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The current Webservices Interface in SOI 4.0 SP2 supports Userattributes 1 - 5 but not 6 - 10. So in a future release this should be added to the product.   update Alert with wsman webservices with UserAttribute properties 6 - 10 the request fails.   update Alert with wsman webservices with UserAttribute properties 1 - 5 the request runs…
I've stumbled over a problem using the SOI API. Using my webbrowser I can do a simple call like:   https://ip:7403/rest/alert?filter=NAGIOS&size=500  This will return the last 500 alerts with NAGIOS inside the title, ordered by newest ones on the top.   When I use wget to perform th same query like:   wget --user USER --password PASSWORD… (Show more)
Click to view contentHello Guys, we have few issues when we are opening SOI with context. Did anybody see similar error message when open oneclick.jnlp with context? I would like to know your opinion, before I will open the ticket.   Let me know. Have a nice day
Daniel Blanco
I was wondering is there a way to prompt end users to enter details when executing an action in SOI? I saw in the Audit dialog you can specify a [x]Prompt when you want to execute those Audit items but can we do this when we execute any actions? Specifically when we r-click and Open Ticket folks were asking if we could prompt the end user to enter… (Show more)
SOI v4.0.2 Hi, I'm interested in other people's experiences with regularly purging excess data in the SAMStore.   We currently keep 90 days worth of data and each day look to purge one day's worth - we do this with the following soitoolbox commands, run locally on the database server with SOI still running:   soitoolbox.exe -x -v -b 300 -t… (Show more)
I create this idea as a request for one of our customers who ran several times into the problem that an Alarm Storm from one of the connectors caused the SOI Manager Job Queues increasing dramatically and this causes very slow processing of Alarms. As a result Alarms appear delayed at the console until the Job Queues are finished processing the…
Hi Team   I have to send Alarms to SOI from another application using Universal connector web service. To check the request syntax I loaded the wsdl (http://<SA Manager>:7090/axis2/services/GenericConnectorService?wsdl) in soap UI and tried to send an Alarm with the below soap request but it doesn't works.   Does anyone have the correct syntax?… (Show more)
I have identified some areas where neither the recommended cleanup actions (previous SOI Admin Guide) nor any options of soitoolbox clear up the data in the SAMStore completely.   Following you can find some SQL statements to perform these cleanups. These queries are created on best knowledge, but they should not be seen as "Best Practice". If…
CA Servicedesk Ticket number and assignee details can be taken from SOI UI Console. But, whether the Ticket status is not available, we need to login or accessing the hyperlink of Ticket-ID to get the status. we need to have Ticket status also in the UI field for faster operation.
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