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Click to view contentYou are invited to our CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys) Product Roadmap webinar. This session will provide you with firsthand insights from Dan Shannon, CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys) Product Manager, on the latest release, delivered functionality, product strategy,  and what’s being delivered next.   Join us on January 17th at 11:00 am…
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Hi Team,   I have two box jobs as below and i need to add dependency.   Box_Job_A   - Runs on Tue - Sat       Child_Job_A   Box_Job_B   - Runs on Mon - Fri      Child_Job_B   We need to add dependency of SU condition of Child_Job_A on Box_Job_B i.e., Once Child_Job_A was SU only then Box_Job_B should run. So, please let us know if it's… (Show more)
in CA Workload Automation
Hi, I am trying to use %WOB._status and %WOB._lstatus in the body of the email notifications if a job FAILED or gets a SUBERROR.  I can get the lstatus but the status doesn't seem to update.  Has anyone else used %WOB._status?    on job's notification - email tab, body of email - append to default message is checked. Status:… (Show more)
in CA Workload Automation
We often need to be able to verify the agent version and agentparm settings and the only way I know how is to log into the box where the agent resides. I should be able to poll the agent from the workload director through LMI. If we're doing this for just a few systems, it doesn't take long to log into each box separately. When doing this over…
In CA7 v11.3, when multiple instances of the same job need to be cancelled from the queue, can they be cancelled all at once with the same reason?  Does a command currently exist or would this be an enhancement?
Getting "There is no process to read data written to a pipe" when I want to install Autosys Agent on AIX.
in CA Workload Automation
Can the Workload Automation System Agent be certified on Amazon Linux?   Its essentially Redhat, and not far off from OEL which are already supported by CA.   Technically it should run fine, so its probably a matter of certification...   Being able to schedule workload on applications in "the cloud" would be very beneficial for my company, and…
We have had multiple developers request the ability to export AutoSys job flow into a Visio diagram.  There are nightly cycles in which they would like to review and it is very difficult to do that without having a flow chart available to review.
When issuing a sendevent command, users can add a comment ( -C ) to include details such as the request id or any other data they might want to use for later auditing purposes.   What I would like to see is the same capability with jil insert/update/delete operations, where a comment could be added to the audit data.  This would allow users to…
When alarm_if_fail and n_retrys are used at the same time, there should be an option to only send alarm for the last retry failure. I know this feature was recently added to WA DE r12. It should also be implemented in Autosys.
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