What you may have missed (March 30 - April 5)

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Hello IM Community!  Last week was a busy week for our community!  We completed on Phase One and Phase Two of a migration project to import in UIM ideas from That portion of the project is now complete.   What we still need to work on is migrating in the Vote Count for all the UIM Ideas and we expect completion over the next weeks. Please consult our FAQ for more information about the migration of UIM ideas into the IM community.


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Upcoming Events

Office Hours for CA UIM - May 2015

Office Hours for Network Flow Analysis - May 2015

Office Hours for Application Delivery Analysis - June 2015

CA Technologies IM DevXchange May 20-21, 2015

IM Tech event EMEA - May 20-21, 2015 - Ditton Park, UK

Office Hours for Spectrum - May 2015



CA ADA-MTP r10.2 GA Announcement

CA NPC 6-2 GA Announcement

CA UCM r3.8 GA Announcement

CA eHealth is GA

Urgent for WLC-AP management


Tech Tips

TECH TIP: Pgm nhiPoller[Net]: Expectation for 'count <= 1' failed (Duplicate rows detected...

Tech Tip: eHealth Install fails with error: "FATAL ERROR: root environment variables invalid and cannot be used."

Tech Tip: UCM 3.8 - Documentation

Tech Tip: UCM 3.8 requires KB3033929


New Ideas



Performance Mgmt






*all ideas posted for UIM on April 2 are a result of the migration project noted above.  These will not be noted in this blog series as there are ~1500 of them.


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Performance Management







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