• CA PM: Data Repository Backup

    I have followed the documentation to configure the automatic backup of the Data Repository, what has not been very clear to me is how to make each week a total backup and from there backup integral, I could give some ...
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  • CA PM: OpenApi App Error

    Hi all, I am working with the version 3.6 of CA PM, when I made the import of an OpenApi App I do not get any error. But when I want to use it in an Api View it does not appear in the drop-down list. Do you know what ...
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  • Print App View or Web View

    I have created a dashboard that uses an AppView and a WebView, but when I want to generate a PDF, the two components appear blank. How could I make them appear in the PDF or what alternative do I have to generate PDFs...
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  • CA PM - Event Rules Counter

    Hi,   There is any way to get the number of times that the Rule was "Raised"? In total and by device name?   I can export to a CSV and then count, but there is any other way available?  GUI or us...
    created by Plourenco

    Hello, I am using 3.6.5 version of CAPC. i am stuck with a requirement that what they want from PC is that PC aggregate 3 interfaces and then when ever its cumulative utilization drops by 30% thresholds violation ev...
    created by Akash_keyani
  • IPSLA Path Change display and alerting

    9 votes
    In Netvoyant it had the capability to read and report on path changes. I need this feature added to PM in order to better monitor my MPLS network.   https://support.ca.com/cadocs/0/CA%20NetQoS%20NetVoyant%207%20...
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  • PM collector "upgrading"

    I'm upgrading from 3.5 to 3.6 today and I have 2 data collectors that have been showing "upgrading" for almost 90 minutes. All the other DC's are "collecting data". It seems like there is data for the 2 DC's in questi...
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  •      Vendor Certification XML  - Multi-MIB Table

    Hi,   I'm trying to build a new vendor certification using 2 MIB tables. To parse different indexes(and create only one Item) I tried with Index TagList:    <IndexTagList>    <...
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  • Unified NetOps Explained

    Open video

    created by Jeremy_Rossbach
  • EM service should be able to handle Clock drift

    3 votes
    Hi,   Some of the customers are seeing that EM Service on CAPC is not capable of handling clock drift. If there is a drift EM stops processing of events which effects production.   There should be a meanin...
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  • Save scheduled pdf/csv reports on CAPC server and choose a target directory

    Under review
    32 votes
    Customer need the possibility to save scheduled pdf/csv reports on the CAPC server with help of providing a target directory where the files should be save into. Out from that directory, the files are transferred to o...
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  • CA PC traps do not carry the device host name or IP address

    Hi All,   We have created some threshold violation profiles and forwarded the same via Email and Traps. But when i am comparing the same event which is get via Email and Trap i'm not getting the Device name or I...
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  • Is there any MIB tool for speed up CA PM custom certifications?

    Hello,   We have the need to develop some certifications (both vendor certifications and metric families).   Is there any visual MIB tool that can help speed up the development?   Thank you.   ...
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  • PC - "Generated URL" graph should have dynamic option

    4 votes
    "Generated URL" graph displays static data and doesn't have dynamic data option. I would like to display graph via webpage (only graph, no dashboard) for a specific interface. When I select '24 hours' as time reso...
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  • “Setup was unable to locate eHealth on host '<Ip address of my poller sever>'.  Please provide the  directory where eHealth is installed on this host.

    Hi, getting below message when we run nhremotepollersetup command on centeral site. Anyone can help me on this ?   “Setup was unable to locate eHealth on host '<Ip address of my poller sever>'. ...
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  • Metric Family for gathering RX/TX Power of interfcaes

    Hello,   I am using CA PC 3.5 and i want to generate a report for RX/TX power of interfaces .I have routers of juniper, Huawei and Cisco.I want to know that is there any Metric family available in CA PC to achie...
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  • Export devices from Group -CAPC

    Hi All,    Whether it is possible to export devices from CAPC groups ?Kindly suggest I could not see any options 
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  • Make CAPC Threshold Alerts passed to Spectrum NOT manually Clearable

    3 votes
    CAPC/PM generates alerts that are passed to Spectrum related to utilization threshold violations. For example, for DIsk Full, High CPU utilization , etc. Once they are in Spectrum , and then also passed up to SOI, som...
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  • Importing polled Data using SFTP

    Hi, We are using CA eHealth r6.3.3.01 with remote poller and central site, and trying to configure SFTP using CIGWIN to import polled data from remote poller to Central site.   I  have configured the SFTP f...
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  • DA/DC should be able to poll String type.

    12 votes
    At this stage, you can create a new certification request and poll only elements of the type Int, Long, and Double. This is an idea so that a new certification request should also keep polling String. At this stage, y...
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