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Actually connectors (especially UIM connector) do not have the capability to retry DB connection. Now it is restarting when it looses connection to the database.   It seems that this behaviour leads to inconsistencies in SOI console view, e.g. it can contain alarms what have already been deleted at the source system. For acceptance of SOI it is…
What is the use case of the new feature? ---------------------------------------- Synchronization of  ticket ID within different tools. In this case a correlated view in SOI and SCOM.     Describe the enhancement in detail. ----------------------------------- It is already possible to sync the status of an alarm or the maintenance mode set…
I create this idea as a request for one of our customers who ran several times into the problem that an Alarm Storm from one of the connectors caused the SOI Manager Job Queues increasing dramatically and this causes very slow processing of Alarms. As a result Alarms appear delayed at the console until the Job Queues are finished processing the…
Click to view contentA new feature added in SOI 4.2 with latest patch - "Database Health"   This option shows the database health status message based on the threshold value violation. It looks at the number of rows in the following tables: AlertHistory Alerts DbQualityHistory DbRiskHistory DbAvailHistory You can change the threshold values at runtime in the… (Show more)
I am creating a Tenant aware solution for Service Providers.  I have successfully managed the setting of tenancy for all objects being brought in by the various connectors by leveraging the TenantID attribute.  This has allowed me to construct tenant specific views based on objects brought in from the connectors along with any corresponding… (Show more)
Daniel Blanco
Hello, what can I do if when I go to the USM Web View page and when I start typing, it does no searching?  http://soi-mgr_ip:7070/ssaweb/home Nothing happens, just the spinning icon appears but there are no matches that start to appear in the drop down list.
Click to view contentHello Guys, we have few issues when we are opening SOI with context. Did anybody see similar error message when open oneclick.jnlp with context? I would like to know your opinion, before I will open the ticket.   Let me know. Have a nice day
About integration Nimsoft + CA-SOI Hi Daniel/ Shaheen I have the same problem to migrate port tests from CA-Ehealth to nimsoft, since I have a server with distinct ports and for distinct services. It is possible to create different profiles for port testing and thus I can associate different services in CA-SOI. I searched for the configuration>… (Show more)
Hello Everyone,   Is there any way to automatically remove inactive CI from a service tree? Does anyone have any experience of this?   Britta_Hoffner MichaelBoehm Brahma Thanks,
Daniel Blanco
Hello, Just wondering if anyone knows where is the wiki page for the CA Performance Center Connector on the CA SOI Connectors page?    CA Performance Center Connector 1.0.0 08/29/2017 1.0.0 CAPC 3.2 Container ZIP Click here for Documenation   the Doc page directs you to a 404 Page not found. Also "Documenation" is spelled wrong... 
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