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Announcement 1 Q2 - Product Roadmap Session - CA NetOps - February 27, 2019
Announcement 2 Spectrum: OneClick Java Certificate ExpiryAnnouncement count
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Click to view contentHi All,   I need to monitor hardware components of DELL servers through Spectrum. I have discovered those in Spectrum via SNMP and enabled SNMP traps on iDRAC. When i tried to test the SNMP Test Trap it do not  visible in Spectrum One Click dashboard. MIB file is already added to Spectrum and i have created test trap event to a minor alarm.  … (Show more)
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Do we have an option to alert when the Spectro server DB runs for more than a day or when there is a failure on DB backup?
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Hello guys,   I've performed an upgrade in my Spectrum environment from version 9.4 to version 10.3, and after that I ran the script. All worked fine.   Now I can see a huge raise in the alarmes related to bad link. It went from 1318 alarms on December (I upgraded it on December 16) to 2549 alarms in January.   There was no policy… (Show more)
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We are trying to make spectrum generate Service Desk tickets automatically, we already make it work but in our environment a single ticket must be generated when 2 pingeables devices receive a "Stopped responding polls" alert since the sites handle redundant links, is there any way to link these alerts and "program" the filters for this? either… (Show more)
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Dear Spectrum Community Users,   This is to inform you that the OneClick Java Certificate will be expiring by March 8th 2019. The CA Spectrum product team is going to deliver patches for all the supported versions prior to that date. Customers are advised to install the patches on their current install base when they are made available.   Here is…
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Click to view contentHi all,   Why Firmware version not appear in Spectrum Asset Information.The MIBS already load and information is available when i'm queried in MIB Tools. Please help.    
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Hi I need to create a watch on LOW  port utilization on a port - I am using a counter delta on the ifHCIn Octets then doign a basic bit of math to get the value with a polling interval of 120 seconds   ( ( COUNTER_DELTA( ifHCInOctets ) / 120 ) * 8 )   The watch has a threshold of "create event if value < 200000000 This has generally worked but… (Show more)
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Attending a product roadmap session is an opportunity for you to get a clear view of what’s coming down the road, including details on upcoming product functionality, features and architectural enhancements. Join us for our Q2 product roadmap session for the CA NetOps platform to learn more about what's coming up for this leading network… (Show more)
I would like to submit a enhancement request for the NCM scripting section of the device families to include a GUI to input the expect() parameters. I currently have multiple vendor devices in Spectrum and they all have their own unique credentials along with unique prompts/verbiage. Separate device families were created to ease with these…
Hello,   I am using standard Spectrum 10.2.1 and my DDMdb size is approx. 84GB and due to performance issue don't knows exactly whats the cause my archive manager got stuck when i fectch events against any device. Then its remain stuck even i stop an start SS from control panel. after stopping if i kill the archive manager service and start… (Show more)
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