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Bom dia a todos, utilizo a versão 14.2 do CASDM e iniciei um processo de utilizar tarefas para incidentes e solicitações.   Tudo está correndo bem, foi bem aceito pelo meus usuários, mas foi solicitado a criação de filtros para visualização das tarefas de incidentes/solicitação como existe para mudança.   Tentei criar a consulta, mas o sistema… (Show more)
in CA Service Management
We need to change incident status to a particular value whenever mail is received from end user. For us, incident is created whenever mail is received and during incident creation status is set as per the "TextAPI Defaults" mentioned in create mailbox rule. But update mailbox rule is not changing incident status. Kindly suggest how "TextAPI… (Show more)
in CA Service Management
Hi Communities   When right click on REF_NUM, where do you get the Options screen the pop up.   See attachement.
in CA Service Management
Hi all,   I need to insert a informative message when the export button is clicked, but only for some forms (list_cr, list_cnt, etc..) and some tenants.  I made a edition in "export_file.html", but the message is displayed for all users and all forms with have the option to export.:     Any ideia, how I can do this customization?    Thanks!
in CA Service Management
Does any of you guys have examples of implementation of createAttachment method using .net4.0 ? 
in CA Service Management
I am trying to set up an event that will trigger a separate notification to go to the help desk superiors every time an incident or request is opened with a VIP (or other special handling) as the affected end user.  I understand the portion of setting up the macro that will get the message to the right people but am having difficulty setting up… (Show more)
in CA Service Management
Dear All  I want to send value from first select box to input second select box but It is not work and not show value for select. 1. I create 2 report builder.    first report builder                        second report builder                    2. I create 2 select box on form.                 3. I configuration in Category Level 1.  … (Show more)
in CA Service Management
We are in the early stages of analysis to migrate CABI 4.1 (SDM 14.1.05) to Cognos BI (our corporate standard). Is there a way in Universe Designer - or other, to generate a list of tables used by CABI without having to migrate all SDM tables?  Or does a table list exist somewhere?   thanks Jeff
in CA Service Management
Hi Team   We have some cloud services offering to our customers. As of now the process is manual and the team is willing to come on a proper platform for offering their services i.e CA Service Catalog.   We have some forms and approval process from multiple teams to request the services. How can we create Forms n workflows in CA service Catalog?… (Show more)
in CA Service Management
Hello together,   i created an custom Manual Notification Activity form called Waiting for Customer wich sends an E-Mail to the Customer and should Log to the act_log.   To create this i Copied the nf.htmpl to nf_wak.htmpl and Called it by JavaScript: popupActivityWithURL('\" + query_str1 + \"WaK+HTMPL=nf_WAK.htmpl\" + \"') from… (Show more)
in CA Service Management
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