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Configure Notifications - How to start building this?   Hello CAPM community,  I am looking into building a script which shares all generated alarm output to a file, which we can read out with our fault mgt system and select the needed information from there.   I have checked… (Show more)
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Hi CA PM 3.2 The customer wants to upgrade to CA PM 3.7. The current version of Vertica 8.1 which comes with CA PM 3.2 is installed in /opt/CA/vertica8 Not sure why it was installed in /opt/CA/vertica8   Is there a migration to upgrade the Vertica 8 to Vertica 9 as part of the CA PM 3.7 upgrade?   Regards Klaus
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For the most part the new default colors in CAPC 3.7 are much improved over previous versions.  The one exception is the light blue for Utilization Out on the MultiView Trend charts and I'm getting a lot of user complaints on that one.   Some might look at the screenshot below and wonder what the users are complaining about, but I think a lot of…
In the Notification Email the value that caused the threshold exceedance is missing, only the rule itself is displayed.
I think it would be a great idea to not have to post bugs or software defects as "ideas". I think ideas should really be feature requests, where as a bug tracking system can be used to report defects that are already known -- this way if there is a known issue or open bug report I can actually see it.?   This should save time and duplicated…
MultiView Interface Utilization (Trend), when selecting "Display by Name" sort criteria, the sort engine only takes in mind the name of the interface, but not the device name. This causes the feeling the result is not sorted.     Same enhancement applies to any multi-view.   Regards
For on-demand reports we need to be able to assign a sort order, or keep them in the order they are entered in report.   When selecting Chart per item with multiple Metrics it does not display them in the order entered, it randomly places charts on the page, we create a report for 7 devices with 2 interfaces for each device, I want the 2…
I invite you to read . We would like to know what CA's plans are regarding the security related to the usage of Abode Flash. Thanks, Veronique
While you can add and save columns to an On-Demand Report Template, currently you cannot save the sort order. A utilization report for interfaces defaults to a sort order of interface Name. One can sort it by Utilization, but that sort is not saved regardless of the scope selected (All users, My User Account, or My Current Session). Nor is it…
It would be nice to have a Dashboard designer to customize everything there: For example: - Group graphs - Free positioning of the graphs - Possibility to load Pictures into the Background - Headlines - Vertical and horizontal lines - No restriction of a Dashboard to three columns - Free choice whether only the graph or the legend, X-/Y-…
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