• Modify create change request function button from request

    Hello guys, I need some help with this:   Whenever someone creates a change request from create change request button the create request already start with both description and summary filled. Is there a way fo...
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  • Modify My Request in USS

    Hi All,   I would like to change wording in My Request Dashboard in USS, I need to change wording 'Fulfillment' State to other word. It's possible? Please guide me how to modify.   Thanks and Regards, KS
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  • External Ticket Information x External Supplier

    Hi guys,   I would like that when an analyst selects a particular external supplier, it is mandatory to fill in the external ticket field information.   We have several suppliers, but not all are required ...
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  • Close All Child Tickets

    Hi,   So we recently started working with classic workflows and things have been turning out great. But we are having an issue where once a ticket has been attached to a parent, and the child ticket has a work f...
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  • Change CI status on incident or change open

    Hi all,   how to create a macro to acomplish changing CI status on incident or change open.   Best Regards, Domagoj
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  • Firewall Ports  for  xFlow/Insight Analyst

    Currently we have SDM 17.1.02 windows 2012, with Conventional Configuration. SDM APPs servers are in same firewall zone while Analysts are outside of the firewall.   To add and test xFlow with Insight,  wh...
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  • CA Service Desk Manager upgrade from 14.1 to 17.1.1 is stuck at Task - Integrating the products 93%.  How do I proceed from there?

    All tasks previous to that have completed successfully.  This is my Dev Environment and i am doing an in place upgrade.   Thanks, Yogan
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  • How to create Dashboard using Jasper Studio ?

    Hi Experts, Presently we are using boxi 3.1 where we have few reports which contains dashboard(many pic chart bar chart etc in a one report).   Now I am preparing all the reports in Jasper Studio.Please gu...
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  • How to retrieve user_uuid to a value in a select

    Hi!  Could someone help me with this? Env: CA SDM 14.1 'tus-110' CA Service Catalog SQL Server 2008   I builded a object report in the catalog to retrieve the name and user id to ...
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  • Enable "Create new issue" for Contact type "Employee"

    Hello,   I am  working on enabling the feature of creating new issue for Employee contact type. Currently, Employee can only raise Request/Incident. Please suggest if anyone have an  idea about this ...
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  • Scoreboard Query Help

    I am really struggling with a Scoreboard query which should be simple and do the following:   Desired Result Show all active tickets where the assignee is null, group = IT Store Calls and the status is not ...
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  • SDM integration with SIEM

    Hi   Is there a possibility to integrate SIEM with servicedesk? if yes , does somebody share how it can be achieved from webservices?
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  • CA SC Form - lookup filter doesn't work

    Hi friends, I'm quite stuck - could anyone help me with Catalog Data Object filtered with Dropdown Data Object?   I have a lookup field on the catalog form which displays SDM categories. I would like to add the...
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  • Help SDM request Enter network password

    Hi Guys   When I open a ticket in SDM I get the next screen   this only happens to me in a specific computer, some suggestion   in stdlog dont see anny error.
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  • Approval by Policy Driven - CA Service Catalog

    Hi All,   I would like to configure 2 Level Approval that Level 1 is User Manager Approve and Level 2 is IT Manager Approve. In addition, I customized Request Status List in requestshared.xml which I add for the...
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  • CA Service Management #3 in Analyst Rankings

    CA Service Management (CASM) received a Market Leader rating in industry analyst firm Research in Action's recently published ITSM / ESM Vendor Selection Matrix: The Top 20 Global Vendors 2019. CASM was...
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  • CA SAM Master Catalog 5.7.9 Available

    A CA Software Master Asset Manager Master Catalog Update Version 5.7.9 has been posted to CA Software Asset Manager Solutions and Catalogs Index page on CA Support Online. You can find the link for this under the Docu...
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  • dtlHTMLEditbox doesn't work for ticket description

    Hi friends, in SDM R 17.1 we tried to change default dtlTextBox for Incident Description field to dtlHTMLEditbox. It doesn't work - the editor itself seems to be OK - you can change text font, styles... but the OK b...
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  • CSkeletonsPostCI failed

    Hi All,   we observed below error message during KD document creation.   stdlog.0:01/10 14:56:10.59 servername123  kt_daemon           28283 ERRO...
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  • Change Categories and Implementation Group

    I am looking for a way to tie change category to specific implementation group. So only that implementation group can select the change category when creating change order. I do not want to do this by role because one...
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