• WCC is slow

    We have experiencing slowness in wcc (quikview and quikedit) and it takes more than 30 seconds to query the the database. To resolove the slowness we re-start the EEM service post which it would be fast for some...
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  • Query on Autosys Job dependencies

    Hi Team,   I have two box jobs as below and i need to add dependency.   Box_Job_A   - Runs on Tue - Sat       Child_Job_A   Box_Job_B   - Runs on Mon - F...
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  • Difference in START & END TIME in autorep -j

    Why there is difference between START TIME & END TIME showing in the following output   Job Name Last Start Last End ST/Ex Run/Ntry Pri/Xit ________________________________________________________________ __...
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  • WCC Monitoring View insert_filters - how many expressions?

    In the WCC Monitoring View insert_filters section is there any restriction on how many expressions can be added?   thanks
    Paul Tayler
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  • Does anybody have any recommendations for Splunk dashboards for Autosys?

    The Autosys event demon log is being pulled into Splunk. I was wondering if anybody had any experience setting up Splunk Dashboards for Autosys? Any suggestions?
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  • Can the Status and Job Type icons be switched to Letters?

    Hi All,  Im hoping there is a setting on the Admin Console that would allow to a choice between the Icons for Status and Job Type. some of our Users are finding it difficult to see the differences in the icons -...
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  • Has anyone had an issue with the eiamadmin account locked?

    Error: EE_PW_USERLOCKED Account locked   It is NOT resetting after a few minutes.  We have a support case open.
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  • [Roadmap] CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys) January 17, 2019 @ 11 a.m. ET

    1/17/19 4:00 PM
    You are invited to our CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys) Product Roadmap webinar. This session will provide you with firsthand insights from Dan Shannon, CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys) Product Manager, on the l...
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    [Roadmap] CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys) January 17, 2019 @ 11 a.m. ET
  • Export AutoSys job flows from iXp to Visio

    Under review
    24 votes
    We have had multiple developers request the ability to export AutoSys job flow into a Visio diagram.  There are nightly cycles in which they would like to review and it is very difficult to do that without having...
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  • Comment for Jil changes

    13 votes
    When issuing a sendevent command, users can add a comment ( -C ) to include details such as the request id or any other data they might want to use for later auditing purposes.   What I would like to see is...
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  • Option to send out alarm at the last retry failure

    2 votes
    When alarm_if_fail and n_retrys are used at the same time, there should be an option to only send alarm for the last retry failure. I know this feature was recently added to WA DE r12. It should also be implemented in...
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  • Filewatcher or trigger ?

    Hello,   actually  I used both of them.  What is the CA recommendation ?
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  • Get list of jobs dependent on Calendar X

    1 vote
    Can we get a list of jobs which are dependent on Calendar X
    Ahmed Khan
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  • autosys manager scheduler crashes occasionally

    Hi. Autosys manager scehduler crashes occasionally. (Occurs about once a week.) - autosys manager 11.0 sp5   Error message (event_demon.PLI)  is belows. Please let me know if you have experienc...
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  • Job is triggering even after machine is offline.

    Hello All, I manually set the Autosys agent machine offline and force triggered a job which had same agent machine. But Job ran successfully even after agent machine are offline. Could you please help me on this scen...
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  • Remove as-job write permission for sendevent change_priority!

    17 votes
    The latest version of eEM introduced as-sendevent to make sendevents more granular. which is fine, for the most part. HOWEVER, it also changed functionally of a sendevent for change_priority. It now requires write(u...
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  • Hi Folks, CA-7 has an option to start a scheduled job and skip the next run.  Is there a way to force start a scheduled job early in Autosys and then skip the next scheduled run of the job?

    Job_A is scheduled to run daily at 15:00.  I want to force start Job_A it at 13:00n and skip the next run at 15:00.  Can we do that?
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  • Issue with running AWS S3 Command through Autosys R11.3.6

    Hi, I want to run aws s3 command to upload files from EC2 instance to S3 Buckup. I put this in a Bash shell script and it runs successfully without any issues if I run it through command prompt. However, if i run it ...
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  • I could not able to install Autosys SP7 on Redhat 7.6 could you please explain why?

    After gone through log i have found below error   06:33:40 Installation product "CAWorkloadAutomationAE", version "" ============================================================================= 06:33...
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  • We see Autosys jobs STUCK in STARTING state (Mostly File Watcher or File Trigger, but can be Command job) appearing in the CHASE reports, is there an automated way to clear/resolve this issue?

    CHASE report:   FILE WATCHER JOB: CAUAJM_I_50161 Examining job: <file watcher job>   CAUAJM_I_50162 Job has been in the STARTING state more than 120 seconds. Manual intervention may be required.  ...
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