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What happened last week in the CA Security Community? Here's a quick recap...

News & Announcements

Looking for participants: SiteMinder (SSO) beta/validation program

Meet CA Support Engineer for CA Security Products: Sung Hoon Kim

CA SPS Group Feature Limitation - Multiple instances of SPS on same Server

General Availability Announcement for CA Single Sign-On (formerly called CA SiteMinder) 12.5 CR05

High Availability Database Deployment

Answered Questions

How can I to extract user from IDM

Is there a possibility to change DSA name??? for replication to work.

Error: [General] Could not contact the user directory

What should I get on Directory Contents? (ADMIN UI)


Open Questions

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Tech Tips

Tech Tip - CA Single Sign-On: View Contents from user store failed with error <status=E/0213/0/No session>

Tech Tip - CA Identity Manager: How the wsdl interface mark a mandatory field?

Tech Tip - CA Identity Manager: How to add Service user-specific screen to an approval?

Tech Tip - CA Identity Manager: Correct JCE Unlimited Strength files

Tech Tip - CA Identity Manager: WSDL indexes

Chat Transcripts

Chat Transcript from CA Privileged Identity Manager Office Hours (Aug 11th)

New Ideas

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In Email, we need to capture the status of each event that is triggered during bulkload task(NOT CLIENT).

Allow exchange connector to be configured to "speak" to different WinRM ports

Active Directory Cross Domain Group Management in CAIM User Console and PX

Managing Custom Attribute in AD (or any other OOTB Endpoint)

Automatic Email Address Correlation when Exchange is set to generate an email

Pause Feature in Policy Xpress

CA SSO Federation NameID Transforms

CA DLP Exchange Agent Log information enhancement

More useful JUEL expression in Assertion Attributes

Add Oracle 12c "Container" DB (multi-tenancy) RDBMS for enterprise product

Policy Xpress - Selectable values for Display On-Screen Message

GovernanceMinder result screen filtering

Need the ability to set the keyboard/mouse cursor on the first text box on the screen


Upcoming Events

Office Hours for CA Advanced Authentication: A Live Online Chat (Aug 17)

Office Hours for CA Single Sign-On: A Live Online Chat (Aug 20)

New Member Webcast - August 2015

Office Hours for CA Privileged Identity Manager: A Live Online Chat (Oct 14)

Get to know Anand!



CA Communities username: anand3g


Company: Simeio Solutions


Title: Software Engineer


Location: USA - Plano, TX


Why did you choose a career in IT/IS?

Ever since I laid my hands on a computer when I was a kid, I just knew this is what I'd be good at. My interest started by playing computer games then gradually led me into a career in IT.


What value does the CA Security Community bring to you and your company?

CA Security Community has very active participation from very experienced members. I almost always get my questions answered correctly from peers who have faced the exact same issue and resolved it. It helps me keep abreast of best practices using the tool. With CA Support members also being active, you are assured of a quick solution. Also, community managers like Kristen ensure every thread gets attention.


Favorite dessert: Gulab Jamun (Indian dessert)


Favorite 3 movies of all time: The Dark Knight, 8 Below and Marley & Me


Favorite hobbies/interests: Reading, Badminton, Table Tennis


If you were an animal, which animal would you be and why?

A Baby elephant. The entire herd showers attention on the baby elephant leading to an awesome childhood!



Note from Kristen: Anand, thank you for being an exemplary member of the CA Security Community! You're awesome!

Get to know Vengadesh!



CA Communities Username: Venga

Company: Cognizant Technology Solutions

Title: Programmer Analyst - Identity and Access Management

Location: Kolkata, India

Why did you choose a career in IT/IS?

Right from the childhood I am very passionate about computers. So I chose IT.

What value does the CA Security Community bring to you and your company?

CA Security Community values more to me as well as to my organization , because it allows me to share my new ideas to the world wide techies and also it helps me to clarify my queries with CA Professionals.

Favorite dessert: Kuzhi paniyaram, Kozhakkattai and Rasgulla

Favorite 3 movies of all time: The Lord of the Rings, Thuppakki and Thor

Favorite hobbies/interests: Playing Cricket , singing  and exploring new places.

If you were an animal, which animal would you be and why?

Lion , because wants to be a king of my jungle..!!


Note from Kristen: Vengadesh - Thank you for being such an active and valuable member of the CA Security Community. Your feedback will impact the future of CA products. Keep it up!