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   It’s Wednesday, and you are just going through your day, keeping pace with resolving new helpdesk tickets. But then – you see a ticket assigned to

   you that has an insane request in it. What do you do? You sit there in silence dealing with the aftershock.


   Does it feel like no one is there to experience this moment with you?


   You may laugh, cry or just be entertained, not able to share your experience with others that may have similar HORROR/FUNNY/SHOCKING stories to tell...


  Here is your short window of opportunity to share that crazy story with the rest of the ITSM community...


  Tell us about the Craziest Ticket you’ve ever received, and you’ll have a shot at getting a free pass to CA World®‘15 in Las Vegas with a free therapy

  session. There, we said it.


  To enter, simply type your response below in the comments section. Easy enough, right? All entries are subject to the Contest Terms and Conditions.


Submissions need to be made by no later than Oct 2nd and winners will be announced by Oct 8th – giving the winner enough time to plan the trip.


  We encourage you to vote for each entry by giving it a "Like". This will help us determine the most popular entries which we will

  use as one of the indicators to select a winner.


  To get you started, here is one story we thought was hilarious...


  “Craziest ticket I received was from an employee who received a new company Mac and was in the process of setting it up. Whenever he moved the mouse right, it moved left, and

   when he moved it left it would go right. I asked him which way the Apple logo was facing, he said it was facing away from him. I told him to turn around the mouse, and that it was

   backwards and he didn’t say a single word after that and just hung up ...”


  Good luck,


  CA Service Management Committee