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Announcement 1 [WEBCAST] Taking CA Service Management beyond IT at Woolworths for More Value – September 27, 2018 @11 a.m. ET
Announcement 2 What you may have missed in the CA Service Management Community! August 2018Announcement 3 CA ITSM - Ask a Question, Get an Answer (September 21 - September 28)Announcement count
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I am trying to find a cut through process for exporting knowledge articles from SDM 14.1.xx into a compatible format that makes it feasible for importing into Atlassian Confluence? This is just to create another backup store for all CA KB articles. If anyone has accomplished this, please let me know of the procedure or point me in a direction on… (Show more)
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Make sure to check out Thursday's 11am ET CASM Community webcast where Woolworths' Head of IT Operations & Service, Qaneet Laher, presents their use of CA Service Management (especially CA Service Desk) in non-IT use cases. This is the first in a series of Community webcasts focused on "Enterprise Service Management", featuring customers sharing… (Show more)
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The Swing box upgrade instructions describe an alternative in-place upgrade option. However, I cannot find any documentation on how to perform an in-place upgrade. Does this documentation exist anywhere?   thanks Jeff
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Hi Team, This is regarding the Time calculation for the service desk tickets from open date to resolve date in the BOXI Reports. If we need to exclude the Waiting status from the BOXi Reports. Kindly provide the formula, so that we can exclude the time when the status is changed to Waiting from open date to resolve date.   Thanks Shwetha
in CA Service Management
Hi All,   We are facing an error (as mentioned below) while installing casdm 14.1 and also error thrown while applying CP2 error thrown on CMD as "D:/Program" not recognised, as we have installed sdm on D drive.     Regards, Sushma
in CA Service Management
Hello,   We have a Business logic which calculates % downtime of a solution. It uses a 2D array and we get a run-time exception :subscript out of range Ubound.   Earlier we used to simply re commit the logic and it would work fine but not it  is getting stuck and does not calculate further than the month of May2018.   Any help regarding this… (Show more)
in CA Service Management
Hi All,   I want to impose condition(class.zcr_flag=1) on configuration item search field in quick profile (scratchpad.htmpl) page.   so that when user click/search on lookup field of configuration item they only see the CI whose class.zcr_flag=1.   can any one help how to impose this condition in scratchpad.htmpl   below is the configuration… (Show more)
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Daniel Geraldi
Would a good idea to show total time (in business hours) spent in each status and total time in the ticket in business hours too.
Hi,    Are you aware if we have attempted migration of historical data from HP Service Manager 9.x to CA SDM (any version preferably the latest i.e 17.x)    Regds, Ashutosh.
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Hi Team!   I have use the grloader operator (CA PAM) to update a CI on the CMDB of Service Desk. The PAM Instance create an archive (xml) whit the fields need to update, one of then is the location. For example the archive xml to upload on grloader operator is:   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> <GRLoader> <ci>… (Show more)
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