• Define "Probable Causes" using variable

    Fellow Spectrum admins,   I would like to use a variable as part of the "Probable causes" alarm description, but I can't find what is the attribute for it. My plan is to use Event Procedure to append that, but ...
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  • Add event variable to alarm Symptoms, Probable Cause and Actions

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    Dear CA and fellow Spectrum admins,   Today, we are able to use Event Procedure the dynamically change a lot of information of incoming events, but some important fields are not at all flexible, such as the ones...
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  • Spectrum NCM GUI

    Under review
    87 votes
    I would like to submit a enhancement request for the NCM scripting section of the device families to include a GUI to input the expect() parameters. I currently have multiple vendor devices in Spectrum and they all ha...
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  • IfInErrors Counter Alarm generation over all Interfaces

    Hello, is there any posibility to get CA Spectrum to make an generell alarm when it sees interface errors ? I can query the ifinError mib counter but don't know how i could make a general event or alarm to monitor t...
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  • Login Failed on Cisco ASA Devices

    Hi all    I am facing error while capturing configuration of 4 Cisco ASA  devices  through Network Configuration manager of CA spectrum. SSH has been enabled and devices is able to login with prov...
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  • CA Performance: Performance Tab Not Displayed

    In several devices discovered by SNMP the performance tab is not being shown even though the MIB does contemplate the sending of the CPU and Memorita metrics. I upload screenshots. Does anyone know what could be due?
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  • Event Procedure with Multiple variables

    Fellow Spectrum admins,   I am trying to create an event using Event Procedure and define 2 variables in it: Event title (0x12b4c) and status (0x11f4f), using the EventDisp entry below:     0xfff00042...
    created by Zacchi
  • Enhanced Spectrum Mobile App

    Dear Spectrum Community Users,   After long wait the updated and enhanced Mobile App for CA Spectrum is now available for Android users. We will be shortly repeating the same for iOS users.    Here is...
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  • CA NCM spectrum backup fail

    Getting below  error while tacking the backup of network cisco devices in CA NCM spectrum  .Spectrum version 10.3.1   Cisco IOS Family ( Login method few devices telnet or rest are SSH )  SCP not...
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  • Spectrum Rest API Attribute for PCause

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    Need to create an attribute within the the Alarm environment so a rest call can pull for the PCause file (Symptoms, Probable Cause, Actions).  This will be used for integrations.
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  • unable to open one click console in java 8 update 151

    unable to open ca spectrum one click console in java 8 update 151 while it is open in java 8 update 181.
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  • Is supported OpenJDK in Spectrum10.3?

    Hello, I am trying to decoding the Spectrum_10.3 guide, specifically I need to know what version of JAVA is supported by the new version of spectrum. I found this : Q. Is Java JRE version 9 supported in 10.3? A. ...
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  • Can someone provide a list of Spectrum privileges?

    I want to document the available Spectrum OneClick privileges and how they are assigned to the standard or customized OneClick roles. This would help our customers to better understand the differences between the def...
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  • Event Configuration Help

    Hello there,   We have MS Server machine (Windows) alarms over the service. An alarm is generated when these services are not working. I want to add a new one to these alarms. Only one of 4 different services sh...
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  • IM/Spectrum Integration - Monitoring Profiles

    9 votes
    Hello,   We are looking for a way to add ifAlias to Spectrum alerts that originate from IM threshold profiles. The method to get IM alerts to Spectrum is via the Spectrum/IM integration (not trap based). This fu...
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  • Spectrum REST API - Getting a Device List

    Hi All, I am hoping someone can help me.  I am trying to get a list of device using the Spectrum REST API.  I need all device that meet a specific security string. I am able to get back a list of all...
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  • TODAY!!! WEBCAST: Latest DX NetOps SD-WAN Monitoring Enhancements

    Get immediate #ROI from your #SDWAN investments with Broadcom #DX #NetOps.   May 22, 12pm EST.   Register here: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/11217/357451
    created by Jeremy_Rossbach
  • Certify New Cisco CAT 9K Platform on Spectrum NCM

    6 votes
    Cisco has recently deployed their new line up of the Catalyst family of switches. As such, it would be great that these switches be classified properly by NCM automatically as the current 4K line up is.
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  • OneClick issues

    I have installed Spectroserver and Oneclick on seperate VMs on Red hat  It used to be working  but i did not touch it for a while  but now the Oneclick does not seem to be working cannot get the gui up...
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  • CA Spectrum 10.3.2 fails to run Bash script

    Hi, I have upgraded CA spectrum version 10.3.2 from 10.2.3. After installation some of the custom scripts are not working those require BASH to run. Such as when I run SPST (Script to display Spectrum ...
    created by NewtonMuhury