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My customer (SSE) would like the option to be able to apply an NCM Policy across all device families in a GC.   Currently this is not an option and he has to re-create the same policy as many time as the number of device families exist in the GC.   I have seen this issue referenced elsewhere but I have not been able to find it today to reference…
Southbound Gateway requires the string in the target varbind to match exactly with the model name in Spectrum.  If the device is modeled in Spectrum without FQDN, and the string contains FQDN, or any other character, for that matter, SBG will not process it.  We should be able to apply regular expressions, or delimiters at the very least, since…
It's just some small improvements to Security String handling to reduce security headaches for MSP Spectrum owners who wish to provide a level of visibility to each tenant to their own part of the  estate, but ensuring it is restricted to just that. Please could there be a check-box one could enable in the Info tab on each of the top level…
Thank you to everyone who joined this webcast on April 23, 2019 where we discuss Trap X support with some use cases followed by demo on our environment.  A big thanks to Amit_Mohanty for presenting this topic.    Below are all the relevant webcast materials: [WEBCAST]  NetOps 19.1 Trap X support and Demo  - April 23, 2019 @10 a.m. ET   [WEBCAST…
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Topic: NetOps 19.1 Trap X support and Demo  - April 23, 2019 @10 a.m. ET   Abstract: In this session we will discuss Trap X support with some use cases followed by demo on our environment.   Note: Due to some logistics issues during the session, the first 2 minutes (the introduction) of this recording is missing. We apologize for any inconvenience.…
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Hey all,   How are you documenting your alarms on who the alarms go to, and any pertinent information for your fix agents for the said alarms? Something like a Knowledge Base or something similar.   We're currently using a combination of Sharepoint, Excel Spreadsheets, and Word docs, but surely there must be some better ideas out there.   The… (Show more)
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We need an ability for Spectrum User Alarm Filters where in the exisitng User specific/personalize  local Filters are cleared off/Reset and group New Alarm Filters can be exported . Currently for applying Group new Alarm Filters we would need to delete and readd the users to pickup new group Alarm Filters.
We use NCM policies to check if devices are configured according to the standards we have set out for our ISO27001 certification. For each item we have a separate global collection with a policy rule applied to it so we can mix and match the correct group of rules based on the exact type and firmware version of the device. The problem is that a…
I'll be migrating my Spectrum Infrastructure to a new Datacenter and was wondering if anyone is using the new Spectrum Dockerization feature in production. If you are, what issues are you running into?
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I created an ansible module to add/remove devices to Spectrum. I'd appreciate if anyone could test and give your suggestions and feedbacks. I plan to add additional modules. Right now I'm working on one to put or remove a device from maintenance mode.   Here is the documentation: spectrum_device - Creates/deletes devices in CA Spectrum. —… (Show more)
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