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Madhusudhan Yoganath
Click to view contentDevOps has become a widespread practice not just to continuously integrate software in a more automated way, but it has evolved towards more continuous delivery in production. REST APIs are key enablers of these workflows in DevOps by helping with the required automations to save cost and drive agility.   In 12.7, We introduced REST APIs for… (Show more)
in CA Single Sign-On
We have a requirement to set the incoming RelayState attribute either as a Cookie / Request Header in the federation connection (where we act as the SP). This is needed for our in-house portal application (protected by CA SSO) to redirect the user back to the requested resource based on this value.   Use Case:   1. Client user initiates a… (Show more)
in CA Single Sign-On
Hi All,   I have source code for active response from the siteminder sdk, which was complied and working windows, I am trying to add new active response for which I created a new .Java file, now when I am compling all .java files, I am able to get .class files and .jar file I updated the jvmoptions.txt file also with new jar file. When the flow… (Show more)
in CA Single Sign-On
CA ASA/TAI Agent Support on IBM WebSphere Portal 9.x connecting to 12.8 CA Policy Server.
Does any info/doc exist to integrate Microsoft Power BI Report Server 2019 with CA Single Sign-On?
in CA Single Sign-On
I have  a typical use case here. Currently users of federated applications are being authenticated by an IWA server which is using the AD lets say AD1. The current IWA Authentication scheme (IWA_Auth_Scheme) supports Active Directory/LDAP.   Now i need to implement, is to bring more new users who are on AD2 to use the same IWA_Auth_Scheme to… (Show more)
in CA Single Sign-On
Update the CA SSO SharePoint Agent, old at 2017, and supporting SharePoint 2019.   Thanks! Stefano
Hi Folks,   One of our web applications is introducing a new enhancement feature for the change/forgot password flow and we're rolling it out in the non-production environment.  Right now we're seeing the SiteMinder post preservation page briefly displayed on the browser for about 3 seconds.  This is not desirable by our business department so I… (Show more)
in CA Single Sign-On
Hello, we have CA SSO infrastructure using same policy server which used by multiple applications. We're considering the scenario where we want to remove the dependency of policy server which is used by all other applications. Can we create separate policy server cluster (replica) with same policies which will only serve the purpose of federation… (Show more)
in CA Single Sign-On
Hello members,            I have a specific need on an integration that we have. We have a custom authentication scheme where we leverage the HTML Form(username/password) and in the custom auth scheme we get the username to redirect to our integration and everything works just fine.             I now have an urgent need to not use HTML Form and… (Show more)
in CA Single Sign-On
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