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Thanks to all who participated in the Community survey we did last month focused how customers are using CA Service Management outside of IT. As promised, we are sharing the results with you, and they are quite interesting.


In fact, the results are so interesting, we are going to have customers present their use cases in future Community webcasts and in CA World sessions. Why? Well, the fact is that while almost all are using CASM as an IT service desk, 51% are getting additional value from it by using it in scenarios outside of IT. We are thinking that maybe customers can learn from these non-IT use case presentations to gain more value from their existing investments in CASM.


Here are the results


In reality, these results aren't completely surprising as non-IT use of ITSM solutions has been a building trend over the past 5-10 years; it has gained enough momentum that it is now referred to as Enterprise Service Management, or ESM, and is a big focus of industry analysts and pundits; some have even abandoned the term ITSM and now solely use ESM. We'll have some industry pundits speak on this topic as well in the coming months. Stay tuned!


Feel free to contact me with any questions at

Dear Community:


On behalf of CA Technologies, we appreciate your business and the opportunity to provide you with high-quality, innovative software and services. As part of our ongoing commitment to customer success, we regularly release updated patches for our products. Today, we are pleased to announce the availability of CA Service Management 17.1 Roll-Up Patch 1 ( This Roll-Up patch is delivered for CA Service Management 17.1 and above.


Customers planning to upgrade to CA Service Management 17.1 and those who have already upgraded to CA Service Management 17.1 should install this patch in order to obtain resolutions to the issues identified in the Release Notes section of the wiki as well as to receive future fixes as detailed in the Defect Resolution Process.


Patch Content:

This update includes several fixes for CA Service Desk Manager, CA Service Catalog, CA IT Asset Manager (Asset Portfolio Management), Unified Self-Service, and xFlow. We encourage you to visit CA Service Management Release Notes for a summary of the fixes included in this patch and to also review How to Implement prior to applying the patch.

You can download your copy of CA Service Management 17.1 Roll-Up Patch 1 ( from CA Support Online - CA Service Management Solutions & Patches.


Need More Help?


Thank you again for your business.

CA Technologies is conducting a short CA Service Management/CA Service Desk Manager (CASM) survey that we hope will help you get more value from the product. We are interested in how customers use CASM. Are you using it in clever ways? In departments outside IT like HR, Finance, AV, Facilities...? Externally for enabling business applications like managing manufacturing defects, retail complaints, hospitality requests, facilities requests or issues, access to public services...? We will share the survey findings in the CASM Community so you can see how others are using the product and maybe learn new ways to get more value from your existing product investment.


The survey is being administered by TechValidate, takes less than 5 minutes and can be accessed here:



Thanks in advance for your participation. We truly appreciate it.

The CA Service Management Product Team

CA Virtual Summit

CA is hosting a Virtual Summit on May 17th that includes an ITSM track entitled "ITSM: What's Hot, New, Next and Not!"   We've assembled a cast of ITSM industry analysts, industry experts and CA experts who will discuss the future of ITSM and the service desk, and what we need to do now to be ready for it. The webcasts are free; all you need to do is click on the links below to sign up.  Here is the line up...Don't miss out on these great thought leader sessions:


Click on each session title for more details and to register for the session


Click to RegisterITSM: Helping Enable the Future Workplace

Service management helps organizations enable and support modern working practices that increasingly embody more mobile and flexible work styles. Ovum senior analyst Adam Holtby will discuss how the way people work is changing in response to digital transformation and share findings from recent Ovum research into the digital workplace and why service management is important in delivering against digital initiatives.


The IT Service Management Hub: A Magnet for IT Transformation Click to Register

Leveraging recent research data, EMA vice president Dennis Drogseth will examine how ITSM is evolving to become a hub for all of IT. He will share ITSM's role in integrated asset management, integrated operations and war-room needs, DevOps/agile, SecOps and ITSM’s growing role as a center for IT governance. He will explore what technologies, organizational changes, and process adoptions are critical and obstacles.


Click to Register

How Will AI, Machine Learning and Robotics Change ITSM?

AI, Robotics, Machine Learning.  EVP of Pink Elephant George Spalding will present how these new technologies will be exploited to change the way we do Service Management, IT and business in general. He will discuss how they will disrupt and change the value proposition of any Service Provider and our jobs (if they still exist). Listen in for an in-depth explanation of these technologies in ITSM and learn what’s coming next.


Click to Register

Will the Real ITSM Please Stand Up?

Thomas Mendel, Managing Director of industry analyst firm Research in Action, presents new findings derived from his recent research into 1500 IT organizations and how they use ITSM and the vendor tools they employ.  Hear about the market trends and challenges these ITSM practitioners consider important to and what ITSM practitioners think of the top 20 ITSM vendors. What you hear may surprise you.


Click to RegisterITSM in the Modern Software Factory: The New Way to Drive IT and Business Value

Agile, DevOps, Lean, digital transformation, cyber threats and constant change. To keep up IT must become a “Modern Software Factory” with a strong ITSM foundation. Darren Arcangel, co-author of the book ITIL® and the Information Lifecycle - Integrating Agile, DevOps and ITSM, explains the Modern Software Factory, how these things all interrelate, and the challenges and opportunities they present to ITSM and IT organizations.


Hope You Enjoy the Show!

Hi everyone,


This came up on couple of other threads too and I thought of resurfacing the links a bit. CA team has put together some great education material on 17.1 and its free from what I know, here are a few links:


1) CA Service Management 17.1: Feature Walk-Through 

The content is very modular too and has a good mixture of short videos and reading about:

- Various xFlow Interface and Service Desk Manager enhancements in CA Service Management 17.1

- Identifying the installation and upgrade process for CA Service Management 17.1 

- Identifying the different issues that might arise during installation, configuration, and post-installation process and be able to troubleshoot them


Good thing about this content is that you can pause and resume your learning as you go through it.  You can revisit it later on etc., too.


2) In additional there are more modules too:


1) There's a short video on Insights here: 

CA Service Management 17.1 Release Notes - CA Service Management - 17.1 - CA Technologies Documentation 


2) A recording of 17.1 overview that was done on this Community previously: Replay - Repeat: CA Service Management 17.1 – Overview and Drill-down


3) Finally, a great Upgrade webinar that was done for this Community earlier:

Replay - Tips, Tricks & Tools to Make Upgrading to New Releases of CA ITSM Easier


Hope all of these together will help you understand the new modules in 17.1 as well as pave a way for upgrades etc.,


As always, both the Community here as well as CA Support are available in case you have any questions.



Dear Community User,


We are pleased to announce the availability of CA Service Management 14.1 Cumulative Patch 5 (14.1.05). This cumulative patch is delivered for CA Service Desk Manager 14.1, CA Service Catalog 14.1, and CA Asset Portfolio Management 14.1 and above.


We recommend upgrading your CA Service Management implementation to the latest release to take advantage of all current features and improvements. If you are unable to upgrade to the latest release, CA has made a patch available for CA Service Management 14.1. Customers with CA Service Management 14.1 should install this patch if you are interested in obtaining resolutions to the issues identified in the Release Information section of the wiki as well as to receive future fixes as detailed in the Defect Resolution Process.


Patch Content

This update includes several fixes for CA Service Desk Manager, CA Service Catalog, CA IT Asset Manager (Asset Portfolio Management), Unified Self-Service, and xFlow along with all previously released cumulative patches for CA Service Management 14.1. We encourage you to visit CA Service Management documentation wiki to review the fixes included in this patch and how to implement the update.


You can download your copy of CA Service Management 14.1 Cumulative Patch 5 (14.1.05) from CA Support Online - CA Service Management Solutions & Patches.


Need More Help?

Dear Community User,


We are pleased to announce the availability of CA Service Management Mobile App 3.1.13. 


This update includes several fixes for the Mobile App along with support for Android 8 and iOS 11. We encourage you to visit CA Service Management documentation wiki to review the fixes included in this patch.


You can download the CA Service Management app now from Google Play or iTunes.


Thank you!


Dear Community -


As part of the 17.1 release announced this week, we have delivered the following Ideas from the Community:


SAML 2.0 support for Service Desk authentication 

Support for HTML/Rich Text formatted emails 

Maileater to support wild card SSL certificates 

Ability to calculate ticket durations based on the analyst's workshift hours, as well as to omit durations the ticket was in a particular status 

Install Jaspersoft on SQL Server named instance database 

SDM emailEater SSL Connection 

NTLM authentication required for Knowledge Management/Sharepoint adapter  

Change font size or color on Request offerings 

Total Resolution time 

Calculation of mean time from open to close 


Your Ideas continue to be a vital part of our product planning process. Please continue to submit, vote, and discuss Ideas so that we can be sure to continue to improve the solution where you - our customers - need it most.


Thank You!

Carol Piccus

Dear Community Member,


Today, we are pleased to announce the availability of CA Service Management 17.1. This release delivers maintenance patches as well as new features, and is a minor version upgrade from CA Service Management 17.0.


Customers currently on CA Service Management 14.1 or below can upgrade directly to CA Service Management 17.1. The improved installer with this release performs major and minor version upgrade sequentially to ensure zero-hop upgrade experience.


This release includes the following key features:


  1. Advanced Reporting (Insights): Through a new Insights app, xFlow provides access to reports and dashboards powered by CA Business Intelligence JasperReports Server. The new capability includes canned ITSM metrics definitions for Incident and Request Management processes supporting adhoc analysis of metrics and corresponding historical trends.
  2. Workflow Tasks in xFlow: Analysts can now access and update workflow tasks in xFlow.
  3. SLA Management in xFlow: Analysts can now view and manage Service Types associated with tickets in xFlow.
  4. New Improved Maileater: CA Service Desk Manager provides an improved Maileater capability that supports HTML or RTF formatted inbound emails and better secure configuration options with the Mail server.
  5. SAML 2.0 Support: CA Service Desk Manager and xFlow support SAML 2.0 based authentication with external identity providers.
  6. License Usage Tracking: CA Service Desk Manager license tracking is now easier than before. Administrators can easily view license usage and availability under the Administration tab.
  7. Usability Enhancements in xFlow: Several usability enhancements in xFlow are added in this release to improve Analyst productivity.



This release also includes maintenance patch(es) for CA Service Management 17.0 along with performance and security improvements. In order to receive a seamless maintenance and support experience, it’s essential to keep your CA Service Management solution updated with the latest available version. For details, please refer to the Defect Resolution Process.  


You can download your copy of CA Service Management 17.1 from CA Support Online


We encourage you to visit the CA Service Management documentation wiki for the release overview and upgrade/update information.


If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact CA Customer Care online at where you can submit an online request. You can also call CA Customer Care at +1-800-225-5224 in North America or see for the local number in your country. 


You may also contact CA Support via chat by clicking the Chat button on the Case Management – Create New Case page at CA Support Online


Should you need any assistance in understanding these new features, or implementing this latest release, our CA Services experts can help.  For more information on CA Services and how you can leverage our expertise, please visit  


To connect, learn and share with other customers, join and participate in our CA Service Management Community.

To review CA Support lifecycle policies, please review the CA Support Policy and Terms located at:  

Thank you again for your business.

Dear Community Members,


We are pleased to announce the General Availability of CA Service Management 17.1. The Feature Walk-through provides a quick overview of CA Service Management 17.1. You can also review the Release Notes for a summary of all the new features and enhancements. This release also includes several bug fixes and security improvements.

The product documentation for other supported non-English languages is expected to be published on March 23, 2018. We encourage you to take advantage of the collaborative features of DocOps.

CA Technologies is continually working to improve our software and services to best meet the needs of our customers. In accordance with the CA Support Policy and Terms (, we would like to inform you that we are discontinuing technical support for CA Service Desk Manager14.1, CA Service Catalog 14.1 and CA IT Asset Manager - Asset Portfolio Management 14.1, along with their respective service packs, cumulative patches, and supported languages, effective December 31, 2018. This will allow our Development organization to more effectively focus its resources and add value to the next release of CA Service Management. After December 31, 2018, CA Technologies will continue to make self-service support available until the end of your current maintenance term.

At this time, we encourage you to plan for the migration to CA Service Management 17.1 (CA Service Desk Manager 17.1, CA Service Catalog 17.1, CA IT Asset Manager - Asset Portfolio Management 17.1) or a later release as soon as possible, so you can take full advantage of the features and enhancements the release has to offer. For more information on CA Service Management 17.1, please visit CA Service Management 17.1 at CA Technologies Documentation or CA Support Online (


You can learn more about the product roadmap for CA Service Management by registering for an upcoming product roadmap session at You can also join the customer validation community to get a preview and test a future release before its General Availability.


As CA Technologies would like to make your upgrade to CA Service Management 17.1 as straightforward as possible, we are offering the following:

  • The latest supported Version/Release of CA Service Management product, at no charge, as long as you have an active maintenance contract for the respective CA Service Management product.  Documentation to help you prepare for your upgrade to the new Version/Release can be viewed under the CA Service Management 17.1 wiki at CA Technologies Documentation.
  • Engaging CA Services can help you accelerate time-to-value by assisting you with any or all parts of your upgrade.  CA Support complements our services team by providing upgrade support services to help ensure your success. Upgrade support services provides 24x7 access to CA Support and direct access during business hours to a designated support resource who will provide support on the End of Service version from upgrade start to finish, and for 30 days after your upgrade is complete.  Additional information can be found in Seven Strategies for Successful Upgrade and Upgrade Services available on   Please contact your CA account representative to receive a quote for such services.
  • Upgrade assistance from qualified local CA partners.  For more information and a list of partners in your area, please contact your local CA Channel Partner Group office, (
  • CA Extended Support, a CA Technologies support offering, that extends support for CA Technologies software product versions or releases that have reached End of Service. CA Extended Support may be available for a limited time after the End of Service date. Please note, however, that in most cases CA upgrade services will provide a more cost-effective and valued approach than CA Extended Support alone.  Please visit our website, CA Support Online ( for more information.

As part of the ongoing updates to the Idea backlog, we will be moving several Ideas to the "Not Planned" stage due to lack of community support across the Service Management community. As such, we have determined that Ideas still in a "New" or "Under Review" stage that are low scoring and submitted over 6 months ago will be moved to "Not Planned".


If you find that an idea that is moved to "Not Planned" should be reconsidered, we welcome you to create a new idea but ask for you to please consider searching the community first to find a synergistic idea and vote on it. If you need to create a new idea, please be sure to document the business problems that would be solved, the use case, the type of user, and the business value expected from having this feature.


Thank you!

Once again we had a strong contingent of hundreds of ITSM and ITAM attendees at CA World '17 who were there to learn from education sessions, hands-on labs and tech talks delivered by customers, product management and other product leaders. We hosted 50+ customer one-on-one sessions with CA management so we could hear firsthand about your goals and how we can work together to achieve them.


You can check out many of the great presentations on our Presentation Site under Agile Management which includes presentations from the Service & Asset Management, PPM and Agile Central tracks. Here are just a few of the ITSM and ITAM highlights:


Top attended ITSM Education sessions:

  1. What's New in CA Service Management
  2. Building an Awesome Catalog of Services People Will Want to Use  (PPT link)
  3. Get the Most out of Change, Release and Configuration Management with CA Service Management (PPT link)
  4. Tips, Tricks and Tools to Make Upgrading to New Releases of CA Service Management Easier (PPT link)


Top attended ITSM Core sessions:

  1. CA Service Management: Vision and Roadmap
  2. Quantifying Business Value with ITIL and ITSM in the Modern Software Factory (PPT link)
  3. Case Study: 5 Easy Steps to Measuring and Improving Self-service Knowledge with CA SDM at RSM (PPT link)
  4. Case Study:The Road to ITSM Success at MGM Using CA Service Desk Manager & Service Catalog (PPT link)
  5. Case Study: Transforming End-user Support Using Artificial Intelligence and CA SDM at Intergrupo (PPT link)


Top attended ITAM sessions:

  1. Basic and Advanced Tips to Successfully Manage Hardware Assets with CA ITAM (PPT link)
  2. Using Software Asset Management to Strengthen Your Cybersecurity (Webcast link)
  3. Case Study:The Road to Software Asset Management Maturity at First Horizon National Corporation (PPT link)
  4. Case Study: Ho CA Technologies Saved $30 Million Using CA ITAM (PPT link)
  5. Winning the Software Asset Management Game with CA ITAM (PPT link)


We hope you enjoy the content we are making available. If you have questions or suggestions, please leave us a comment below and we will get back to you with a response as quickly as possible.



Within the Service Desk Manager's "Web Screen Painter" (WSP) there exists an option "Schema Designer". This feature allows you to create custom database tables and columns, which you can use within Service Desk Manager.


I've compiled a few useful documents for the Communities that provide some details on how the Schema Designer works, as well as some useful things to look into in case you run into an issue.


1. You can find the full documentation on the Schema Designer here:

How to Modify Schema Using Web Screen Painter - CA Service Management - 14.1 - CA Technologies Documentation 

There's a lot of information how to use the tool.


2. This document provides some additional information on some things to look into if the schema publish fails:

Web Screen Painter schema modification - How it works and what to check if it goes wrong. 


3. This document provides some specific details for using the schema designer in an environment with Advanced Availability enabled:

How to Perform Schema Changes using Web Screen Painter on Advanced Availability Configuration 

No one is more important than our customers. That is why we need your feedback on the CA Service Management solutions and our support of them.

We recently launched a Customer Feedback Survey for CA Service Management (includes CA Service Desk Manager). This few-minute survey enables us to gauge your satisfaction with the product and our support of it. Thank you to those of you who have already completed the survey. But we need to hear from more of you! 

Our CA Service Management product team, including Product Management, Product Marketing and Support, reads each and every survey submission to help make our solutions and support better.

So please take a few minutes and complete this survey by clicking on the Survey icon below.

Click Image to
Complete Survey

Make sure to, click the "Finish" button at the bottom of the last page of the survey to submit your responses.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!