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    May 22nd, 12pm EST: DX NetOps: SD-WAN for Minimized Costs and Reliable App Delivery   Join us for another DX NetOps session where we discuss the latest release enhancements to SD-WAN monitoring, If you are able ...
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  • WEBCAST: DX NetOps - SDWAN for Minimized Costs and Reliable App Delivery

    Join us for another DX NetOps session where we discuss and demo the latest release enhancements to SD-WAN monitoring, If you are able to optimize the user experience by knowing which WAN path your applications sh...
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  • Event variables and the REST API

    When using the and posting an eventrequest with my eventtype and varbinds specified if one of the variables is any other type other than {S #} or {C #} I don't see the spec...
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  • how to stop all vnmsh connections from CLI

    hello guys, could you please let me know how to stop all vnmsh connections from CLI    Regards, satish
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  • Recording: CA Spectrum NCM Auto Certification

    Dear Spectrum Community Users,    We are sharing of a recording of Spectrum NCM Auto Certification. This is for reference of community users who attended the NCM Auto Certification webcast and or are interes...
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  • Automate sheduled maintenance mode for devices in Global Collection

    Is there a way to automate placing all devices in a global collection into maintenance mode and the removing them from maintenance mode? We can do this manually now but are looking to automate this if possible. I was ...
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  • Watch - totals of all instances

    I am creating a watch against an attribute which is a table of 180 instances (all integer values) I need to total all the values of each instance then apply a threhold if the total exceeeds value x Not quite ...
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  • How are you documenting/managing your alarms?

    Hey all,   How are you documenting your alarms on who the alarms go to, and any pertinent information for your fix agents for the said alarms? Something like a Knowledge Base or something similar.   We're ...
    created by corderoj
  • Anyone using Spectrum with Docker?

    I'll be migrating my Spectrum Infrastructure to a new Datacenter and was wondering if anyone is using the new Spectrum Dockerization feature in production. If you are, what issues are you running into?
    created by RenatoBR
  • Spectrum Ansible module

    I created an ansible module to add/remove devices to Spectrum. I'd appreciate if anyone could test and give your suggestions and feedbacks. I plan to add additional modules. Right now I'm working on one to put or remo...
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  • Service Performance Manager and Cisco ASR1000

    I'm trying to configure a few Test Templates using a ASR1000 device as the Test_host but I always receive that error message: SPM TEST HOST CONFIGURATION FAILURE - UNABLE TO PERFORM TEST I'm using a RW SNMP comm...
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  • Export devices models to another Landscape

    Hello my friends,   Is it possible to move all monitored devices from one landscape to another? I read something about Modeling gateway toolkit but I did not quite understand how to use it.   For example, ...
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  • NEW EBOOK! The Top Reasons to Adopt CA NetOps 19.1

    With the release of CA NetOps v19.1, we are proud to deliver operational simplicity and improved time to value to our customers through advanced AI capabilities and unified network visibility that delivers enhanced Ne...
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  • DID YOU REGISTER YET? What's New in NetOps 19.1

    [WEBCAST] What's New in Our NetOps v19.1 Release  - April 10, 2019 @12 p.m. ET   
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  • CA Spectrum Model_name auto change

    Hi, Previously i already rename the Name in the spectrum. Recently the name is auto change one receive Diff Type Model alarm. Why this happen? can i disable the auto reconfigure model?  
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  • NetOps NerdOut Podcast: SD-WAN Monitoring

    SD-WAN Monitoring Discussions with jason_normandin, Broadcom Product Management 
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  • REGISTER NOW: What's New in Our NetOps v19.1 Release

    Attend this session to see our latest innovations for product functionality, solution area consolidation, and portfolio integration, including NetOps for AIOps featuring integration with CA Operational Intelligence. &...
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  • Updated Cisco Devices:  NCM Cisco IOS - SSH Capable Family

    Hello All,   Broadcom has identified an issue that Cisco is now bundling the K9 feature set within the IOS and it's no longer an add on. While is not an issue in itself, it does remove "K9 from the System Descrip...
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