• SQL Query to get the list of Job execution status per day

    Dear Experts, Actually I'm looking forward to find a SQL query where I can get the below list   1. Number of jobs executed yesterday 2. Number of jobs failed yesterday   Can anyone help me with the SQL qu...
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  • How to use  runApplicationCreate (SOAP) in WA DE

    Hi. Please give us an example of how to create the following Functions using SOAP in WA DE. There is not enough information to refer to in the manuals.   1. How does runApplicationRead's response come up? 2. Wh...
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  • Command for history of sendevent

    Have a question on what command can i use to find out the history of sendevent on a job?. Reason is it looks like someone hit sendevent twice, making the job run both times. Is there a command? Or can we run reports u...
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  • How to control Rerunning job execution time

    HI,   I have a scenario, I would like to run a rerunning job every 15 minutes from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM(like 9:00,9:15,9:30.......5:45 PM,6:00 PM), If the job missed any run cycle then it should set cancel or abor...
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  • WCC and EEM hosted on window to move on Azure cloud

    Hello All,     We are moving windows servers to Azure cloud, WCC and EEM are hosted on those servers, the hostname will be retained, but the IP's will change.   What all we need to take into...
  • Autotrack for Calendar updates

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    Today autotrack will tell you that a calendar was changed, who changed it and when, which is great. It would be nice if it would also say what dates were added/removed.
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  • Job condition after changing global variable back to 0

    Hi All,   We are going to stop all the jobs belonging to particular SAP system by changing global variable to 1. We have doubt that after we change global variable back to 0, how can we avoid jobs to run by taki...
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  • Job Status

     How to export jobs with their current status  ?
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  • SFTP "Read timed out"

    I was wondering if anyone has successfully got an SFTP job type to work with WLA DE. I am on 12.1 and continue to get a "Read time out" status and the job goes to SUBERROR. I have tried things such as creating a separ...
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  • Job dependencies

    Hi Folks,   I have a question with Autosys jobs. Can you please help me with my below question.   I have a box with multiple jobs and each of the job within the box has its own dependency.   For exam...
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  • Display long String to use as a variable

    Hi,   I encounter the following problem;   I need a Base64 string to use as attachement for an external ticket system. The string is larger than 8000 characters. But some how the string is truncated to ...
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  • SOAP function (runApplicationCreate) for WA DE

    Hi. I would like to know the detail attribute value or an example for the SAOP function (runApplicationCreate) in Workload Automation DE. I can not find detailed information in the manual.   Thanks in advanced.
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  • Users access on specific actions.

    We have fail over architecture. Our users have read access to WCC so they can monitor their jobs. We want to allow users to "force start"  OR "Terminate" ONLY failed jobs not ALL jobs.   Ahmad Nadeem Infor...
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  • Jet Lag

    After the time of my country was changed. The applications are with different schedule of execution. I have the patches corresponding to the CAWA operating system but still the time does not change in the console. Cou...
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  • How to check recent made changes on a job

    We want to know what are recent changes made on a particular job.
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  • When will Autosys PeopleSoft Adapter be certified with PeopleTools 8.57 ? Currently, 8.56 is the latest certified version.

    When will Autosys PeopleSoft Adapter be certified with PeopleTools 8.57 ? Currently, 8.56 is the latest certified version. Support Information - CA Workload Automation Agent for PeopleSoft - 11.4 - CA Technologies Do...
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  • Migration

    Auotsys AE scheduler, EEM and WCC 11.3.5 is setup on Win server 2008, now we are planning to move towards Win 2016 servers. What is best way for this migration ?
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  • outdated schedule test

    Al programar una tarea de ejecución veo que cuento con una hora distinta en las pruebas y tambien al momento de ejecutarse. Favor su ayuda con esto.     When I schedule an execution task I see that ...
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  • Cross Dependency between two client objects or jobs

    How to set a job dependency between two clients in CA automic ,  I would like to set a job dependency in client 1 workflow jobs with client 2 job. Is this possible?
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  • SSL& LDAP settings

    How can install SSL certificates in AWA engine and integrate with LDAP?, Please share the procedures/documents if anyone has done already.
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