Great CA Service Management 17.1 education content / videos available online

Blog Post created by Raghu.Rudraraju Employee on Mar 29, 2018

Hi everyone,


This came up on couple of other threads too and I thought of resurfacing the links a bit. CA team has put together some great education material on 17.1 and its free from what I know, here are a few links:


1) CA Service Management 17.1: Feature Walk-Through 

The content is very modular too and has a good mixture of short videos and reading about:

- Various xFlow Interface and Service Desk Manager enhancements in CA Service Management 17.1

- Identifying the installation and upgrade process for CA Service Management 17.1 

- Identifying the different issues that might arise during installation, configuration, and post-installation process and be able to troubleshoot them


Good thing about this content is that you can pause and resume your learning as you go through it.  You can revisit it later on etc., too.



2) In additional there are more modules too:


1) There's a short video on Insights here: 

CA Service Management 17.1 Release Notes - CA Service Management - 17.1 - CA Technologies Documentation 


2) A recording of 17.1 overview that was done on this Community previously: Replay - Repeat: CA Service Management 17.1 – Overview and Drill-down


3) Finally, a great Upgrade webinar that was done for this Community earlier:

Replay - Tips, Tricks & Tools to Make Upgrading to New Releases of CA ITSM Easier


Hope all of these together will help you understand the new modules in 17.1 as well as pave a way for upgrades etc.,


As always, both the Community here as well as CA Support are available in case you have any questions.