Catherine Schuman

Community View: Raghu Rudraraju, Featured User (May 2015)

Blog Post created by Catherine Schuman Employee on May 6, 2015

Once a month we'll shine our virtual spotlight on one of the CA Service Management community's members. It's just a fun, easy way for us to get to know one another a little bit beyond our work-related interactions here on the site. This month, we're featuring Raghu Rudraraju, Principal Support Engineer, CA Technologies.

Raghu Rudraraju.png

Location:  Lisle, IL. It’s a few miles west of Chicago.

Current Gig:  Helping CA Service Management consumers

One word that describes how you work:  Helping

How do you use CA Communities and any suggestions for others? I do use a mixture of email, browser and mobile-app mechanisms to get updates and respond.  In the end, it all depends on the location/time when reviewing/replying to content. Email notifications could get overwhelming though, unless appropriate routing/filtering is done.

Mac or PC?  PC
Mobile Device? I do have an iOS and an Android device with me.  Former is what I use more these days.

Apps/software/tools you can’t live without? Chrome/Firefox and Notepad++

Besides your phone and computer, what's your favorite gadget? My kids,  oh wait….

What’s your daily work space like? A make shift stand-up workspace that I setup for fun, to keep me on my feet often

How do you balance life/work? Did I mention my favorite gadgets (err.. kids) earlier?  Got two little kids and a lovely wife, with whom I love to spend any available time.

Best advice you can give and you have received? A wise man once said, make it a habit to learn at least one new thing every day.

What everyday thing are you better at than anyone else? none