• Scoreboard Query Help

    I am really struggling with a Scoreboard query which should be simple and do the following:   Desired Result Show all active tickets where the assignee is null, group = IT Store Calls and the status is not ...
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  • SDM integration with SIEM

    Hi   Is there a possibility to integrate SIEM with servicedesk? if yes , does somebody share how it can be achieved from webservices?
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  • CA SC Form - lookup filter doesn't work

    Hi friends, I'm quite stuck - could anyone help me with Catalog Data Object filtered with Dropdown Data Object?   I have a lookup field on the catalog form which displays SDM categories. I would like to add the...
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  • Help SDM request Enter network password

    Hi Guys   When I open a ticket in SDM I get the next screen   this only happens to me in a specific computer, some suggestion   in stdlog dont see anny error.
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  • Approval by Policy Driven - CA Service Catalog

    Hi All,   I would like to configure 2 Level Approval that Level 1 is User Manager Approve and Level 2 is IT Manager Approve. In addition, I customized Request Status List in requestshared.xml which I add for the...
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  • Activity Log - Show Specific Data

    When a ticket is initially created, the tickets activity log does not show what the data is originally set as for the following fields (Assignee and Group). Currently the activity log only shows the data for the previ...
    created by TheKatherine
  • dtlHTMLEditbox doesn't work for ticket description

    Hi friends, in SDM R 17.1 we tried to change default dtlTextBox for Incident Description field to dtlHTMLEditbox. It doesn't work - the editor itself seems to be OK - you can change text font, styles... but the OK b...
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  • CSkeletonsPostCI failed

    Hi All,   we observed below error message during KD document creation.   stdlog.0:01/10 14:56:10.59 servername123  kt_daemon           28283 ERRO...
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  • Change Categories and Implementation Group

    I am looking for a way to tie change category to specific implementation group. So only that implementation group can select the change category when creating change order. I do not want to do this by role because one...
    created by sconnolly
  • License usage

    Hy team,   We want to disable the license usage tab from "System" in CA SDM 17.1 We have already deactivated the KPI "webConcurrentLicenseCt" but of  no use still license usage is showing in System.  ...
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  • How to update the information of the list of detected assets in Service Desk?

    Hi all. Best regards.   We have a problem with the list of assets detected in Service Desk, we have the unification with Client Automation.   The same database is not used, that is, databases are used on ...
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  • Import xml file into CMDB using GRloader

    Hi   i want to import Router /Switches information into CMDB. i have  already exported network topology (devices and relations between them) from ca spectrum in an xml file now i want import all t...
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  • Service Desk integration with Client Automation, incomplete information

    Hi all Best regards.     There is a problem with the synchronization of Service Desk with Client Automation, the quantities of the inventory do not match, that is, in Client Automation there are 1350 statio...
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  • Request Ticket Status change on Workflow task approved

    HI SD users     we have classic workflows attached with Request areas having multiple tasks and each task contain 3 statuses (Approve, Reject, Pending)   When the manager changes the status to 'A...
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  • Load Balancer F5

    Hi Jasper Fans, :-) I would like to ask - does the CA Business Intelligence JasperReports® Server - 6.4.3 support load balancer F5? Thanks Jan
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  • CA Service Catalog cascading dropdowns

    Hello all,   did anyone managed to create cascading dropdowns on catalog form?   For example:   First drodown: Service 1 Service 2 Service 3   Second dropdown depending of the first choice d...
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  • Add a "Create Change Order from Template" Button

    hello...   Hope all is well! Request assistance on how to go about adding a button within the Incident/Request/Problem details page that would allow analyst to create a change order from template.   Thank...
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  • KPI Data

    I want to know the diference between the following KPI data types: webConcurrentLicenseCt webConcurrentTotalLicenseCt   Number of unique licensed ("Licensed?" option selected from the Access Type) users logged...
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  • Est. Completion Date Reminder Notification

    Hi All   I need some help from your side in configuring some Reminder Notification on WorkFlow Task.   Work flow task is Assigned to one person on:        20.march.2019...
    created by arimu02
  • Mechanism to measure SD Performance

    hello Experts,   We are thinking of a process to measure the ServiceDesk performance in test environment before pushing into production. Its always a chance factor to gauge the actual performance before go live....
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