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CA Technologies, a Broadcom Company, is continually working to improve our software and services to best meet the needs of our customers. In accordance with the CA End of Service/End of Life Policy within the Working with CA Support guide available at by navigating to the Support Policies link, please consider this email your written notification that we are discontinuing technical support for CA Process Automation 4.3 0000 and 4.3 SP01 effective March 31, 2020. This will allow our Development organization to more effectively focus its resources and add value to the next release of CA Process Automation. After March 31, 2020, CA Technologies will continue to make self-service support available until the end of your current maintenance term.
At this time, we encourage you to plan for the migration to CA Process Automation 4.3 SP04 as soon as possible, so you can take full advantage of the features and enhancements this release has to offer. For information on CA Process Automation, please visit the CA Process Automation pages at CA Support Online (
As CA Technologies would like to make your upgrade to CA Process Automation 4.3 SP04 as straightforward as possible, we are offering the following:
• CA Process Automation 4.3 SP04, at no charge, providing you have an active maintenance contract for CA Process Automation. Documentation to help you prepare for your upgrade to CA Process Automation 4.3 SP04 can be viewed on the CA Process Automation pages at CA Support Online (
• Accelerated time-to-value when you engage CA Services to assist you with any or all parts of your upgrade. Additional information can be found in Seven Strategies for Successful Upgrade and Upgrade Services available on Please contact your CA account representative to receive a quote for such services.
• Upgrade assistance from qualified local CA partners. For more information and a list of partners in your area, please contact your local CA Channel Partner Group office, (
• CA Extended Support, a CA Technologies support offering, that extends support for CA Technologies software product versions or releases that have reached End of Service. CA Extended Support may be available for a limited time after the End of Service date. Please note however, that in most cases CA upgrade services will provide a more cost effective and valued approach than CA Extended Support alone. Please visit our website, CA Support Online ( for more information.
Your success is very important to us, and we look forward to continuing our successful partnership with you.



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CA technologies logo are among the trademarks of Broadcom. The term “Broadcom” refers to Broadcom Inc. and/or its

Frequently Asked Questions for Oracle® Java® in Service Management products.

CA Service Desk Manager (SDM), CA Service Catalog (Service Catalog), CA Asset Portfolio Management (APM), CA Business Service Insight (BSI), CA Embedded Entitlements Manager (CA EEM)


Q: There are a lot of Java folders that are created by the installer of Service management products. Is CA Technologies, A Broadcom Company, responsible for the licensing of these instances?

A: Yes, wherever CA ships Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or Java Development Kit (JDK) with CA Service Management products, CA is responsible for licensing and maintenance of those instances of Java.

Q: I have installed or upgraded an instance of the JRE/JDK myself, is CA responsible for the license of these instances?

A: CA is NOT responsible for licensing of the JRE/JDK instances that are not shipped with CA’s products.

Q: What about the pre-requisite JRE used during the APM 17.x/14.x installation?

A: JRE/JDK is not a pre-requisite for APM 17.x/14.x installation.

Q: Given that there won’t be public updates of Java 8 after January 2019, what is CA’s status for Java 8 with respect to 14.x and 17.x releases?

 A: CA has Extended Support for Java 8 until July 31, 2019. If there is a new security vulnerability found and Oracle provides a patch to address it, CA will provide access to any such patches to customers for JDKs shipped with CA products.

Q: What is CA’s position on Java 11?

A: Java 11 is currently planned to be certified and packaged with the next release of CA Service Management products – version 17.2, which is currently planned to be released in the first half of calendar year 2019.*

Q: What about getting the latest Java 11 patches? Will CA be providing these updates?

A: Yes, if we determine that a Java update is required and Oracle has published an update addressing those requirements, CA would provide access to such patches through CA Support. Such patches would be rolled out in similar fashion as that of other standard packages for the products.


Copyright © 2019 Broadcom.  All Rights Reserved.  The term “Broadcom” refers to Broadcom Inc. and/or its subsidiaries. Broadcom, the pulse logo, Connecting everything, CA Technologies and the CA technologies logo are among the trademarks of Broadcom. Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.


*Please note, the development, release and timing of any features or functionality described in this presentation remain at CA’s sole discretion and is subject to change or withdrawal by CA at any time without notice.

CA Service Management 17.1 Roll-up Patch 2 ( Released


Dear Community:


On behalf of CA Technologies, a Broadcom Company, we appreciate your business and the opportunity to provide you with high-quality, innovative software and services. As part of our ongoing commitment to customer success, we regularly release updated patches for our products. Today, we are pleased to announce the availability of CA Service Management 17.1 Roll-Up Patch 2 ( This Roll-Up patch is delivered for CA Service Management 17.1 and above.


Customers planning to upgrade to CA Service Management 17.1 and those who have already upgraded to CA Service Management 17.1 should install this patch in order to obtain resolutions to the issues identified in the Release Notes section of the product documentation as well as to receive future fixes as detailed in the Defect Resolution Process.


Patch Content:

This update includes several fixes for CA Service Desk Manager, CA Service Catalog, CA IT Asset Manager (Asset Portfolio Management), Unified Self-Service, and xFlow. We encourage you to visit CA Service Management Release Notes for a summary of the fixes included in this patch and to also review How to Implement prior to applying the patch.

You can download your copy of CA Service Management 17.1 Roll-Up Patch 2 ( from CA Support Online - CA Service Management Solutions & Patches.


Need More Help?


Thank you again for your business.