• Web view of topology

    130 votes
    We would like a way to make the Spectrum topology available to our customers without providing them a full OneClick client. We're currently using the topology applet, but it's horribly slow and minimally functional. ...
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  • Allow Spectrum to change all model attributes including Model type     when a model is reconfigured and changes are detected.

    Under review
    124 votes
    Issue: When a model is detected as type A and created in Spectrum OID X, but then at a later stage the SNMP profile on the device gets updated for whatever reason to tpye B, SPectrum notices these changes but as the m...
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  • Differntiate physical and virtual links within Topology Map

    Under review
    121 votes
    It would be nice to see within a topology map, which links are virtual eg. based on Layer 3 IP Information and which are real phyiscal links. Also it would be nice to switch off viewing of virtual links dynamically by...
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  • Spectrum Archive Manager enhancement

    114 votes
    Hello,   starting with Spectrum version 9.4, it is officially supported to run an ArchMgr on the primary and secondary SpectroSERVERs. As of now, it seems that the primary SpectroSERVER will still store events ...
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  • Infrastructure Monitoring Auditing

    Under review
    98 votes
    Across the CA Communities, it has become evident that many members are in desperate need of a CA provided solution to an Infrastructure auditing tool that can compile the list of available monitoring for any CI that h...
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  • CA Spectrum Advanced Training

    Under review
    94 votes
    Most of the more advanced concepts from Spectrum that I know is information I have had to find out myself and got help from various places and people, and in some cases there is so much I still need/want to know but i...
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  • Make it possible to remove a loaded MIB file from Spectrum MIB tools

    91 votes
    Now it's possible to add MIB's in Spectrrum MIB tools, but not to remove MIB's.
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  • Develop a queue for "Discover Connections"

    82 votes
    Issue:Spectrum only allows you to run one “discover connections “ task at a time. If you are trying to start another the system displays a message that it is already running one. You will have to wait and ...
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  • Add a notes field for maintenance mode

    Currently Planned
    82 votes
    Ever wonder why a component is in maintenance or hibernation mode?  Me too!   It would be great if there was a seperate notes field that was linked to maintenance/hibernation mode that the user that placed ...
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  • Spectrum NCM GUI

    Under review
    80 votes
    I would like to submit a enhancement request for the NCM scripting section of the device families to include a GUI to input the expect() parameters. I currently have multiple vendor devices in Spectrum and they all ha...
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  • CA Spectrum SNMP Profile Management

    Under review
    79 votes
    (Note: related ideas are: Add a SNMP v3 administration capabilities into oneClick, SNMP Profile settings show clear text password)     Configuration and management of all SNMP profiles, especially SNMPv3, in...
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  • Spectrum - Syslog Server

    Not planned
    73 votes
    Within our environment we have several information, which is only send by syslog from Cisco Devices and not available via SNMP Trap. eg. the IS-IS neighborship information is only available via Syslog on Cisco. Due to...
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  • automatically sync Event Config files between Spectroserver host and OneClick host

    Under review
    70 votes
    Since the recommend installation of Spectrum has OneClick on one host and Spectroserver and AlarmNotifier on another host, and both OneClick and AlarmNotifier need the probable cause and event format files, the event ...
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  • Process monitoring

    Under review
    69 votes
    Is there a way to distinguish a process to be monitored using the full path instead of just the process name?  Our issue is that we have multiple instances of Apache running on the same server but they run from d...
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  • Add a 'Last Occurred' timestamp to an alarm

    67 votes
    Currently, only the first occurrence of an alarm creates a timestamp in the alarm and subsequent alarms only increment the 'Occurrences' field.  There is now programmatic method of determining the last occurrence...
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  • Mobile OneClick

    66 votes
    Basically what i am looking for is an Application for Android/IPhone devices that will allow our remote support staff to easily access OneClick via the mobile device. All that they would need to do is connect to the n...
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  • Improvement for Spectrum Secure Domain Connector / NCM

    Under review
    66 votes
    Specially in our Spectrum enviroment from our MSP business we use a lot ot secure domain connetors. SecureDomains shall support all device management functions, the core SpectroSERVER is supporting examples: telnet ...
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  • Don't destroy formattings of the Spectrum EventDisp and CsEvFormat files after modifications with the Event Configurator

    Under review
    65 votes
    This is a supplement to idea Comments within EventDisp-Files disappear after modifications with the Event Configurator , written only because CA wanted get some things discussed there separately.   OK, here are ...
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  • Spectrum integration with LDAP

    Under review
    64 votes
    Hello, Idea provided by advices in community subject: https://communities.ca.com/web/ca-ehealth-and-ca-spectrum-global-user-community/message-board/-/message_boards/view_message/112407729 We need to accociate Spectr...
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  • Web based Spectrum

    64 votes
    I'd love to see the day when Spectrum can get rid of the Java client requirements and be web based.  This would make rolling out Spectrum much more easier. When one is trying to access the SpectroSever from linux...
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