• CA SD upgrade r14.1.02 to r17.1.02

    Hi Team,   We are planning to upgrade the CA SD from r14.1.02 to r17.1.02, in this regard kindly let me know if we can follow the swing box approach to upgrade? Can anyone share any documents pertaining to this ...
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  • CA Service Catalog - max amount of Business Units

    Dear friends We have a customer who supports more than 11000 organizations. The need is to set up SC security in a way that every user is able to access any request from his/her organization. This means that every or...
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  • Change IP address to hostname

    Hi team   Iam working with the customer where he is facing some issue which is concerning the Security related issue. Whenever customer is downloading the attachment ,IP address is shown .They would like to get t...
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  • What is the event-rule-action in Service Catalog which aborts any PAM process when a SC request is cancelled?

    Hello -    I'm building a PAM process (triggered by a Service Catalog request) to automate a PowerShell script on a server.     If the script fails, I use a SOAP operator to add a note to th...
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  • CA ITAM 12.9 The applicaion is not configured to an EEM Server. Please contact Administrato

    The applicaion is not configured to an EEM Server. Please contact Administrator     pls help on this issue if anyone faced this issue.
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  • Spel Code: Post_Validate error message depending on the category

    I'm trying make 2 different field required depending on which category is used when creating/updating a ticket. For this I tried to make use of the Post_Validate way to prompt an error message if the field is null. &...
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  • JasperServer not redirecting homePage depending on role

    Hi all,   I have an issue where i tried to configure jasperserver-servlet-pro.xml (tried also in jasperserver-servlet.xml)to redirect when user with ROLE_HOME log in, but it's not redirecting at all... Changed t...
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  • How to attach an incident (inactive) to a problem (active)

    Hello everyone. I need help about this…   We need to active an incident (being inactive because is closed or cancelled) just before attaching it to a problem (active), and then inactive the incident. ...
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  • Request specific status

    Hi Team,   is it possibel to define a specific status for a request after it is submitted? Normally after the submit of a new request, the status is: <st_200>Submitted</st_200> But for one special ...
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  • Listing Current Locks from Command-Line

    Is it possible to get the list of current locks, the same as is displayed in the GUI under Administration -> System -> Current Locks, to be displayed by a command-line utility?   We are on r12.6.   &#...
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  • ISE_BACKENDREFERRAL - backend referring to other service

    Hi,     We have SDM connected to an EEM server. Due to a vulnerability in RDP we had to install a patch in that server and reboot it. Since that moment we are no longer able to login to SDM and application ...
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  • How can we restrict the length in user name field in CA Service desk manager 17.1

    Hi Team, How can we restrict the length in user name field in CA Service desk manager 17.1. I have restricted the length in v12.9 adding max_length in login.htmpl page as mentioned below. "<td ><input type...
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  • Detecting Change Workflow Tasks Completed By Somone Who Wasn't The Assignee Or Group Member - SDM 12.9

    Hello,   We are using the 'classic workflow' component of Change Orders in SDM 12.9.   Currently any analyst can complete a change workflow task.   I want to detect any change workflow tasks that wer...
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  • Catalog request widget - Submit button

    Dear friends, we recently integrated Catalog widgets in a Kentico portal and also made some "look and feel" customizations.   One of the problems we still face is to have the Submit button not only on the top o...
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  • factory (agt) not found

    Hi, This is foot prints integration with ITSM If we update in our ITSM it should be reflected in footprints side based on our mail eater configuration. Here there is no issue with mail eater. But in certain cases ...
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  • Firewall Ports  for  xFlow/Insight Analyst

    Currently we have SDM 17.1.02 windows 2012, with Conventional Configuration. SDM APPs servers are in same firewall zone while Analysts are outside of the firewall.   To add and test xFlow with Insight,  wh...
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  • Survey Recipient

    We currently have survey templates attached to different areas that send to the affected end user on close. Is there a way to get one of these surveys to send to a different recipient IE. the reported by?
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  • This Content cannot be displayed in a frame - SDM/Catalog

    Since upgrading to 17.1.02 we get the "this content cannot be displayed in a frame" when we click the catalog request tab in a service desk ticket. In 14.1 the catalog request information would populate in the same wi...
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  • Calendar is not working in Jasper Report version 6.4.3

    Hi Team,   We have been facing issue in using calendar.   Our active data extraction is fine. But when we want to extract inactive data it stucks in searching data. We tried to put calendar filter so that ...
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  • Extend Disk and Upgrade Server from 2008 to 2012

    Hi, My systems department needs to upgrade the OS on the PAM Server and Service Catalog server. Current Server OS is Win Server 2008. The issue is that the disk was thick provisioned and could not just be extended. I...
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