• CR Workflow Task start_date

    SDM 14.1.05 When a Classic cr workflow task enters "Pending" status, the Actual Start Date (start_date) in detail_cr_wf automatically inserts the current date/time. This is true as soon as the first task in a wo...
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  • Interface issue

    Hi Team,   On the employee page we have multiple links as shown below, Normal Behaviour: 1. when we click any link(non highlighted), 2. it opens the respective page and 3. post clicking on the "home" link, i...
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  • When upgrading to CA SDM 17.1 how do you align Crystal Reporting?

    When upgrading to CA SDM 17.1 how do you align Crystal Reporting? Step by Step
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  • USS Catalog expand Request Details container

    Hi community,   In our environment, we can use USS to process Catalog requests. In the cart, before submitting the request, we notice that the container Request Details is collapsed by default. If we expa...
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  • Jaspersoft Report Question

    Hi  I  created a report who calculate the time of incident from Open to Resolve.   the report is working fine but now the customer have a below queries which need to be address:   1- Report shou...
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  • Upload attachment SDM API REST returns BadRequest

    I'm following the the Java sample code for uploading an attachment to SDM API (version 17.1) via REST, now, using Postman, but continue to receive the cryptic BadRequest response with no idea of what is "bad" with my ...
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  • How to concatenate values from rows JASPER STUDIO

    hi! I need to take the value in each record ( business_management_hierarchy.parent_name) and concatenate this value to the previous value, Creating a list separated by commas which is shown in a column from a table. I...
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  • How to use between date filter in jasper studio

    i used below code but it not working   SELECT chg.chg_ref_num, chg.category_symbol, chg.open_date, chg.status_symbol, chg.close_date, chg.summary FROM chg WHERE chg.open_date BETWEEN 2011-12-01 00:00:00 ...
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  • CA Service Desk CMDB Owned Resources

    Hi all,   we are implementing CA Service Desk - CA Client Automation environment. After Adding CI from Discovered Assets to CMDB, not all attributes are populated. From Asset Viewer - CA Discovery i can see th...
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  • Error: Unknown method:'CMassUpdate::Free_uncheck', when opcode: ' mass_update' passed to CMassUpdate

    Hello Everyone,   CA SDM 17.0 hosted on Linux environment. We have seen the below error recently in the stdlog files:    kt_daemon           21101 ERR...
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  • Total Number of row count in jasper studio

    1. How to display total number of Row at top of report ? 2. How to display Date filter value at the top of the report? 
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  • Jasper Reports duration field view

    I work on Jasper Reports Studio. Reporting tool connected to SD object layer. I created basic report and one field is duration type. I see this duration field like 1/1/70 4:00 PM when see preview screen. I want to see...
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  • Avoid duplicate row aggregation. Boxi to JasperStudio

    We are migrating from Boxi to JasperStudio (CABI 6.4.3) and we can´t find in JasperStudio how to make the function  "Avoid duplicate row aggregation” that was available in Boxi before. We could use Di...
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  • Activity Notifications

    Do you think it is possible to setup an activity notification whereby on a log comment activity, the assignee is notified but only if they are a member of a specific group.  If so, how would you go around doing it?
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  • How to customize Jasper Reports

    Hello everyone,   Can anyone please guide me how can i customize Jasper reports.  We can get detailed report from CABI but now I can't do that in Jasper Reports.   for example   we need to get ...
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  • CA SDM 17.1 REST API - nr family attribute

    Hi,   We are trying to make CI's RESTful automatic management and we have no problems with base nr fields and relations.   Can anybody tell me how to update family extension attributes in the sam...
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  • Notification of Close

    Hi Team!   In a client we had a problem related to the notifications of closure of incidents / requests, they previously had version 12.9 and in it the notification of closure was personalized so that it will ta...
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  • CA Service Manager and MS SQL Always On Cluster

    Hi All,   do you have any consideration regarding CA SM (rel. 17.1) to be using an MS SQL Always On Cluster? Any compatibility Issue, any good experience on this?   This is in order to implement HA at DB l...
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  • Apache reverse proxy with CA USS

    I have 2 servers in the same network. One server (***.***.***.server1) has installed CA Unified Self Service and CA Service Catalog and in the other one (***.***.***.server2) has the Apache Reverse proxy configured. ...
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  • Capture browser type within Script box on Catalog form

    I'm trying to use JavaScript within the the script box on a catalog form to capture the browser type of the user.    I found this simple little code snippet  that successfully alerts the browser type w...
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