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At one time or another, it becomes necessary to recycle the WCC services and at this time the alternatives are: 1. manual intervention 2. script a job Chandru, has provided a third alternative and this is documented in his post at: In essence…
I believe Primary and shadow takeover have been negatively impacted by the addition of the -v (FAILOVER) process for STOP_DEMON. There was a time if the machine went down or if you called the /etc/init.d/rc file to stop the service the Shadow would take over. (most likely because it killed the PID.) I can see that is no longer done and since it…
Hi all,   I have installed Remote Execution plugin and configured it to execute a PROXY job using user that is created with TCSH as the default SHELL.   Job Definition:    insert_job: test_install_redhat_proxy3   job_type: PROXY    machine: redhat    owner: rptadm@wcc    permission:    date_conditions: 0    alarm_if_fail: 1    remote_target:… (Show more)
in CA Workload Automation
The AutoSight webcast recording from May 15th will be delayed a couple days due to some issues we had with WebEx freezing up when we hit the 'record' button!  We are re-recording on May 20th and will post the recording asap. We apologize for the technical difficulties we encountered. In the meantime, you can find information about AutoSight on the… (Show more)
in CA Workload Automation
Microsoft Active Directory supports the space character as a valid character in user account passwords however the Workload Automation DE desktop client does not.  When using AD as an authentication method for Workload Automation accounts logging in through the DE desktop client, the client should support the same password rules as the underlying…
External-Other Scheduler job in DE does not allow special character # in Home Application name field. In DE (dSeries), Application name must be 128 alphanumeric characters, plus the special characters commercial at (@), dollar sign ($), and underscore (_). In EE (ESP), APPLID characters must be either alphanumeric, a national character ($ # @),…
Hi Team, It would be helpful if there is integration between DE Series and xMatters - which will help to notify the support person using xMatters through email/call in case of any long running jobs/applications due to potential server breakdown or hung.   Regards, Pullareddy S EWS Infosys Support
For HA purposes we would like the ability to use agent groups on file trigger Events and file trigger WOB.  We have file locations that are NAS shared and when the file comes in we want the event to trigger the application once.  So we don't want to set up 2 file monitor events (1 for each agent in group).  This way if one of the servers in the…
Click to view contentHi,   I have WA installed with HA. All is working fine, but, I want to use the webclient and I have problems whit it.   I installed the webclient in the primary server with port 8443.   When I tried to login I can't use the web client, because the server stops.   After install, I started the windows webclient service, after I ran… (Show more)
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When we use to migrate the events from one environment to another like from dev to pre-prod using the import/export utilities, we are able to copy the events and apply them. However when the Application schedule comes into picture they are not running as per the time mentioned in the event. We need to delete the imported event and recreate them to…
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