• How to trigger an application upon success of a job that's in another application using CA WADE ?

    Have an application ( APPL1) and job (JOB1).  Have an another application (APPL2).   APPL2 should be run upon SUCCESS of APPL1.JOB1 and TIME Dependency ( AT 2 AM )   Please advise how to imp...
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  • How to apply agent level hold ( on all applications ) on CA WADE ? as FENCE feature available on TWS ( Agent fencing ) ?

    How to apply agent level hold ( on all applications ) on CA WADE ? as FENCE feature available on TWS ( Agent fencing ) ?
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  • LDAP Authentication error @ D series

    LDAP parameters were incorrectly defined at Desktop Client. Now DE Client is not coming up due to LDAP uthentication issue. How can we bring the SE Server up so that AD Parameters should be correctd at Desktop Client ...
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  • WA/DE - OVERDUE Notification?

    Is there a way to suppress OVERDUE notifications during known outages? Every month we have situations like patching, hardware upgrades, network outages where jobs go OVERDUE, but these are acceptable.   We're tr...
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    Folks. How can I get an environment variable from a Linux server and go to the command line, to be recognized, in WorkLoad DE, as shown in the appendix. Thank you!
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  • Workload Automation DE : How do I specify a shell type when registering a shell job via the restapi?

    Hi. When registering a shell script JOB in Workload Automation DE's Desktop client, register as follows. - Run a script  * script / command name: /test/test.sh  User ID: deadmin  Shell: /bin/ksh <--...
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  • TWS has a function called Fence, is there a CA Workload Automation DE equivalent?

    TWS has a function called Fence, that allows for the control of the execution of jobs similarly to priority and resources, but at the agent level.    Job Fence and Job Limits TWS's job fence provides a type...
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  • CA (DE) To Support SLACK Integration

    Under review
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    CA (DE) Version 11.3 Wish List: CA (DE) To Support SLACK Integration   Today many companies are moving away from traditional email communication and leveraging tools such as SLACK or Pigin chat applications. &...
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  • Give a special color for bypass

    Not planned
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    When a job is set as bypass, you can distinquish it from a normal job in Monitoring Perspective before the job is executed. It is displayed normally as PREDWIAT.   Please create a special color for these bypass ...
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  • Web client 12.2 Server Alias

     Just installed 12.2 web client and do not have a selection available under SERVER ALIAS when using DNS alias created.  Alias drop down works when using server name in URL.  How do I get this to work?
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  • special character LDAP

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    In my company I could not integrate the ca workload 12.1 with the ldap using AD variable sAMAccountName, because the users have the character "." in the middle of the name where the ca worklod can not search. It would...
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  • Admin- Topology - Windows agent user/password 

    Are there requirements for a userid/password windows agent?  We have added a userid/password to an agent in Topology and we have the userid on the job definition.    The job gets a SUBERROR - "The...
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  • Resubmit Job Fails

    We received the following error message when attempting to resubmit a completed job, in an incomplete application. We have CAWLA dSeries.   Job GBS_PROVIDER_SUBMIT.1889.GBS_PPSDOCSAWDT_10_P2 cannot be resubmitte...
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  • Text File Reading and Monitoring job

    Hi, Currently we have an issue where we sporadically miss a run of an interval application that runs every 1 hour. It only happens to 1 application. CA said this is fixed so we should upgrade.  We are ...
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  • Incorrect APPLWAIT with wait for previous generation

    Hi all, we have an issue with a few applications where on the 22nd May this year we had a major issue wit out CAWA DSeries system which was 11.3.1 and we ended up upgrading to 11.3.3 on the fly to fix the issue.  ...
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  • Is it possible to export the calendars from 11.3 environment and import into a v12 environment?

    The calendars in my newly migrated v12 DE environment are missing values.  Can I export the calendars from my 11.3 environment and import these into the version 12 environment?  How do I do it?
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  • Parallel Threads for Triggering Events

    I was wondering if anyone has increased the default value of 10 threads for parallel event triggering and if helped with triggering events more closely to their scheduled time.   The way we are setup, on the top ...
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  • Workload Automation Usergroup in India

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    There has been some inquiry for a Workload Automation Usergroup in India, and I thought I post this idea here for it. If you are interested/want to participate in a Workload Automation Usergroup in India.  Pleas...
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  • Create an application to remove failed application from monitor window

    Hi Everyone,   I wanted to create an application which can force complete the failed application generation present in the monitor window. As we have to maintain a particular number of active generations in...
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  • CA Workload Automation v12 - Website

    I installed webservices several months ago and do not remember the website url to get to the web client.  What is the URL I should use?
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