• SDM - Survey Notification Template

    2 votes
    Even though this idea was already created by tzadell some time ago, and it was set to "not planned", unfortunatey. I raise this again. https://communities.ca.com/ideas/235714706   Things have changed inbetween...
    Michael Mueller
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  • Change CI status on incident or change open

    Hi all,   how to create a macro to acomplish changing CI status on incident or change open.   Best Regards, Domagoj
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  • Secure content after /usm

    7 votes
    Please also secure the basic authentication (when not AD/NTLM is selected in the catalog). One possible solution would be to redirect the user to the login page and then redirect the user to the original URL...
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  • Certify CA Service Desk on Azure Cloud

    2 votes
    We are looking to move our CA application servers to the Azure Cloud.  I logged a support ticket and found that this has not been certified by CA yet.  We are currently only using the Service Desk piece of S...
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  • CR Workflow Task start_date

    SDM 14.1.05 When a Classic cr workflow task enters "Pending" status, the Actual Start Date (start_date) in detail_cr_wf automatically inserts the current date/time. This is true as soon as the first task in a wo...
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  • Different selects for one tab

    Hi Team, in cmdbNotebook I defined 2 Tabs for the same local table, because two lists with different selects and functionality are needed. For one Tab I did define a different condition and a  variable KEEP.take...
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  • change date format in filter

    Hello everybody, Currently, I am working with a report, in CABI 4.1 I added a date filter, but when I select it it appears with the format: mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss AM/PM.   There is a way to change the format, so...
  • Newly added categories are not visible in boxi report

    Hi   Newly added categories are not visible in boxi report . In report categories column its displays other     Please help.   Regards, S.Vigneshkumar
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  • Sql Query is not working properly

    This below Query is working fine in SQL and Jasper Studio Main report but when adding table using this  query in jasper Studio query data showing three times.   SELECT dbo.pri.sym, COUNT(*) AS Priority_cnt...
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  • Interface issue

    Hi Team,   On the employee page we have multiple links as shown below, Normal Behaviour: 1. when we click any link(non highlighted), 2. it opens the respective page and 3. post clicking on the "home" link, i...
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  • When upgrading to CA SDM 17.1 how do you align Crystal Reporting?

    When upgrading to CA SDM 17.1 how do you align Crystal Reporting? Step by Step
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  • USS Catalog expand Request Details container

    Hi community,   In our environment, we can use USS to process Catalog requests. In the cart, before submitting the request, we notice that the container Request Details is collapsed by default. If we expa...
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  • add a responsive design to the catalog 17.1 frontend

    12 votes
    Hi Guys,   when you open up the catalog frontend and navigate to a folder with multiple services underneath which don't fit on one page you can see sliders on left and right side of the service table. Point 1 is...
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  • Jaspersoft Report Question

    Hi  I  created a report who calculate the time of incident from Open to Resolve.   the report is working fine but now the customer have a below queries which need to be address:   1- Report shou...
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  • Upload attachment SDM API REST returns BadRequest

    I'm following the the Java sample code for uploading an attachment to SDM API (version 17.1) via REST, now, using Postman, but continue to receive the cryptic BadRequest response with no idea of what is "bad" with my ...
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  • CA SDM integration with EEM cluster

    Hi all. I must install CA SDM 17.1 and have a CA EEM cluster with two nodes.   I can't find SDM install documentation for integrating both EEM nodes for automatic failover.   Does it work like C...
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  • Source option is not available in 17.1

    Hi Team,   We want source drop down field when we create a new ticket. In version 14.1 we have this field but now in ca 17.1 we don't have this field. In CA 14.1 we use zsource_of contact attribute for source dr...
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  • Closing a Problem will close all related incidents?

    Hi Team!  We can set an option to close all related incidents (children), when a parent Incident is closed. Will it work as the same for Problem x related Incidents relationship? According my tests and customer e...
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  • How to concatenate values from rows JASPER STUDIO

    hi! I need to take the value in each record ( business_management_hierarchy.parent_name) and concatenate this value to the previous value, Creating a list separated by commas which is shown in a column from a table. I...
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  • How to use between date filter in jasper studio

    i used below code but it not working   SELECT chg.chg_ref_num, chg.category_symbol, chg.open_date, chg.status_symbol, chg.close_date, chg.summary FROM chg WHERE chg.open_date BETWEEN 2011-12-01 00:00:00 ...
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