• Jasper reports Data loading issue

    Hi ,   We are using Jasper Reports 6.4.3 with CA SDM 17.1. When we want to retrieve data by using "Active Request aging for groups" and select (*) to retrieve all data it stucks on loading data and doesn't show ...
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  • Create javascript API function ca_fdSetOptions

    Under review
    19 votes
    Title is pretty obvious,   It would be nice to be able to add value programmatically to duallist and select.     There is already the ca_fdGetOptions functions that gives us the content of a select or...
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  • Direct link to the workflow task from message template

    Hi, Is there anyway to include direct link of the particular workflow task from the message templates of change order? If i click the link from the notification mail ,it should go to the corresponding workflow task ...
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  • CA Service Desk MDB Upgrade Fails

    In our current test environment we have CA Service Desk 11.2 on Windows Server 2003 and SQL 2005. We are trying to upgrade the MDB with CA SDM 14.1 installation ISO.  The upgrade fails with MDBTools error = 3. ...
    created by SCB_CA_SUPPORT
  • Default value not working for Property Validation Rule

    Hello Experts,   We use properties under Request/Incident/Problem Area. I created a property and associated with a Property validation rule (dropdown). The validation rule having a default value. However when I ...
    created by ArunavaS
  • How to recover a deleted report from CABI personal folder

    hello Experts,   Is there any way to recover the deleted reports from CABI personal folder?   Thanks ArunavaS
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  • Not able to fill survey

    Hi All,   We are facing survey related issue in our application casdm. When clocked on survey link :    In IE it throws issue :  "AHD05237:An internal error with surveys occurred." In Chro...
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  • CA Service Desk WSP Error: Schema changes have been partially published

    Hi,  We have CA Service Desk 11.2 in our production server. We are in the process of upgrading to 14.1.  We have CA Service Desk 11.2 on WIN SERVER 2003 and MSSQL 2005.  On 11.2 (test swing box serve...
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  • Service Point, Adjusting Menu Links

    Hey all,   We are working through establishing and setting up Service Point for our environment. We still use (and will continue to use) Support Automation into the foreseeable future. To this end we are trying ...
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  • SDM Aplication Server and Mobile

    Where do you find the precise information about which ports should be configured when you include an application server in the DMZ to access the mobility feature? Thanks
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  • How to upgrade to 17.2 from 12.1 with windows 2003 and SQL

    Hi All,   Can someone help with the steps for upgrading the ca service desk from 12.1 to the latest version.   Is necessary first update to 14.1?
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  • 17.1 incident list search for assignee addlwhere

    Hi, when you are in the incident-(or other types)list i.e. list_in.htmpl and want to search for an assignee you cannot search for all assignees. They are restricted to a group. Assignee-search is limited by addition...
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  • how to increase calendar years in SDM

    Hello, I've a start date and end date fields on my employee form. From where employee select its start date of the request and the end date of the request. I've a scenario when the employee select the year from calen...
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  • CA SDM, Additional Search Arguments

    Hey all,   We have ran into an interesting problem upon migration from 17.1.01 into 17.1.02.   After completing the migration we appear to be getting default values being set in the additional search ...
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  • 17.2 xFlow - server not available

    Hi, in a sandbox we have upgrated from 17.1.02 German to 17.2. While this we installed xFlow for the first time. After installation we did a first test of xFlow. Using CASMAdmin we are loging into xFlow (9002). O...
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  • Ca Service Catalog - Hide/show field depending od dropdown selection

    Hi all,   I'm trying to configure a form where depending on dropdown selection to show/hide texfields so user can input custom information.   Example:   Dropdown - value1 will show field1 and hide ...
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  • Extend Activity Notifications to Workflow Tasks

    84 votes
    It would be very useful to have 'Initial', 'Transfer' and 'Update Status' Activity Notifications for Classic Workflow Tasks, that launch in the context of the Task. The Activity Notification mechanism does not curren...
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  • Expose IT Asset Manager fields within ServiceDesk

    Currently our ServiceDesk and IT Asset Manager share the database.  We have defined custom fields in IT Asset Manager that we would like to have exposed within ServiceDesk's CMDB.  I have done it for standar...
    created by aramirezjr
  • Capability to restart SDM Classic Workflow from first/previous Tasks

    Under review
    21 votes
    Currently, the CA Service Desk Manager Classic Workflow is more or less sequential in operation. Many a times, it becomes a common requirement to restart the workflow task from the beginning in case it is rejected / d...
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  • Mandatory Field for group and not contact

    Within the detail_cnt.htmpl form, is there a way in which we can make the Work Schedule field mandatory when it is group record and not a contact record?   <PDM_MACRO name=dtlLookup hdr="Service Type" attr=se...
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