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Maheshwar Kusuma may be one of our newest support engineers in CA ITC Hyderabad office, but he's no stranger to our products. Maheshwar has Masters in Computing Software Technology from the UK, and has over nine years of CA product experience in his former role as a consultant.

His says CA has been his "dream company"...


"The work culture in support is awesome!"


Though he is new to this location, he already feels at home. He has enjoyed his transition from the implementation as a consultant to the support engineer role and suggests CA Service Management users  get involved in the communities.


"The communities brings users closer together. We can all work as one team and provide added knowledge. It's great to see new faces and learn how they are using the product."


Maheshwar also suggests browsing the knowledge base articles to better equip yourself with knowledge from past cases. By browsing the Self-Service Support content, users are better prepared to ask the right questions or resolve issues on their own.


To learn more about our channels for Self Service Support go to - we've got something for every product!




And here's a throwback thursday... back in 2012 when the CA Hyderabad office had a flash mob outside the building! My favorite part is at 05:57... Man, these guys can DANCE!

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Alexandre-Almeida.pngMeet Alexandre_Almeida - he is a Senior Support Engineer and an active member in the CA Service Management Community. Alexandre supports it asset manager and has been with CA since 2009 and works with our team at Ditton Park, just outside London.


"Since I joined CA, support has changed towards a more professional experience, with useful tools and supporting documentation for the engineers. Coming from Microsoft where I’ve worked as a Support Team Leader it is a great pleasure to see we are on the right track."


Alexandre urges customers to join the communities so they can share ideas and be heard.


"It's a wonderful tool for finding answers to simple question that otherwise would require a support ticket."

Knowledge articles are another great resource for self-service support. Alexandre says knowledge documents contain answers to most frequent problems, and there's nothing better than finding a solution online without having to call support.

Outside of CA, Alexandre enjoys traveling with family, and playing football. (In real life and in video games!) He even sent us a photo from a couple of years ago during a CA interdepartmental football competition. It's a good life here at CA! Follow more stories on the CA Instagram account  lifeatca

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Meet-Paul-Coccimiglio.jpgPaul Coccimiglio, a Computer Science and Business Management Honors graduate, started his career with CA in October 2007. He worked for a CA customer for a long period of time as a “CA Administrator” managing several CA solutions. Eventually Paul transitioned into the role, Principal Support Engineer.


In his position Paul supports CA Service Management, specifically the CA Service Desk Manager. Paul loves working with his team at CA because they are always willing to help out each other and their customers. He says:

“I still put on my “customer hat” when working with clients to ensure that I understand their side of the story.”

His role at CA also helps him combine his passion for helping people and technology.


Outside of work

Paul volunteers once a month at a local school by making between 450-600 bags of popcorn for students to purchase. The money from the popcorn goes to a charity for less fortunate kids in 3rd world countries. When he’s not volunteering, Paul enjoys sports like golf and basketball. He also loves traveling with his family.

“I have my family hooked on Myrtle Beach or anywhere else there is water, white sand, and sun.” All while trying to keep up with his 5 year old daughter!


The industry “has sped up. Clients have a lot more avenues to connect with us; communities, online chat, and social media. Its now about clients helping themselves” says Paul. And CA Support has a huge emphasis on client relations and satisfaction. “There are so many skilled and talented people participating in our communities. I am constantly learning something from other community members.” Paul goes on to mention that it is also extremely important that customers read knowledge articles, because the “more knowledge one has, the better equipped they are to tackle issues.”


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