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Blog Post created by Gutis Champion on Jun 8, 2016

Hello Community,

Recently I have discovered how to overcome one of the most frustrating limitations of CA SDM Spel Code. The “limitation” in mind was very annoying and interfered with some of my ideas on how to improve CA SDM. It took me about 10 years and countless hours to finally overcome it

Of course I would like to share this with You guys. But … this isn’t something that I would like to give up so easily . I had a chat with Chris and we agreed to organize a “friendly competition” in which you will have a chance to find by Yourself solution for this “limitation”. The first person that will get it working will receive special SpelMaster badge. If nobody will manage, this secret will remain unrevealed.

Rules for our “friendly competition”: * Please review a short video demo provided bellow and identify what Spel Code limitation had to be solved in order to develop such functionality. Your valid guesses can be posted as comments. The correct guess will be a trigger for the next stage of competition.

This first step is intended to see if CA Service management community is interested in my findings, so if no correct answer is given within 10 days, we’ll end this all together.

* After we get correct identification of the problem to solve, I will provide an assignment to solve and the first clue that will help You do that. If no solution is provided after 5 days, I will post another clue.

* All in all, there will be 3 clues, that are scattered around the community, and You can search and use them anytime to find the solution for provided assignment, after all clues revealed you will have 10 days to earn the badge.

* You can do this individually or as a team (if so let us know who from community is the team).


So let’s start. Time is ticking




So the Spel Code limitation was correctly identified by JussiValkonen. In short the problem is how to execute external server side script and get response from it by the means of Spel Code (e.g. execute external program on the server and receive output from it).


Assignment is as follows:


  • Create a batch file on server with the following content:


         @echo off

          echo Output to the spel from batch file succeded!


  • Execute a batch file by using your custom Spel Code script and log response in stdlog file from the same Spel Code script.





To get you started here is the process on how the solution can be implemented:




You have 5 days before first clue will be revealed.



First step is to call Perl script from Spel code. So the first clue is hidden in this post:

Perl script can be executed as usual Spel code, but it should be
done in one particular way, and the clue how to do this is located in this post


Hopefully you found a way to
execute Perl script and the batch file within that script. The tricky part is
to return output from the batch file to the Spel code. The clue how to do this
is also located in

The main trick is that
set_return_data method in Perl is a little bit different than in Spel code. How
different – this You should try and find by yourself.


These are all the clues and You have 10 days left to provide us with solution and receive SpelMaster badge.