• SiteMinder Post Preservation page briefly displaying

    Hi Folks,   One of our web applications is introducing a new enhancement feature for the change/forgot password flow and we're rolling it out in the non-production environment.  Right now we're seeing the S...
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  • Advice for upgrading from R12.52 to R12.8

    We previously upgraded from R12.0 to R12.52 several years ago via the "parallel upgrade" method.  Now it's time to upgrade again, but this time from R12.52 SP1 to R12.8.  The previous upgrade was our first S...
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  • File descriptors not fully used by the policy sever in Red Hat 7

    Currently, our /etc/security/limits.conf has the following entry:   smuser           -       nofile     &#...
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  • Enable logs for CA Siteminder Health service

    Hello Everyone,   We have policy Server 12.52 installed on our systems and the siteminder health service is down. Can you please help us locating & enabling its logs so that we debug the issues.   Than...
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  • Is there a way to get the username from the Windows Authentication Scheme?

    Hello members,            I have a specific need on an integration that we have. We have a custom authentication scheme where we leverage the HTML Form(username/password) and in the cust...
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  • CA SSO using separate policy server

    Hello, we have CA SSO infrastructure using same policy server which used by multiple applications. We're considering the scenario where we want to remove the dependency of policy server which is used by all other appl...
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  • Steps to compile .Java files for Activeresponse

    Hi All,   I have source code for active response from the siteminder sdk, which was complied and working windows, I am trying to add new active response for which I created a new .Java file, now when I am compli...
    created by Vikas_Tiwari
  • Tech Tip – How to automatically redirect user to login page after idletimeout

    USE CASE :The user logs into the application. He leaves the application IDLE for X minutes ( where X = Idle Time out configured for the Realm) The user can still continue to see the application even after the idletime...
    Ujwol Shrestha
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  • SiteMinder Integrated Windows Authentication Improvement

    Under review
    31 votes
    The SiteMinder Integrated Windows Authentication scheme has long been the source of many support tickets and enhancement requests. It is a common pain point to see <domain>\<samaccountname> instead of <...
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  • Know Why : Unable to serve form template '' from disk

    Ran into an issue for which there wasn't any reference. Hence adding for info.   Trying to access https://wam.demo.com/siteminderagent/forms/login.fcc and was returned on the browser with "Internal Server Error"...
    Hubert Dennis
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  • OpenJDK support for CA SSO

    Under review
    65 votes
    Oracle is now aggressively charging for the corporate use of JDK and this is a requirement under our compatibility matrix for CA SSO. We could start to support OpenJDK to avoid this high cost being an issue.
    Amilton Filho
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  • Tech Tip : CA Single Sign-On : XAuthRadius Integration with CA SSO 12.7

    Issue: We're integrating XAuthRadius v6.2 with Policy Server 12.7 and we see Policy Server reports error :   [Reject s6/r6 : internal error - failed to obtain scheme credentials for scheme 'xauthradius'][][][...
    created by Patrick-Dussault
  • CA SSO support for JWS 5.0

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    As per CA SSO Support Matrix for Webagent(R12.52 SP1), only RedHat Jboss Web Server version 3.1 is supported.   We're upgrading our current RedHat Jboss Web Server to 5.0 version (based on 2.4.29 with RedHa...
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  • Empty Target with Login.fcc

    Hi All,   I'm verifying my environment for various functions. I have a resource (lets say test.html), I have protected the resource and successfully accessed it through Basic Auth Scheme.   But, when I cha...
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  • Enabling PATCH REST method for SiteMinder R12

    SiteMinder R12, Rule having Web Agent Action only support "Connect, Delete, Get, Head, Options, Post, ProcessSOAP, ProcessXML, Put, Trace" methods, but not Patch. How do we add Patch method to Web Agent Action ?  ...
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  • Enable .fcc page to support OPTIONS method

    Under review
    16 votes
    Hi.   -------- THE PROBLEM ---------- We discovered that any webagent (webagent on IIS for instance or any Secure Proxy) isn't able to handle an OPTIONS request when it is executed directly in a .fcc page. ---...
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  • Enhance SSO Federation to support HTTP-POST request for SP-Initiated flows without a Sessionstore

    Under review
    29 votes
    According to below KB article, there is a pre-requisite of enabling Session store to support HTTP-POST request for SP-Initiated flows.   SP-Initiated POST request results in 400 Error    This doe...
    Ashok kumar Muthu
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  • CA SSO support for FIDO2 WebAuthN

    Under review
    8 votes
    CA has an opportunity to innovate by developing a FIDO2 WebAuthN authentication scheme for CA SSO.   This new spec is being built into all major browsers, and it will allow a user to use any available FIDO2...
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  • CA SSO full support for OpenID Connect

    Under review
    18 votes
    CA SSO only serves as an OpenID Connect 1.0 provider and as an Oauth client. It should have the capability to serve as an OpenID connect relying party and as an Oauth2.0 authorization server.   The Belgian nati...
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  • ADFS 3.0 and SiteMinder 12.52 SP1 Integration

    Hello All,   We have a requirement to leverage 2nd factor authentication capability that we have built using CA SiteMinder 12.52 SP1 and AuthMinder 7.0.1 integration.   Scenario   We have a Microsof...
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