What's New In CA Single Sign-On CR4?

Blog Post created by lucmo01 Employee on Jan 11, 2016

In addition to over 100 known fixes, we have 3 significant new features now available:


1. Windows authentication directly into Office 365 for Microsoft Office applications such as Outlook, Word, and Lync. 

This feature further enhances our Office 365 integration and gets CA SSO to do the last Office 365 use case that may

have prevented organizations for using SSO to do SSO into Office 365.  (Did you know that inside of CA, when you launch

Outlook from your desktop, Outlook is authenticating into Office 365?) Now CA Single Sign-On enables this seamless

SSO completely eliminating the need for ADFS.


2. Ability to have a single IIs server that hosts multiple websites have different agent settings for each website. 

This has been a long asked for feature from our accounts that use a single large IIs server to host multiple websites, it
reduces Cost of ownership for accounts using this configuration and reduces complexity. 


3. Ability to turn off “Authorized” calls from the Web Agent to the policy server.  Typically each request made to a web server results

in the web agent asking the policy server if the user is authorized to access the page.  Some customers view this as extra “chattiness”

in the environment that adds overheard to the SSO solution.  This is necessary if you are doing page level authorization to different

types of users, but for many applications our customers are writing policies that say “if you are authenticated you are allowed  access”.

This feature will allow those applications that use such an authorization policy to remove the extra authorization calls.