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Dear CA Service Management Community Member,


With so much going on in the Service Management Community I have consolidated recent activities in case you missed anything.


Office Hours for CA Service Desk & Service Catalog, October 16 @ 10 AM ET

Have a question about CA Service Desk and/or CA Service Catalog? Connect with CA Technologies technical experts to get answers via Office Hours for CA Service Desk and Service Catalog. Our team is here to help you get more out of your technology. Join us for one hour Thursday, October 16th @ 10 AM ET. NOTE - No audio is provided and all Q&A happens via online chat, making it a truly ‘fun’ event.

Click HERE to: add to calendar and join the day of.

*Please note that there is no audio. This is for you to submit your questions only and our experts will respond using WebEx.


Our CA Service Desk Manager customers are some of the most loyal and passionate customers we have across the entire CA Technologies family - and the CA Service Management User Community members are the most influential voices in directing the product path.

Your participation in the future of CA Service Desk Manager is what makes this product so special, and it’s a partnership we take very seriously. Your feedback and ideas help us maximize your investment with CA Technologies and take us to even higher levels of quality, customer experience, satisfaction and value.

Click HERE: to take the brief survey, which should take no more than 2-3 minutes to complete.


CA World '14 News -


Want a backstage pass to meet The Fray at Event Night? Register today for your chance to win!

Check out the CA World '14 Program Guide: CA Intellicenter

CA World ’14 Rewrite: A first-hand look at the future presented by CA and Wired

CA World '14 Celebrating the Power of Women in IT


Catch up on the CA Service Management Video Demo Series!

CA Service Management Video Demo Series Part 5: Reporting and Dashboards

In the fifth installment of the video demo series, Chris Pola demonstrates how customers are seeing value from the standard reporting solutions included in the CA Service Management solution as well as the add-on product Xtraction for Service Management.

CA Service Management Video Demo Series Part 6: Out-of-the-box Best Practices

In the sixth installment of the video demo series, Chris Pola walks us through a number of best practice approaches that are delivered in the standard implementation of the CA Service Management solution.

...and in case you missed these as well:


CA Service Management Video Demo Series Part 1: Incident and Problem Management

This installment covers some of the Incident and Problem Management flow that can be achieved using the web-based elements of the system and then shows how to extend the process flows through the use of the mobile app.


CA Service Management Video Demo Series Part 2: Change and Configuration Management

This video demonstrates some of the features that help you reduce business risk by establishing automation that can enforce consistency and improve productivity throughout the change and configuration management process.


CA Service Management Video Demo Series Part 3: Request Management

This one off how the new unified self-service capability can really influence improving the business consumer's perception of the IT function and helps tie together the full lifecycle of a customer request.


CA Service Management Video Demo Series Part 4: Knowledge Management

Jack Gao walks us through the Knowledge Management elements provided in the CA Service Management solution.


Tuesday Tips, Other Tips and Helpful Information -


How can you customize the BSI interface?

Here some tips to customize the BSI interface.

New ITAM Documents Posted on Product Support Site


Coracleanup is an NT command line utility that helps apply the latest changes to CORA to the existing and registered assets in the Database.

New TEC documents for 2014/10/13

SSL on SDM - IIS and Tomcat

I wanted to share with the community some information I documented on configuring SSL with SDM 12.7 on IIS 7 and Tomcat based on Go Daddy certificates.

Important Daemons/Processes in Advanced Availability Environment

CA BSI r8.x Implementation and Configuration available on the Education Portal


APM pop-up support for Chrome 37+

A useful Service Desk Manager tool: Notepad++

We all have our "kit bag" of utilities to tackle Administration tasks. The list is large and long, and it is possible to specialize in these alone.

APM 12.9 installer fails to connect to CABI server


Last but not least Compete in the CA Community Decathlon!

It’s an opportunity for you to flex your mental muscle and prove you have what it takes to be a CA Champion in the communities.


That's it for now folks but I'm sure there will be a lot more soon! Take a moment to get in on the CA Service Management discussions and make your voice heard!





Community Manager, IT Business Management