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Travelport is redefining how companies search, share, buy and sell travel with its Travel Commerce Platform, which connects the world’s leading travel providers with online and offline travel buyers in a proprietary business-to-business marketplace.




Travelport must be able to protect critical systems, applications and information from unauthorized access and provide all users with secure, but simplified, access to digital assets.




CA Identity Manager provides an end-to-end view of the access rights of more than 7,000 Travelport employees and contractors, along with the travel agency staff. CA Identity Governance enables the company to easily govern and correct these users’ entitlements. CA Single Sign-On provides secure access to a multitude of diverse business systems, which are integrated with directory systems such as Active Directory, LDAP and Exchange.




With the CA solutions, Travelport has been able to eliminate multiple legacy identity solutions, enabling a more consistent user experience and reducing costs. With fewer identities to manage, Travelport can provision new users in minutes rather than days, and ensure their access entitlements remain aligned to their role. The solutions have also accelerated time-to-market for new systems and freed up resources.


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BT Safeguards Customer Experience and Saves £4.5 Million a Year with CA Single Sign-On

Business: BT provides networked IT, telecommunications, TV, mobile and broadband services to customers around the globe. In the UK alone, the company serves more than 18 million business and consumer customers.

Challenge: To enable future growth and ensure its services remain competitive, BT needs to provide customers with the products they desire on the platform they prefer – including browsers and mobile devices.

Solution: BT developed a reusable cross-platform authentication capability for staff, customers and suppliers using CA Single Sign-On. Federated identities ensure secure access to products using third-party services hosted in the cloud.

Benefit: BT is able to deliver a consistent and secure customer experience across all platforms. The solution reduces time to market for new applications, increasing competitive advantage.


BT Group provides communications solutions to customers in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacifi c. The Group consists of fi ve customer-facing lines of business: BT Consumer, BT Business, BT Wholesale, Openreach and BT Global Services. The company’s principal activities include providing networked IT, telecommunications and broadband services for both residential and business customers around the globe. The communications giant also provides TV services such as BT Sport, access to video content and mobile services to consumers primarily within the UK. BT serves more than 18 million customers in the UK with 28 million exchange lines, 11.2 million broadband connections and fi ve million TV service subscriptions. By establishing a customer-centric strategy, BT aims to maximise the potential of its traditional business while also pursuing profi table growth through the provision of forward-looking services, such as TV and content.



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