• OneClick issues

    I have installed Spectroserver and Oneclick on seperate VMs on Red hat  It used to be working  but i did not touch it for a while  but now the Oneclick does not seem to be working cannot get the gui up...
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  • How to stop a deleted devices rediscover in Spectrum

    How to stop a deleted devices rediscover in Spectrum server 10.3.1 . Once I delete any devices , After few hours its automatically rediscovered in NEW Device Tab.
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  • Custom & non Custom Event co-relation

    Hi  we have requirement to apply co-relation in Spectrum in order to avoid unwanted alerts . Scenario :- we are getting trap of AP disassociation from Splunk with switch information to Spectrum and these are co...
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  • Oneclick jnlp on a Raspberry Pi

    Hi Our network team want oneclick client  dashboards on a screen with a Raspberry Pi attached. From my basic checks I see that javaws isn't supported pn the Raspberry pi 3 (running Raspbian 8) I am wondering if a...
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  • CA Spectrum Web Client replaced by virtualized java 'webapp' in 10.3. A step backwards?

    The CA Spectrum web client used to be HTML based. Now the new 'webapp' appears to be nothing more than a virtualized Java instance. Why did this happen? It feels like a step backwards. Yes the java client has more fea...
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  • CA NCM spectrum backup fail

    Getting below  error while tacking the backup of network cisco devices in CA NCM spectrum  .Spectrum version 10.3.1   Cisco IOS Family ( Login method few devices telnet or rest are SSH )  SCP not...
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  • Capture Startup Script needed for Cisco Switch Module

    I have a dozon or so Cisco switch modules modeled in our Spectrum environment. I need to get my hands on a Pearl script that will allow me to pull configuration backups from these Cisco switches. Current Spectrum M...
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  • Cisco ASA Firewalls Failover Monitoring

    I have Cisco ASA firewall pairs running as active/standby, they are in standard single mode HA pairs.  I wants an alarm whenever there is any fail-over between them. Is there any option to monitor this via ...
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  • How to ignore null relation types using modelinggateway

    Hi All,   We are using modelinggateway to export the Spectrum models in CMDB format using the below command.   ./modelinggateway -vnm lxcaspecd01 -cmdb -e specCMDB.xml   Command is working ...
    Rajashekar Allala
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  • unable to open one click console in java 8 update 151

    unable to open ca spectrum one click console in java 8 update 151 while it is open in java 8 update 181.
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  • APM Spectrum Integration

    I am having trouble integrating APM into Spectrum to send alarms. I have followed the spectrum documentation and after creating the IntroscopeAdmin model in Spectrum and hitting Discover I get the following error in t...
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  • NCM Task Stopping

    Hi All,    NCM task is in stopping state for last 2 days ,how do i force stop and start it back .I have killed the service after that also and same issue .Kindly suggest 
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  • Can we create SANM policies for Robot inactive incidents

    Hi All,   We have integrated UIM with Spectrum.   Is there be any possibility to create SANM policies in spectrum to hold Robot inactive alarms for 5 minutes and generate the ticket after 5 minutes. We se...
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  • Access is getting revoked Spectrum 10.2

    Hi All,    We have Spectrum with 5 landscapes in multi-tenant  environment , in one of tenant some of the users are automatically moved out the group .What will be the cause of this issue .I have delet...
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  • REST APIs Alarms filter doesn't work.

    I want to use the Web Services API to allow a hypervisor to query Spectrum to retrieve the alarms. I have created alarm filters in Spectrum to target the alerts I want to see back to the hypervisor. To test the REST A...
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  • what is NetOps and how to use this

    Hi All,   we are new in the netops , can anyone help me with the following query. 1) what is netops . 2) how to use this in our environment.  3) is this is a new product or it's like a plugin that workin...
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  • LACP Port Aggregation Table view Privilege

    Hello,   i'm trying to configure Privileges for a client view and i want to restrict the information that is show in the Component Detail, tab Information for devices.   Despite i disabled LACP Port Aggreg...
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  • Container condition not reflected in Service

    Fellow Spectrum admins,   I have configured one service in Spectrum and want to add a container to it. My idea is to monitor all the models within that container and I assumed that the alarms on any of the model...
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  • Password Force Reset

    Hi All,  We are using local accounts created in Spectrum , I want to ensure that password reset is happening every 60 days . IS there is any way to force rest after number or days or can i fetch the last res...
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  • Creating a boolean watch - Help

    Hello everybody,   I'm trying to create a watch expressions that verify if the interface is up (ifAdminStatus) and verify if the interface is in half-duplex mode (dot3StatsDuplexStatus). If both are true, genera...
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