing.   - Keeping afmLandingURL in file and profile specific value in shim.ini file same it… (Show more)
in CA Advanced Authentication
Hi   May I kindly get assistants with the query below. Can the query be simplified in order to pull open cases from the Database? The purpose of this exercise it to get the same amount of open cases from the Admin console as well as the database (Daily Statistics).   CA query found in the logs   Select /*+ index ( arrfcaseauditlog… (Show more)
in CA Advanced Authentication
Experts,   We are implementing a solution in which the user experience is as below.   The user accesses an application. Siteminder challenges the user with a form-based login page. The user provides credentials (1st-factor authentication) and the control is passed on to the CA adapter (CA advance authentication). The CA adapter (CA advance… (Show more)
in CA Advanced Authentication
If the risk organization was created with ArcotDB user repository, is it possible to modify it afterwards and link it with an Enterprise LDAP?
in CA Advanced Authentication
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