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Need to collect latency from the CAPM server to a specific interface IP address on routers. This will be the same functionality currently available in eHealth At-A-Glance reports on an interface. This is needed in order for us to migrate from eHealth to CAPM. This is useful where IP SLA cannot be implemented because of no R/W access to routers.
Hi I need you help is it possible? We are starting an on-premises CA_PPM implementation where the requirement is that they need  Dev, QA and Production environments.  1. We need some guidance regarding the set-up and promotion of the instances Dev -> QA -> Prod. 2. Does this have license implications?   Please advise.
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Greetings all,   We are preparing to upgrade PM from 3.5 to 3.6. We have generated a lot of URL's from 3.5 for use in some other applications. Does anyone know if these URL's will still function after we upgrade to 3.6 or will we have to re-create them after the upgrade?   Thanks, David
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Currently multiple views available in CA PC limits the result to a specific amount (i.e.: IM On-Demand/Multi-Metric Trend Report limits the results/rows to 120 in CA PC 3.0 and 250 in Ca PC 3.6). Tweaking the console is possible to increase these results to 384 (not more due to possible Performance Issues), but for large Customer Environments…
hi,   i am using CAPC and i recently start facing this issue that for duration of approx. hour the data is missing in all dashboards containing multiples devices. the DC services are up and fine at that timings that issue occurs 2 time still now first time 1 hour data is missing second time its approx. 2 hours. its much irritating as customer… (Show more)
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Hi,   I have a severe issue with my CAPC i explain the whole scanerio to you maybe you have any solution to this by CA Support i am on this case from last 30 days approx. got no RCA/Solution.   my CAPC health status will automatically fluctuate between failed to active randomly with on different times. and then sometimes we observe the status is… (Show more)
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On LINUX systems users can use the $IATEMPDIR variable during install to redirect temporary files to another directory with plenty of space, instead of using /tmp.   CAPC is using this variable partially and storing some files in $IATEMPDIR but in addition upto 4GB of data in /tmp.   The instal should consequently use this variable, store…
Hi All,      We Have integrate the CA PC with spectrum and NFA ... the ca performance center is consolidating the devices using the IP.. but in our environment we have configured the 2 routers interfaces with the same IP .. in one router the interface is in admin down sate and another router it's in on .. so when the device sync from spectrum and… (Show more)
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In the ehealth oneclick administration under Element Configuration --> Resource Discovery --> Scheduled Discovers you can schedule a discovery using "community strings in file". What is the syntax of such a file for different SNMP-Versions V2 or V3? Should I use the same syntax like in the dci file like:… (Show more)
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Even with upcoming PM version 3.7, there wont be a sync from custom component attributes from DA to CAPC. This is currently only done for ports and devices. We not only need custom component attributes in Views, but also to be able to use them in group rules in CA PC.   Please add this missing functionality to PM.
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