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Announcement 1 What you may have missed in the CA Security Communities! January 2017
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Hi All,   When we are trying to import policies, domain and aco in R12.5 Policy server by taking Export from R12.52 Policy server, we are getting following error:   CA-XPS:IMP0045(ERROR) : The attribute named "CA.SM::Policy.ValidateIdDifferentUser" is invalid and does not exist in the data dictionary. CA-XPS:IMP0039(ERROR) : An error was… (Show more)
in CA Advanced Authentication
  It's great that we have such vibrant communities to get quick answers to questions and gain product knowledge! We have very active members jumping in to help others out all the time. The goal of the communities is to respond to every members' question so that no one goes away "empty handed". Shoutout to the following members who provided tips… (Show more)
Yong Li
Currently some of the AA components can not set up TLS/SSL connections when we use SHA2 certificates, (i.e. Shim to State Manager), please certify and enhance all the AA components to support SHA2 certificates Business Impact: Some Certification Authorities started to restrict signing SHA1 certificate, customers have no way to use SHA2 …
Dear CA Securities Community Member,   With so much going on in the Security Communities, I have consolidated recent activities in case you missed anything.   UPCOMING EVENT   CA Security Community Webcast - Product Management Briefing: CA Identity Suite – February 23rd 11:00AM ET  Over the past several years you have provided us with invaluable… (Show more)
We are currently using the LDAP/Siteminder setup on Unix with Authminder/Riskminder. Currently, you are only allowed to use one risk ruleset per organization. Also, you can only have one set of LDAP mappings so you can't map multiple organizations to the same user population in LDAP.   We would like to be able to either map multiple risk rulesets…
This is an enhancement request for RiskMinder and AuthMinder. We request for the implementation of the product.   1. To support SQL Server Mirroring of RiskMinder 3.1.x. 2. To support SQL Server Mirroring of AuthMinder 7.1.x. 3. To support SQL Server Mirroring of “ Advanced Authentication 8.0 ”the next version. 4. To documentation of the…
Currently there is no import/export/migrate utility available for CA Auth and Risk Minder Products. Which lead us a huge effort to publish configurations/policies/rules to new environments. Our organization have 7 to 8 different environments and its very difficult to maintain integrity and consistency across those environments.   The human error…
We have successfully implemented Risk Authentication(Risk Minder) 8.1 at our customer site. Everything is running well, however we have encountered that the Admin console creates duplicate list data items on import   Problem The Admin Console  does not validate imported data against data already in the database - Append Option   Proposed Solution…
We have successfully implemented Risk Authentication(Risk Minder) at our customer site. Everything is running well, however we have encountered some requirements that may require changes to the UBP.   Problem Our client wants to be able to interact with the UBP in order to influence the risk score either directly or indirectly via the Evaluate…
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