Spectrum Community Ideas

Blog Post created by kiran_diwakar Employee on May 14, 2015

Hello Team,


As mentioned in our last webcast, we would be posting regular updates to the community keeping you uptodate with the progress we are making with the community ideas.

Given this is the first update the list is fairly long, please be patient. Every fortnight, we intend to post the ideas reviewed by the Spectrum Idea Review Committee and that time the list would be specific and smaller.

Thanks for your patience and look forward to more updates.


Below is the pivot for the current ideas under review:



Row LabelsCount of Status on Community
Not Planned5
Grand Total45


Below are the exact idea with their status:



Idea IDIdea SubjectVotesStatus on Community
103016990Web view of topology84UNDER REVIEW
103041288Differntiate physical and virtual links within Topology Map65UNDER REVIEW
103035089Spectrum - Syslog Server70UNDER REVIEW
103039170Develop a queue for "Discover Connections"78UNDER REVIEW
103039399OneClick - Performance - Recording48UNDER REVIEW
103024798Flexible Maintenance Mode Schedules40UNDER REVIEW
103014941Ability to export topology maps in Visio format44UNDER REVIEW
103013690Allow to set a maintenance starting now with only end-time36UNDER REVIEW
103038190Modellinggateway via Webservice35UNDER REVIEW
103018188automatically sync Event Config files between Spectroserver host and OneClick host30UNDER REVIEW
103007671STACKED Devices to show all Serial Numbers23Delivered
103008187Enhanced Device Certification for Cisco Nexus 700412UNDER REVIEW
103010083F5 BigIP 6900 certification for firmware 11.2.09UNDER REVIEW
1190119Spectrum: Landscape Display Name / Alias / Friendly Name58UNDER REVIEW
369275Undo Button in Spectrum Topology View46UNDER REVIEW
1190119Traceroute Via SpectroSERVER52UNDER REVIEW
1754778Process monitoring40UNDER REVIEW
2381914Secondary SS Status @ Connection Status - Console36UNDER REVIEW
14462Adding a syslog daemon to Spectrum & the ability to display this syslog messages in the Spectrum OneClick GUI36Not Planned
99723092Web based Spectrum58UNDER REVIEW
14462Getting serial numbers from Stack member in Spectrum (and Report Manager)29Not Planned
98016473Combine VMware ESX Host model with SNMP Model31UNDER REVIEW
1622138Enhance Spectrum alarm synchronization process between primary and secondary SpectroSERVERs22Delivered
1459300More User_Asset attributes21UNDER REVIEW
292371Process Traps during maintenance22UNDER REVIEW
1827302Better support of VMware virtual switches25UNDER REVIEW
107245095To have an Alarm History that keeps and show historical alarm details instead of historical event data18Delivered
104968759Wrong Connections Through Needless Interfaces24UNDER REVIEW
235715993Filter box for the Spectrum Interfaces tab42UNDER REVIEW
103007671STACKED Devices to show all Serial Numbers23Not Planned
103049043Make it possible to sort alarms in Spectrum Alarm browser (based on update-time)18Delivered
103651863NCM possibility to add devices to CA Device Families23UNDER REVIEW
103013896OneClick - Reload xml files16UNDER REVIEW
103005608Cisco EEM (Embedded Event Manager) MIB and Trap Support16UNDER REVIEW
102997943CA Spectrum Alarm Filter Enhancement – to nest filter options18UNDER REVIEW
235716777Spectrum topology export19Not Planned
103009303Enhance the Spectrum AD Integration14UNDER REVIEW
103008331Enable Maintenance Mode for all Modeltypes15UNDER REVIEW
103004300Resolve connections to multiple interfaces with same MAC (eliminate rpt_segments/fanouts)16Not Planned
116022724Report Manager Performance Improvement21UNDER REVIEW
235714231System Up Time in OneClick should be determined by hrSysUptime17UNDER REVIEW
111733199INFOVIEW Editing Sceduled Reports14New
114102340Edit Maintenance Schedule in Spectrum16UNDER REVIEW
235715091Spectrum Archive Manager enhancement63UNDER REVIEW


Feedback/comments/critique always welcome.


Kiran Diwakar