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We have made available a new NPS survey for those Identity Suite users who would like to provide their input to us and their relative satisfaction with our products.  If you would like to complete this short survey, please go here:


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Sumner Blount

Director, Identity Suite Product Marketing

Register for CA World '15 today: CA World ’15 - CA Technologies

We are planning some exciting and interesting Security Pre-Con sessions this year at CA World.  Here are the sessions that we are planning so far.  This is a great opportunity to do a deep dive on some aspects of the products that you have been using, or just to learn more about any of our solutions!


SCT13S Getting the Most Out of Your SSO Deployment  

Two of the most important areas of a successful CA SSO installation are performance and monitoring of the deployment. This session will cover these two topics in depth. The first half will focus on SSO Performance, following by SSO Monitoring (with a short break).  Come learn how to maximize your use of CA SSO.


SCX01E How to Leverage New Capabilities in the CA Identity Suite 

This session will highlight key new features of the CA Identity Suite, as well as details about the use of integrations with CA SSO and other CA Security products.  Come learn how to get the most out of your Identity Suite deployment


SCT12s  Developing secure mobile applications  

Learn how to easily embed identity and access management capabilities into your mobile apps with CA IAM Solutions (eg. Secure Cloud) and the Mobile API Gateway SDK.  The course will include a few instructor lead labs on the Android Development Framework.  We will conclude the session with a demonstration of how CA’s Identity and Access Management capabilities can assist iOS development. 


SCT13S Getting the most from your CA Advanced Authentication solution           

Join us for a hands-on guided session that will show you how to take advantage of all of the features of CA Advanced Authentication to help you provide both a better user experience and better security.  You’ll walk through behavioral profiling and rule-building to show you how you can achieve close to “zero-touch” authentication.  You will learn how to create meaningful reports and use that data to improve authentication effectiveness and convenience.  You will see several demos that highlight specific use cases for the product.  We will also be collecting your input and feedback on features and usability.


SCX02E Protecting your critical servers from careless or malicious Privileged Users        

This session will explore key capabilities of the CA Privileged Identity Management solution that can help you protect your critical servers from being abused by insiders and outsiders.  Capabilities that will be covered include breach prevention, privileged user containment, resource protection, application jailing, and trusted program execution.

Register for CA World '15 today: CA World ’15 - CA Technologies