• CA.GetRegexp error on non-match

    Hello community,   we're trying to dynamically enrich the Spectrum alarm title for a specific Infoblox alert using parts of one of the event variables (trap varbdinds). Unfortunately, the variable content is (po...
    created by raphael.franck
  • Proxy Polling Concept

    Hi All, I am trying to understand about the proxy polling concept in CA Spectrum. I have a scenario below and I am looking for a recommendation on the basis of the past approaches done by people who have used CA...
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  • Do Spectrum use the "snmpbulkget" or "snmpbulkwalk" commands?

    Devices Juniper_Mx104 with a peaks of CPU usage. Juniper TAC inform that this behavior is because a SNMP tool is polling these devices with "snmpbulkget" or "snmpbulkwalk" commands instead "snmpget" or "snmpwalk" . &#...
    last modified by Susana.Jimenez
  • Get info about interfaces

    Hello! I want get by REST list of interfaces of devices. I know codes of attributes witch I want see, but I don't uderstand how I can get a list. Command  ">/spectrum/restful/devices" return devices without ...
    created by zamorskaya_d
  • Thresholds and watches export

    Hello, I'm looking for a way to get all information about watches and thresholds (CPU, Memory): status of watches model handel of watches watch expression thresholds of watches  alarm created by watches ...
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  • CA Spectrum MIB Query

    Hi,   In CA Spectrum we are not able to see the updated version control of the MIBs. Is there a better way to get the versions. Some MIBs are not present in CA Spectrum so how to update the new MIBs. How to up...
    created by Mohan1983
  • Query on CA Spectrum Alert Attribute

    Source of the alarm is reflecting as CA Spectrum for the performance related alarms which was received from CA PC (Data Aggregator)."Source" alert attribute needs be corrected in CA Spectrum for alerts from external s...
    created by SachinMS
  • availability report in CA Spectrum 10.2

    Can i get network devices availability report in CA Spectrum 10.2  ?
    last modified by Sandeep.63
  • CA Spectrum NCM INFo

    Hello,   i want to know a little information about Spectrum feature of NCM. it required which level of User on router. secondly does it works with read community only.
    last modified by Akash_keyani
  • How to get Alarm title from Show alarm command

    How to get Alarm title from Show alarm command in CLI 
    last modified by tmlsuresh
  • How to export device list in xml formate

    I need to export device list from ca spectrum in xml formate. is there any command or way to do this. Please help urgently.
    last modified by TalhaBashir88
  • Jasper dashboard are reflecting alarm nearly 1 hr delayed

    Hi All,   We are using the ca jasper report for displaying the alarm details for particular core device(for live monitoring). in this we are receiving the alarm in ca spectrum when the link is going down. but t...
    last modified by johnnpci

    Hi In our environment we have 100s of sites, modelled using model type Network, which have 1/2/3 devices in them. When one of those sites goes down we get a CONTACT LOST TO NETWORK MODELS alarm as well as the C...
    last modified by JohnO2
  • Which format will use to send the email from ca spectrum alarm notifier

    Hi all,   Can anyone tell me that Which format will use to send the email from ca spectrum alarm notifier whether it send the email in html , rich text or plain text..   Thanks, john.
    last modified by johnnpci
  • NCM capture the first line of the host configuration of Array devcies

    Hi all,   We are using spectrum 10.3 and we have trying to capture the host configuration of the Array devices , but it's capturing only the 1st line of the configuration and i am not a familiar in perl script c...
    last modified by johnnpci
  • Want the SCP script for load the firmware using ca spectrum- cisco ios-ssh capable

    HI All,   I have tried to push the firmware using ca spectrum using tftp but it's showing error (invalid server address) and tried to capture the NCM host configuration that also showing error tftp server is may...
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  • Get value of attribute by Restful

    Hello, In OneClick I see some tables in "Cisco Enviroment Monitor Information". How I can export data of this table by Restful (or mayby Corba), For example, value of temperature and Fan status.
    last modified by zamorskaya_d
  • Spectrum Discovery through REST API

    Can anyone suggest how we can do discovery of IPs through RESTful POST? I want to send all the IPs at one time in the POST payload. Is that something possible?
    last modified by aryaFreddieMac
  • Create dual snmp check in CA Spectrum

    Hi Team,   Can anyone help me in creating a dual snmp check on the device from spectro server, since have not done it till now and have no idea on how will that impact.   Regards, Sneha
    last modified by sneha.s18
  • REST APIs Alarms filter doesn't work.

    I want to use the Web Services API to allow a hypervisor to query Spectrum to retrieve the alarms. I have created alarm filters in Spectrum to target the alerts I want to see back to the hypervisor. To test the REST A...
    created by r1raulet