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Once a month we'll shine our virtual spotlight on one of the CA Service Management community's members. It's just a fun, easy way for us to get to know one another a little bit beyond our work-related interactions here on the site. This month, we're featuring Gierdrius Bekintis, Consultant, Synergy Consulting.



Vilnius, Lithuania


Current Gig:



What CA Product Community you are most engaged in?

CA Service Management

Why do you feel engagement with peers in the Communities is so important?

I believe that strong community it is one of the most important things for the product.


Apps/software/tools you can’t live without?

Notepad++, Total Commander


Besides your phone and computer, what's your favorite gadget?


What’s your daily work space like?

It is ordinary working place; there is nothing special about it.


How do you balance life/work?

I always try to leave work at work


Outside of work what do you enjoy doing?

Spend time with my kids, go to the stadium to watch soccer, have some beer and have a good time with my friends.

Dear CA Service Management Community Member,


With so much going on in the Service Management Community I have consolidated recent activities in case you missed anything.

Meet CA Support Engineers!

Meet CA Support Engineer for Service Desk Management: Paul Coccimiglio


Meet CA Support Engineer for Service Management: Alexandre Almeida


The CA IT Asset Manager Customer Feedback Survey – Please respond


Our CA IT Asset Manager customers are some of the most loyal and passionate customers we have across the entire CA Technologies family.  Your participation in the future of CA IT Asset Manager is what makes this product so special, and it’s a partnership we take very seriously. Your feedback and ideas help us maximize your investment with CA Technologies and take us to even higher levels of quality, customer experience, satisfaction and value.


That’s why I encourage you to let your voice be heard and take the brief CA IT Asset Manager Customer Feedback survey. Your feedback will be key in helping us understand what is or isn’t working.  The CA IT Asset Manager leadership team will review in detail the overall results, and will build out action plans based on your feedback to further improve the overall experience and value you receive from your investment with us.


Click to take the brief survey, which should take no more than 2-3 minutes to complete.


Thank you!


Upcoming Events


#CommunityChat: Join us on Twitter!

We're hosting a Twitter chat Tuesday, June 16th  on THE POWER OF COMMUNITY!

Let's talk about how our community impacts our daily lives both professionally and personally.

June 16 at 11am EDT (8am PDT, 4pm GMT+1)


New Member Webcast - June 2015

Are you new to the communities? Or maybe you could use a refresher on some of the site's features?

If so, please join us for our monthly New Member Webcast on Thursday, June 25th at 11am ET, which will include an overview of the system, a brief demo, and a Q&A session. We want you to get the most out of the CA Communities, so we're holding these webcasts monthly to help!


CA Webcast: Your IT Customers Have Changed, Have You?

Rob Stroud, CA Technologies

IT Service Management (ITSM) has focused on how to manage incidents quickly and effectively and generally speaking, we have become more operationally efficient in these areas, but what we did not foresee was the change in our users. They are comfortable searching for information online and communicating directly through social media – and they might be using tablets and mobile phones to do it. So how does your IT organization adjust especially if your ITSM technology stack is built for traditional communication?  Watch this webcast to learn the steps you can take to introduce new strategies and technology that will help you meet the needs of your modern users. See how these practical steps can help you to improve your customer satisfaction, adoption, and service management cost structure.


Featured User


Community View: Raghu Rudraraju, Featured User (May 2015)


Once a month we'll shine our virtual spotlight on one of the CA Service Management community's members. It's just a fun, easy way for us to get to know one another a little bit beyond our work-related interactions here on the site. This month, we're featuring Raghu Rudraraju, Principal Support Engineer, CA Technologies.


Thank you Raghu for all your contributions to the community!


Tips and Helpful Information


Usability Study -- Get Involved!

SPEL: HTML styled notification via SPEL

SPEL: Register custom webengine OP

Get a Sneak Peak at the CA World ’15 Session Catalog - Now Live!

CA Service Management Office Hours: A Live Online Chat (June 2015) - Includes Chat Text from the Event

New CA SAM Catalogs (v. 3.8.6) are available

How to get names of the form elements

Where can I find Spel functions documentation?

Can CA SDM 12.9 be installed on SQL2012 SP2

Incident Page for Service Desk Manager 14.1 cumulative#1 Updated

Service Management Education - Available as "Self-Directed" Learning

Findability: Using Tags to Make Your Community Content Easier to Find

New to the CA Service Management Community? Start Here!

CA Tuesday Tip: USS Home page summary based on Integrations

CA Tuesday Tip - Procedure to find the CABI version and its patch level for CA Service Management R14.1

IE 11 Compatibility for ServiceDesk 12.9


End of Service Announcement for CA Business Intelligence 3.X - a Common Component for Service Management Products

SPEL: Object update

CA World ’15 Registration is Open – Learn About Special Community Pricing

Tuesday TIP: What is database monitoring daemon, is there a way to start/stop monitoring a specific table?

MS SQL Server Migration

Xtraction Announces Drop Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2003



Top 10 Ideas


right click copy/paste87DELIVERED

Allow Classic Workflow for incidents and request74DELIVERED

Personalize views69UNDER REVIEW

Development to QA to Production Promotion Utility64CURRENTLY PLANNED

Multiple file upload53DELIVERED

Easily Convert Incident to Request, and vice versa.50NOT PLANNED

Ability to migrate web forms (htmpl) from one release to another49CURRENTLY PLANNED

Attachments on Configuration Items47DELIVERED

Ability to add an attachment to a notification47DELIVERED

Allow inactivity timeout be a role based setting rather than a global setting.46UNDER REVIEW


That's it for now folks but I'm sure there will be a lot more soon! Take a moment to get in on the CA Service Management discussions and make your voice heard!





Community Manager, IT Business Management


Alexandre-Almeida.pngMeet Alexandre_Almeida - he is a Senior Support Engineer and an active member in the CA Service Management Community. Alexandre supports it asset manager and has been with CA since 2009 and works with our team at Ditton Park, just outside London.


"Since I joined CA, support has changed towards a more professional experience, with useful tools and supporting documentation for the engineers. Coming from Microsoft where I’ve worked as a Support Team Leader it is a great pleasure to see we are on the right track."


Alexandre urges customers to join the communities so they can share ideas and be heard.


"It's a wonderful tool for finding answers to simple question that otherwise would require a support ticket."

Knowledge articles are another great resource for self-service support. Alexandre says knowledge documents contain answers to most frequent problems, and there's nothing better than finding a solution online without having to call support.

Outside of CA, Alexandre enjoys traveling with family, and playing football. (In real life and in video games!) He even sent us a photo from a couple of years ago during a CA interdepartmental football competition. It's a good life here at CA! Follow more stories on the CA Instagram account  lifeatca

Follow Alexandre_Almeida 


Click here to meet more CA Support engineers Meet the CA Support Engineers

Hi. Are you new to the CA Service Management Community? If you are, we are happy you found us!


My name is Chris_Hackett and I am the Lead CA Community Manager supporting this community. I work very closely with my colleague, C.J who is also a Community Manager supporting CA Service Management. You can feel free to reach out to either of us at any time.


Here are just a few things to help you out and get you rolling!


1. Be sure to Update Your Profile

After logging in to the community site, you’ll see a global drop down with a silhouette icon to the left of the search bar (if you already have a picture uploaded, you’ll see your picture instead). Open the drop-down menu and click on “Edit Profile.”  From the edit page, you can upload a picture or two, add your contact information, select an avatar that will be displayed in any posts/comments you create, and control your privacy settings. You can also add some of your skills/expertise from your main profile page so that other members can find you and identify your areas of expertise. This video will walk you through the steps of updating your profile: CA Community GO! Setting Up Your Profile.


2. Connect with People and Communities!
Now is a great time to get connected with other people and places that interest you. Follow friends, colleagues, partners or even network with people you don't know yet.  If you are a new member of the communities, be on the lookout for our New Member Webcast Events which will be posted in the The Water Cooler Community. Another great place to visit is our Training community which has many how-to documents as well as tips and tricks for using the site.


3. Create a Stream

Streams are a great way to follow specific content. The default streams on the CA Communities homepage include an Activity Stream (all activity on all communities) and a Connections Stream (all activity from people/places you are following). There is also an option to create a custom stream where you can select certain people or places that you’d like to follow more closely. Click “+New Stream” from the navigation panel on the left side of the Home page to begin creating your custom stream. Once you create that Stream, you can default the stream as your homepage by clicking on the gear symbol, and selecting “Set as Home.” Streams are also a great tool for using the Jive Mobile App. Check out this doc for more info on how to create a stream: Creating Custom Streams.


4.  Very Important! Get emails for the content you are following

Click the down arrow next to your Avatar (top right of page) and click “Preferences.” Click the "On" button next to your custom streams or inbox in order to begin receiving email updates. You can also elect to receive a community digest which will provide you with periodic updates on places and content you are following. To do so, click on the frequency you'd like next to the "Community Digest" option in your preferences. More info on updating your preferences can be found here: Preferences.


5.  Ask a Question / Answer a Question.  Also, Follow, Like, Share, and Bookmark!

Now that you are set up, visit the content area of our community to review questions posted by others (use the filters to find answered vs unanswered questions), or click on the pencil icon (top right) on the top grey banner to start your own discussion! When creating content, don't forget to add a product category! You can select a category by checking the box just above the "submit" button after you've selected the community. Adding a product category allows experts and other users to find your content more easily, and increases your chances of getting a response.


6.  Submit and/or Vote on an Idea

You can access all Ideas by going to the “Content” page and then selecting the “Ideas” tab.  Open a specific idea to review the details, add a comment or vote it up or down. Your votes will help Product Management to determine how popular the idea is when deciding whether to implement it into the product. Interested in submitting an idea? Watch this video for an overview on how to create one: Create and Submit an Idea within CA Communities.


7. Review Tech Tips
Tech Tips are product tips submitted by CA Experts and are designed to help the community with some of the most commonly seen product issues. We welcome tech tips authored by community members as well! What You May Have Missed blogs are authored monthly by community management and are meant to consolidate tech tips and other helpful information into one central location.


8.  Check out the Community Events! The Service Management Community always has exciting Events happening. Be sure to add the ones you're interested in to your calendar!


9.  Download and use the Jive Mobile App!
We now have a mobile app that can be downloaded on all iOS or Android devices which simplifies your ability to access the CA Communities. Click here to learn more!


Hopefully, this document covered a bunch of things you can do to get rolling in the CA Communities. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to send me a message.




Your CA Community Manager