• Overtime date and time fields to show only when seleting Yes on Return of service

    Hi Communties   I build a zovertime_start_time and zovertime_end_time. We use the default field Called Return_of_service(Display name zovertime) when (Yes) show the two date fields and no don't. T...
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  • Age of ticket in jasper report

    Hi,   I have SDM 17.1 with Jasper report 6.4.3   I use default SDM_DS data source in Jasper report to create reports. i created domain, adhoc view and table report for daily tickets with open date prompt. ...
  • auto close on Awaiting End user

    Hi Team   We have a requirement that when a ticket status change to 'Awaiting End User Response' and if a user doesnot respond with in SLA t (i.e 48hrs) before sla breach then  ticket should status set to c...
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  • Link to workflow task with status already set to "Complete"

    Hi,   I'm looking to create a link to a workflow task that will pre-set the status to "Complete".   I've tried : http://casdm/CAisd/pdmweb.exe?OP=UPDATE+FACTORY=wf+PERSID=wf:1245692+PRESET_REL=status:tsks...
    created by muguran
  • Auto close is not occuring

    Hi   I saw few tickets are not getting closed, even after their configured hours to close(after resolved). It shows in activity log as auto close is triggered giving the auto closure time,but ticket is not clos...
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  • CA SD upgrade r14.1.02 to r17.1.02

    Hi Team,   We are planning to upgrade the CA SD from r14.1.02 to r17.1.02, in this regard kindly let me know if we can follow the swing box approach to upgrade? Can anyone share any documents pertaining to this ...
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    Hi Community,   I'm working on SDM REST API's HTTP methods, I have tried to get the incident records and used the GET method to get the resource and have passed the access_key which is obtained by calling rest_a...
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  • Search Change Calendar by Order Description

    We have an analyst who is looking to search the change calendar by text in the Order Description field. If I add a search parameter to the Additional Search Arguments for this (such as "description LIKE '%Test%'"), th...
    created by knoxcorr
  • Dark Mode theme for SDM

    7 votes
    Enable Dark Mode theme for SDM that could be toggled on the UI (perhaps on a user's Preferences page).  We have many users complaining about how bright the new color scheme is and would prefer using Dark Mode to ...
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  • Change IP address to hostname

    Hi team   Iam working with the customer where he is facing some issue which is concerning the Security related issue. Whenever customer is downloading the attachment ,IP address is shown .They would like to get t...
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  • More control over surveys

    45 votes
    Surveys should have rules with conditions, similar to notification rules. That way one can control different surveys for different ticket types, categories, organizations, or whatever else is built into custom conditi...
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  • Download from CA Support issue

    Hi All,   for the first time I am experiencing an issue when try to download software from Download Manager area into support site. Regardless size of file I got the same error: see attached.   Anyone els...
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  • CA Service Catalog - max amount of Business Units

    Dear friends We have a customer who supports more than 11000 organizations. The need is to set up SC security in a way that every user is able to access any request from his/her organization. This means that every or...
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  • Hiding inactive assets in asset search

    8 votes
    In the asset search it is not possible to hide for the magnifier field inactive elements.   Description:  In the asset search choose the magnifier symbol to search for model   (Asset -> Asset Se...
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  • Spel Code: Post_Validate error message depending on the category

    I'm trying make 2 different field required depending on which category is used when creating/updating a ticket. For this I tried to make use of the Post_Validate way to prompt an error message if the field is null. &...
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  • Apply ticket templates even after ticket creation

    Under review
    8 votes
    Right now, you can apply a template when creating a new ticket from the Quick Profile, or from the File menu (... from template).   We are however wondering why it is not possible to apply a template even after ...
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  • What is the event-rule-action in Service Catalog which aborts any PAM process when a SC request is cancelled?

    Hello -    I'm building a PAM process (triggered by a Service Catalog request) to automate a PowerShell script on a server.     If the script fails, I use a SOAP operator to add a note to th...
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  • JasperServer not redirecting homePage depending on role

    Hi all,   I have an issue where i tried to configure jasperserver-servlet-pro.xml (tried also in jasperserver-servlet.xml)to redirect when user with ROLE_HOME log in, but it's not redirecting at all... Changed t...
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  • Request specific status

    Hi Team,   is it possibel to define a specific status for a request after it is submitted? Normally after the submit of a new request, the status is: <st_200>Submitted</st_200> But for one special ...
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  • Listing Current Locks from Command-Line

    Is it possible to get the list of current locks, the same as is displayed in the GUI under Administration -> System -> Current Locks, to be displayed by a command-line utility?   We are on r12.6.   &#...
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