What you may have missed (May 4 - May 17)

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Hello IM Community, this edition of the 'what you may have missed' series is covering two weeks of data.  We have lots of events coming up, so be sure to RSVP and let us know what you can attend.  Lots of great tech tips below and also plenty of new ideas. Be sure to cast your vote to the ideas being entered. You can vote an idea up or down! 


Did any of you catch what one of our community members has been doing?   
One community member has been posting the product name into the title of his ideas (e.g., 'UIM: title of idea here).  This is fantastic and will help us stay organized. This is in addition to the recommended practice of assigning product category and use of tags.  I hope others will embrace and adopt a same approach.  Thank you to frank.daeter1.1 for this great tip!


Also, just announced last week!  Community Member discount for CA World --> read this for more info Sneak Peak at Community Member Discounts for CA World '15!


Upcoming Events:

[Webcast, May 20] Redefining IT Infrastructure Management for Today's App Economy

[Webcast, June 1]  FREE WEBCAST: Capacity Planning In The Application Driven Economy. Are you ready?

[Local Event - EMEA] CA Technologies IM DevXchange May 20-21, 2015

Office Hours for Spectrum - May 2015

Office Hours for Network Flow Analysis - May 2015

Office Hours for Application Delivery Analysis - June 2015

Office Hours for CA Performance Management - June 2015

Office Hours for eHealth - June 2015

Office Hours for CA UIM - July 2015


Prior Events

UIM Office Hours - Read the Transcripts: UIM Office Hours Transcript (May 2015)


Announcements / Noteworthy:

CA NFA 9.3.1 GA Announcement

CA Unified Infrastructure Management:  April 2015 Monthly Product Release Update

Sneak Peak at Community Member Discounts for CA World '15!


Member Generated Tech Tips:

Moving maintenance windows to SLO exclusion periods


Tech Tips IM Tech Tip Rollup      (April 2015)

Tech Tip NV - Installation option  'Integrated Poller'

Tech Tip NV - MC to Poller 'Resync' option is greyed out.

Tech Tip NV - NetVoyant Help missing

Tech Tip NV - Gauges views show no data after upgrade.

Tech Tip NV - Gauges views show no data after upgrade.

Tech Tip NV - NPC group of just poll instances fail to sync down to NV

Tech Tip NV - Manually clearing IPSLA rttJitter alarms will prevent new alarms from being generated.

Tech Tip NV - Alarm Profile Name Character Limit.

Tech Tip NV - 'No Data Returned' Polling Failures.

Tech Tip NV - Custom Dataset not working at one Poller

Tech Tip NV - The ports that NV uses.

Tech Tip NPC 'Generate URL' results in no NV data found.

Tech Tip: CA-Unicenter NSM restarts on its own regularly

Tech Tip: Quoting email addresses when scheduling eHealth reports via the command line on Linux

Tech Tip NV - Custom Dataset not working at one Poller

Setting up Monitoring for Xendesktop and Citrix PVS probes.docx

Tech Tips - NFA: CA Network Flow Analysis 9.3.1  -  Known Issues

Tech Tip NetQoS NPC - How to get a record of who logs into the product.


New Freebie

Free scripts to Export / Import Discovery Profiles for CA PM Data Aggregator


New Ideas


Physical memory Utilization without Cache and Buffer in Linux and AIX

ACL Rules editing

When there is no netflow data for a selected time period there should be a better message.


Spectrum   Spectrum Community Ideas

Privileges for menus in Spectrum OneClick

REST Subscription Service

Make all Entity info available in Spectrum for all devices which supports the ENTITY-MIB

Allow the option to decide whether NCM should use enable password

NCM Script for Cisco WLC

Sort/Search/Filter on the IP/Hostname Boundary Field

Add support for StoragePod in VMWare topology for UIM x Spectrum Integration


Spectrum and eHealth

We need support for RedHat 7 for CA eHealth & Spectrum.

RHEL 7 support for CA eHealth and Spectrum.



Flip the monitoring setting on Live Exceptions when a device is set for maintenance

eHealth process set: display name of failed process

eHealth Web UI fails ungracefully with too many users

Tech Tip: Quoting email addresses when scheduling eHealth reports via the command line on Linux



Full support for Https including in the Unsubscribe link in scheduled NFA emails

NFA Flow Forensics Reports - provide estimate of report before fully executing

Ability to enable SSL for mysql

We see a need to create a 0.5h off set time-zone for certain countries for correct reporting.



API to create Nimbus Users

Bulk Download of Doc PDFs

sysloggtw probe - encoding setting

snmptd probe - encoding setting

Increase number characters on IP Address Field

snmpgtw to support SNMP v3 traps

Quick single-click way to jump from USM alarm directly to USM detail view for the affected device.

Add support Time over Threshold to CDM like eHealth for monitoring servers in a corporate environment.

Websphere probe to support Templating and Auto Configure

UIM/USM 8.2 - Discovery Device naming of SNMP devices - Use SNMP system name (hostname) and NOT the DNS name associated with the lowest IP address

Secondary nas probes, maintenance_mode probe and HA probe

Proactively self restart functionality upon OOM situation in UIM Java written probes

Add in USM group possibility to create groups related to alarms

Exchange_monitor DAG Number of Active/Passive not alerting

UIM: add interface speed in reports

UIM: add time ranges: last month / last week

UIM: report scheduling: (S)FTP / sharepoint

UIM: add technology filters for reporting

UIM: add trendline & goalline in reports

UIM: drilldown in reports

UIM: drilldown in reports

UIM: creating groups by the API

UIM: enabling polling for selected interfaces

Provide the ability to display more than 100 devices concurrently

Ability to set Report Start Date when running 'At a Glance' reports in USM menus.

Add the ability to choose or standardize QOS sources for the metrics listed under the details tab in USM

Limiting CI table scan while creating a ticket using CASDGTW probe

Templates for Printers probe


Performance Center/Performance Management

Provide out of the box Threshold Profiles in CA Performance Management

Automatically Update Device Name

Add 'Device.ID' to Data Aggregator Filtered Get

Monitor Cloud Applications with CAPC



Use LSB conformant Headers for SystemEdge init-scripts

SystemEDGE should be multi threaded

independent LOFS status monitoring

64 bit counters/integer for SystemEdge



Enhancement Request: Network List Search Box in Application Delivery Analysis



RagingWire: A simplified process to maintain existing and new breakers in a PDU

Install ecoMeter gateway patches/upgrades from Gateway Manager



Support for HTTPS to access the phones



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