What you may have missed (October 2015)

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CA Communities has moved to the Cloud!  Do you like the new look and feel?  Do you have any questions?  Join us for an office hours event on November 19 to discuss the new platform.  We will answer any questions you have live and in real time --> Cloud Platform Office Hours: A Live Online Chat [November 19 2015]


CA Service Operations Insight Office Hours.  An online Q&A (no audio) - questions answered live via webex chat. Both CA Product Management and Support Engineers on hand and ready for your questions.

CA SOI Office Hours: A Live Online Chat [January 2016] - Vision and Roadmap for CA Service Operations Insight



Announcing CA Service Operations Insight 4.0

End of Service Announcement - CA Service Operations Insight Release 3.2 CU3



SOI DB Mainteance Tool and Best Practices



Triggering Multiple Escalation Actions on the Same Alert



Certification of SOI 4.0 for the new version of EEM (RH 7)

Delete users via REST Web Services

Clear cache without recycling SOI

CA SOI shall keep and maintain a consistent correlation cache file at all time

soitoolbox support for sql server instance

cleanHistoryData no shutdown of SOI

Daylight Savings Time accounted for in SOI

Enhance „Remove Connector“-function with reliable alarm notification functionality and logging

CA SOI soitoolbox utility enhancement – allow cleanImportData while SOI is up and running

SOIToolBox commands should not force to stop SOI services

Clean-up of the SAMStore table 'AlertQueueAssignments'

Spectrum Connector Secure Protocol Option and Keystore Configuration

Client Log Enhancements

Catalyst Registry Keystore

Authentication support for Multiple AD/LDAP domains

[SNMP Connector] Ability to import MIB



Tech Tip: Importing SSL Certificate

Tech Tip: How to change Alert Queue Name

Tech Tip: How can the PrimaryDNSName and Summary values be concatentated in the UserAttribute1 alert property using a single MTC enrichment policy?

Tech Tip: SOI DST Change


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