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Hi,   I'm trying to build a new vendor certification using 2 MIB tables. To parse different indexes(and create only one Item) I tried with Index TagList:    <IndexTagList>    <PrimaryTag>LigoWaveWireless</PrimaryTag>    <IndexTag>    <Name>RemoteNode</Name>    <PrimaryKeyExpression>LigoWaveWirelessHostIndex</PrimaryKeyExpression>… (Show more)
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Hi All,    Whether it is possible to export devices from CAPC groups ?Kindly suggest I could not see any options 
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CAPC/PM generates alerts that are passed to Spectrum related to utilization threshold violations. For example, for DIsk Full, High CPU utilization , etc. Once they are in Spectrum , and then also passed up to SOI, someone could manually "clear" the alert.     The issue I see here is that the alert may still be in violation. This alert will not be…
Hello,   I am using CA PC 3.5 and i want to generate a report for RX/TX power of interfaces .I have routers of juniper, Huawei and Cisco.I want to know that is there any Metric family available in CA PC to achieve this task.   if no then help me how i create a new metric family and add certifications in it for generating reports of RX/TX power… (Show more)
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Hi, getting below message when we run nhremotepollersetup command on centeral site. Anyone can help me on this ?   “Setup was unable to locate eHealth on host '<Ip address of my poller sever>'.  Please provide the directory where eHealth is installed on this host. eHealth version 6.3.3 on window server 2008 R2 standard. Trying to add remote… (Show more)
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Hi, We are using CA eHealth r6.3.3.01 with remote poller and central site, and trying to configure SFTP using CIGWIN to import polled data from remote poller to Central site.   I  have configured the SFTP following the the link: and the SFTP… (Show more)
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Issue: nhRemotePollerSetup fails with error: Setup was unable to locate eHealth on host 'Remote_Poller_IP'. Please provide the directory where eHealth is installed on this host. The error has been seen when the Windows standard FTP connection fails as it is misconfigured.   Solution: In windows server, FTP configuration wizard, please set the FTP…
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At this stage, you can create a new certification request and poll only elements of the type Int, Long, and Double. This is an idea so that a new certification request should also keep polling String. At this stage, you can only map String types in your vendor cert, however when you create a metric family they cannot be set to poll constantly.
Hi all, Lutz_Holzbecher, Dan_Holmes,   customers will probably benefit from improved out-of-the-box monitoring for HPE Vertica, if some trap mapping is added to Spectrum.   What have we done in total? - configure standard net-snmp agent on Vertica hosts - add device models to Spectrum for all Vertica hosts - add standard device thresholds,…
Some metrics, such as temperature can be very different between devices and between components within a device. Baseline based alerting would be a good way of alarming when temperatures are higher than normal Baseline based event rules can only use multiples of “standard deviation”. E.g. when a value is higher than 3 standard deviations above…
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