• Autoping -M ALL -S from 11.3.6 SP7, failed to all agent machine 11.0.

    Hello, Autoping -M ALL -S from 11.3.6 SP7, failed to all agent machine 11.0. Not used encryption: UseEncryption=0   Here message from one agent: CAUAJM_I_50023 AutoPinging Machine [SERVER1] CAUAJM_I_50028 Check...
    created by Jefe
  • LDAP Authentication error @ D series

    LDAP parameters were incorrectly defined at Desktop Client. Now DE Client is not coming up due to LDAP uthentication issue. How can we bring the SE Server up so that AD Parameters should be correctd at Desktop Client ...
    created by Ashish.Bansal2
  • Daily Box job not Terminating after "Must Complete Times"

    Hi all,   I am a new user, and here is my confusion:   If the Daily box job has "Must Start Times" and "Must Complete times" given, and my commands jobs in the box does not have any time (currently in ACTI...
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  • CA (DE) To Support SLACK Integration

    Under review
    4 votes
    CA (DE) Version 11.3 Wish List: CA (DE) To Support SLACK Integration   Today many companies are moving away from traditional email communication and leveraging tools such as SLACK or Pigin chat applications. &...
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  • When viewing a BOX via quick view why are it's jobs listed alphabetically instead of in the order that they run?

    In Autosys 11.3 viewing a box under the WCC Quick View option displays it's jobs in alphabetical order, instead of run order. This isn't intuitive and often leads to confusion.   I'm sure that older ve...
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  • Workload Automation DE : How do I specify a shell type when registering a shell job via the restapi?

    Hi. When registering a shell script JOB in Workload Automation DE's Desktop client, register as follows. - Run a script  * script / command name: /test/test.sh  User ID: deadmin  Shell: /bin/ksh <--...
    created by wghan
  • Give a special color for bypass

    Not planned
    6 votes
    When a job is set as bypass, you can distinquish it from a normal job in Monitoring Perspective before the job is executed. It is displayed normally as PREDWIAT.   Please create a special color for these bypass ...
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  • getting the info about dependent job

    How do I get the the list of dependent job(s) of all the jobs with an autosys box? "job_depends -c -J JOBNAME" fetches only for that particular job. I need to get a list for the same of all the jobs with the box(usi...
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    Folks. How can I get an environment variable from a Linux server and go to the command line, to be recognized, in WorkLoad DE, as shown in the appendix. Thank you!
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  • Load Balancing in SAP adapter

    Hi All,   We are using SAP Adapter to run jobs in SAP system through Autosys. If we have two hosts with multiple application servers and need to have SAP adapter to connect to particular RFC server group as dest...
    created by Aditya_SB
  • AEDB database

    Has anyone ever added an extra table in AEDB database?   For some automation purpose we are thinking of adding a table in AEDB database (no links with existing ujo_* tables) Just checking - if this would cause ...
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  • CA Workload Automation AE integration with ServiceNow

    Hi, I am looking for ways to integrate CA Workload Automation AE with ServiceNow ITSM. There's one using SNMP Traps. Another one could be via Autosys event logs & ServiceNow API. I need to understand what could be...
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  • Schedule Multiple Adhoc Job Runs

    I am new to Autosys and cannot find an answer to this.   I have a job that runs only when requested by the user. The user submitted this request to run the job as specified: Start date/time(s): 1/23/19 @ ...
    last modified by DilipJivan
  • WCC Single-Signon with EEM on Linux

    2 votes
    We are looking to set-up WCC Single-Signon using EEM but this is only available when running EEM on Windows platform.   All AutoSys, WCC and EEM components run on Linux (RHEL 7.4) with EEM user store configured ...
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  • Web client 12.2 Server Alias

     Just installed 12.2 web client and do not have a selection available under SERVER ALIAS when using DNS alias created.  Alias drop down works when using server name in URL.  How do I get this to work?
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  • special character LDAP

    2 votes
    In my company I could not integrate the ca workload 12.1 with the ldap using AD variable sAMAccountName, because the users have the character "." in the middle of the name where the ca worklod can not search. It would...
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  • Jobs on ICE

    Hi Experts,   Can we query on the back end Autosys server to get the list of all the jobs which are on hold, inactive, or ice.   I would like to  find out the status of all the jobs whether the job wa...
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  • Find the order of the jobs

    Hi, I have a question with the order of the jobs that are scheduled in Autosys. Can you please help me with the below questions.   I have more than 500 jobs and I wanted to find out the scheduled order of the ...
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  • IXP Process report

    Is there a way - once you have created a process report in ixp then to export/email out ? or a little script from the command line that will pick up all jobs runs prefix %ccs%   so if the job has multiple runs ...
    created by mjmorris
  • SQL Query to get the list of Job execution status per day

    Dear Experts, Actually I'm looking forward to find a SQL query where I can get the below list   1. Number of jobs executed yesterday 2. Number of jobs failed yesterday   Can anyone help me with the SQL qu...
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