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Hi,   Is there any way to get attribute value from database? There is no info about attributes on db schema.   I'm able to get them through REST and CLI, however, another team would like get it from database.       Tks, Márcio
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Hi All,   I had read a road map a while back that CA was going to also improve the Aruba controller modeling and reporting to be similar to the Cisco WLC manager. Did this ever come about? I thought it was scheduled for 10.2.3 or 10.3.    TIA
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Click to view contentHi all! Any ideas why the alarm process down continue active but the process is running? The monitoring process is through RFC 2790     on list process show running     we've had few identical cases like this.   Thanks in advance for your feedback. regards,   EOS
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Silvio Okamoto
Since CA Spectrum reporting.event table was moved from MyISAM to InnoDB, we also partitioned it. In MyISAM reporting.event table we reuse the purged rows. But in partitioned InnoDB reporting.event tables, each partitioned table retains one week of data, and we no longer reuse the purged rows, instead we create a new table in a weekly basis.  …
Currently OneClick custom menus do not have the capacity to accept user inputs. This feature will allow greater flexibility and a lot of new useful possibilities using custom menus.    Ideally we should able to specify different kinds of input fields, but even a simple free text input field would be very useful.
I'm trying to create a filter policy to generate incidents only for devices in a specific global collection. It works but only for alarms of the device itself. It does not generate alarms for the device interfaces or any "application model". Even though I understand this behavior it makes the filter useless.   I know I could create another global… (Show more)
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by NestorFalcon   Did you know you can update CA Spectrum user attributes using Web Services?   Application Program Interfaces (APIs) have become a critical part of the business to ingest and extract any kind of data from any online resource. APIs are highly beneficial to network management as well as automation, integration and personalization… (Show more)
Click to view contentJoin Seshagiri Nellutla, Head of Spectrum Engineering, in this CA Spectrum Community Webcast. Sheshu will provide an overview of Swing UI (GUI widget toolkit for Java) in CA Spectrum followed by demo and Q&A.             Register Today: 
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Idea: Implement a new attribute on the user-level to disable LDAP querying, thus that Spectrum would only ever use the local CA Spectrum password. Scenario: Spectrum 9.3.0 with LDAP configured A User has been created for the sole purpose of scripts using Spectrum web-services Allow NonLDAP User Login = Yes has been set on the User The User's…
Cisco 9300 series devices are not certified in CA Spectrum OID
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