• Autotrack for Calendar updates

    3 votes
    Today autotrack will tell you that a calendar was changed, who changed it and when, which is great. It would be nice if it would also say what dates were added/removed.
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  • Minneapolis Area AutoSys User Group Meeting

    5/1/19 2:00 PM
    Hi All,   The next Minneapolis Area User Group meeting is planned and we look forward to seeing you there. Please find the agenda below.   Agenda  - Wednesday May 1, 2019 9:00    Welcome ...
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    Minneapolis Area AutoSys User Group Meeting
  • How you handle Windows Agent Upgrades?

    We have all our agents using Autosys AE System Agents.  We in the process of upgrading all our agents.  For Linux it just takes time since you can keep jobs runnings but just need an agent restart ...
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  • Autosys WCC access

    I am trying to create users for wcc who can view only tabs such as dashboard, monitoring, quick view, command line and resources. But while searching jobs in quick view I am not able to search all jobs, it  shows...
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  • Autosys_v3.1.PDF

    proof of age..
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  • AEDB database

    Has anyone ever added an extra table in AEDB database?   For some automation purpose we are thinking of adding a table in AEDB database (no links with existing ujo_* tables) Just checking - if this would cause ...
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  • Find the order of the jobs

    Hi, I have a question with the order of the jobs that are scheduled in Autosys. Can you please help me with the below questions.   I have more than 500 jobs and I wanted to find out the scheduled order of the ...
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  • CA Workload Automation AE integration with ServiceNow

    Hi, I am looking for ways to integrate CA Workload Automation AE with ServiceNow ITSM. There's one using SNMP Traps. Another one could be via Autosys event logs & ServiceNow API. I need to understand what could be...
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  • Autoping -M ALL -S from 11.3.6 SP7, failed to all agent machine 11.0.

    Hello, Autoping -M ALL -S from 11.3.6 SP7, failed to all agent machine 11.0. Not used encryption: UseEncryption=0 AutoRemPort=0   Here message from one agent: CAUAJM_I_50023 AutoPinging Machine [SERVER1] CAUAJ...
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  • When viewing a BOX via quick view why are it's jobs listed alphabetically instead of in the order that they run?

    In Autosys 11.3 viewing a box under the WCC Quick View option displays it's jobs in alphabetical order, instead of run order. This isn't intuitive and often leads to confusion.   I'm sure that older ve...
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  • getting the info about dependent job

    How do I get the the list of dependent job(s) of all the jobs with an autosys box? "job_depends -c -J JOBNAME" fetches only for that particular job. I need to get a list for the same of all the jobs with the box(usi...
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  • Schedule Multiple Adhoc Job Runs

    I am new to Autosys and cannot find an answer to this.   I have a job that runs only when requested by the user. The user submitted this request to run the job as specified: Start date/time(s): 1/23/19 @ ...
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  • WCC Single-Signon with EEM on Linux

    2 votes
    We are looking to set-up WCC Single-Signon using EEM but this is only available when running EEM on Windows platform.   All AutoSys, WCC and EEM components run on Linux (RHEL 7.4) with EEM user store configured ...
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  • AutoSys Client in the Docker Container

    14 votes
    Autosys client in the Docker container fails with the following error when an attempt to run AutoSys cmds (eg: autorep) is made.  CAUAJM_E_10527 Timed out waiting for response from the CA WAAE Applicati...
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  • allow '*' or 'all' for start_mins, like days_of_week

    4 votes
    days_of_week allows all as a value, making it easier to list all 7 values. The start_mins attribute should behave similarly, saving one from having to list all 60.
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  • Autosys dependency jobs

    Hi,   I have a question with the Autosys dependency jobs. I wanted to find out all the dependencies for a particular job. Can someone help with the command to get the list of the jobs which has dependency for a...
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  • Autosys System Agent Shutdown

    Currently Planned
    18 votes
    We would like the agent process/service to not shutdown due to low disk space. Ideally it would hibernate and not accept any workload and periodically check for disk space before automatically resuming.   With b...
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  • WCC collector efficiency and speed required , PLEASE

    Currently Planned
    22 votes
    The collector used to be so much faster, now that we are down to 2 tomcat's and the collector is "internalized" it appears to be very erratic in nature.  If a job is created or removed it takes anywhere from 1-1...
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  • CA-WCC stop/start integration with "systemctl' in Redhat 7

    3 votes
    This enhancement request is about the integration of  CA-WCC services with "systemctl" on RHEL 7 It has already been done in Autosys.   unisrvcntr stop CA-WAAE Stopping waae_agent-WA_AGENT (via systemctl)...
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  • Workload Automation Usergroup in India

    13 votes
    There has been some inquiry for a Workload Automation Usergroup in India, and I thought I post this idea here for it. If you are interested/want to participate in a Workload Automation Usergroup in India.  Pleas...
    Luu Le
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