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Announcement 1 [Webcast] CA Service Management 17.2 – Overview and Drill-down – March 12, 2019 @11 a.m. ET
Announcement 2 [Webcast] CA Service Management at Discovery Health: Stretching the Boundaries of ITSM – February 26, 2019 @11 a.m. ETAnnouncement 3 What you may have missed in the CA Service Management Community! January 2019Announcement 4 CA ITSM - Ask a Question, Get an Answer (February 22 - March 1)Announcement count
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Click to view contentHi I need to add button to change status request from "detenido" to "asignado" for a specific role "Colaborador"   CA Service Desk 17.1
in CA Service Management
Click to view content  It's great that we have such a vibrant community to get quick answers to questions and gain product knowledge! We have very active members jumping in to help others out all the time. The goal of the community is to respond to every members' question so that no one goes away "empty handed". Shoutout to the following members who provided tips and…
in CA Service Management
I have 2 servers in the same network. One server (***.***.***.server1) has installed CA Unified Self Service and CA Service Catalog and in the other one (***.***.***.server2) has the Apache Reverse proxy configured. The CA USS and  CA SC are configured in port1 and port2 ports respectly. The whole idea is to navigate to each application throught… (Show more)
in CA Service Management
I'm trying to use JavaScript within the the script box on a catalog form to capture the browser type of the user.    I found this simple little code snippet  that successfully alerts the browser type when executed in chrome's console, but I haven't been able to figure out how to get it to work in the context of a catalog script box.   var… (Show more)
in CA Service Management
Good day community    Is there a possibility that in the long reports show the fields of the headings in each sheet exports to PDF ?,                      since nothing else shows the records and not the headings, since the vision of the report is lost. This situation happens when you run and export to PDF, the reports have many records. It has… (Show more)
in CA Service Management
Michael Mueller
Even though this idea was already created by tzadell some time ago, and it was set to "not planned", unfortunatey. I raise this again.   Things have changed inbetween. Survey request mails in plain text only is outdated already for years. One is not able to generate a survey request URL in a message…
Summary: This is a very basic, support developed tool to test connections to: 1- Service Desk Web Services - REST and SOAP 2- Email Server Connections - SMTP, IMAP, POP3 3- LDAP - very basic LDAP connection tester 4- Port Query - see if a port is listening or being blocked (eliminates the need to download Port Query) 5- JDBC - Connect to an…
in CA Service Management
Click to view contentHi Team!   Someone know if is possible send a mail with the survey when the session on support automation is finished?   I Try on activity notification "Assistance: Session Ended Notification" but there isn't an option "survey"      Thank you, Wicner
in CA Service Management
SDM 14.1.05 When a Classic cr workflow task enters "Pending" status, the Actual Start Date (start_date) in detail_cr_wf automatically inserts the current date/time. This is true as soon as the first task in a workflow is created and as each subsequent task transitions from "Wait" to "Pending".   However, when a custom status is used to… (Show more)
in CA Service Management
Hi team,   We are trying to open doc file in knowledge manager but unable to open it.   It shows error HTTP 400 wrong direction . But when i open pdf file it opens correctly. What is the issue? 
in CA Service Management
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