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October 10th


[WEBCAST] What’s New in APM SaaS - October 10, 2018 @10 a.m. ET 

CA APM SaaS is regularly updated with new enhancements, features and UI improvements. Attend this session to learn about the July and August CA APM SaaS updates. The APM team will cover new infrastructure agents, extensions, Assisted Triage updates, and a new developer feature. We will show a demo of APM for monitoring container and cloud environments.


[WEBCAST] Unlock the Possibilities of CA Datacom: A Look Into CA Datacom Portfolio Simplification – October 10, 2018 @ 1… 

Did you know that we recently combined many “add-on” products for CA Datacom into our offerings?


Now you can unlock the potential of multiple products within one product code. This means that if you are a CA Datacom or CA Ideal customer running a current release (z/OS 15.0 or 15.1 or z/VSE 11.0 or 12.0), you can now benefit from many of the add-on options within your base license without incurring additional costs. This effort enables you to improve your CA Datacom environment through richer, more full-functioned software without expanding budgets.


October 11th


[askCA] CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys) – October 11, 2018 @ 11 a.m. ET 

Have a question about CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys)?


Join us for askCA: CA Workload Automation AE, an online chat where you can connect with members of the CA Workload Automation AE support, product management, and documentation teams to get the answers you need. 


[WEBCAST] CA Mainframe Resource Intelligence: Mainframe Medicine! An MRI to Reveal Hidden ROI – October 11, 2018 @ 11 a.… 

In medicine, an MRI scan can quickly reveal hidden ailments and allow clinicians to offer actionable insight to get a patient on a path to recovery. Imagine if you had an MRI for your entire mainframe environment and operational processes? Mainframe stakeholders are constantly challenged to prove continuous cost optimization. Luckily for us, the mainframe itself is a hotbed of telemetry data from all aspects – capacity, software, process, systems, and security.


Why not collect, measure, assess and benchmark so you can easily reveal hidden costs, operational gaps and opportunities to transform all aspects of IT delivery? A cloud-delivered SaaS assessment is all about quickly answering the business questions such “will 3X MIPS growth incur a capacity penalty?”


[WEBCAST] CA PPM - Business Intelligence: Best Practices and Tips to unlock the power of data – October 11, 2018 @11 a.m. ET 

Business Intelligence: Best Practices and Tips to unlock the power of data


How can you get more from your business intelligence? Linda Wray, Senior Software Architect and go-to pro for BI, joins us to share tips and best practices. After dispelling common misconceptions, learn when you can go it alone, and when an expert may be your best bet. Pros and cons of reporting options, when and how to use them, and much more. 


October 12th


[WEBCAST] CA IDMS Database Maintenance: Enlarge the Database (Session 1 of 2) – October 12, 2018 @ 11 a.m. ET 

This is the second session in our new CA IDMS™ Educational Series, which focuses on CA IDMS Database Maintenance


Join CA IDMS Principal Software Engineer Dick Weiland on Friday, October 12 @ 11 a.m. ET to learn how to "Enlarge the Database." This is the first of two sessions covering this topic. 

Documents and blogs are unique in that they an exclusive feature, allowing you to save your post as a draft before publishing.


Save Draft

  • Create a new document or blog post 
  • Once done editing scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save Draft.

Save Draft


Locating Saved Drafts

  • Under the profile, drop-down select Your Content
  • Drafts - select the draft you wish to work on.
  • From here you can publish your post or continue to edit. 



Collaborating on Drafts

You can collaborate on drafts of blog posts or documents. Create the post and save it as a draft. From there, click Share. Select the people you want to share the post with and click Share. The recipient(s) will be able to edit the post and either save it as a draft or publish it.

You can add skills and expertise to your community profile, and other users are able to endorse you. Skills are a great way to share more information about yourself and tag yourself with those skills.

  • To add your own skills, first go to your profile by clicking your avatar in the top right and selecting View Profile. Add your skills by clicking New skill in your Skills and Expertise section.
  • To endorse skills for a community user, go to their profile and click EndorseCommunity Hacks: Endorsing Skills and Expertise 

Additionally, you can search for other community members skill sets by:

  • Browse - People
  • Add Filter
  • Search By Skills



Add FilterSearch by Skills


Now you can search by the skill set you need. Ex. Community Management - users who have added those skills and been endorsed will appear in your results.


All posts on the communities have the author's name attached. Ideas have the unique ability to be created anonymously. This is a useful feature that allows users to still submit ideas but not advertise the company they represent.


How do you submit an anonymous idea? 

  1. Select Idea from the content creation drop-down 
  2. Fill in the details of your idea
    • If you create an idea in a particular product community then the publish location will default to that community - select change - then you will be able to select Create idea as a guest user


There are a wide variety of blogs on the communities, the most common are blogs found in the product communities. Another resource is community members individual blogs. 


To find individuals blogs, find the person, and go to their profile. Once in their profile scroll down to "Recent Activity." You will see the individuals personal blog, clicking on it will bring you to their blog posts.


If you want to see even more blogs from users, select Browse - Content - Blogs. Now you can get an overall list of all blogs being published in product communities and users personal blogs to enjoy.


GDPR Compliance

Posted by robbo01 Employee May 29, 2018

Hello Everyone,


As Chief Privacy Officer, I’m proud of the work CA Technologies has been doing around GDPR.  At CA, we have always maintained a customer-focused culture around data protection and we strive to ensure that we protect and secure all personal data we access.  Please check out some of our GDPR resources found on – including our Privacy Statement where we tell individuals how we treat their personal data, and our Commitment to our customers about our GDPR compliance.  CA Technologies also has products that help our customers comply with their own obligations.  See here for more.


Thank you,


Bonnie Yeomans, CIPP
VP, Assistant General Counsel

and Privacy Officer

CA Technologies | One CA Plaza | Islandia, NY 11749

We are always looking to improve your experiences in the communities. Starting tomorrow and continuing over the next couple of weeks, you will see polls posted in product communities asking about your experiences and expectations around questions and answers.


To improve experiences and expectations as best as possible, it is essential we ask you directly. Polls will be posted over the coming weeks to afford everyone time to engage and will eventually be closed to measure and evaluate feedback.


Community Managers for each product community will be the ones to post these polls. Be sure to follow your community manager to be notified when each is posted. Following 


To find your community manager, visit your product community and look on the left-hand side.


Please consider taking the time to engage and offer your comments. Thank you.

Looking for assistance when it comes to non-technical support on communities? Look to the  Customer Care community. Here you can find quick answers to: 


  • How do I find my CA Site ID?
  • I need help registering for Support Online,
  • How do request a Name Change or Location change to my CA Site ID?
  • How do I buy or try this product?
  • How can I contact sales?
  • Who is my sales rep?
  • What is a license key?
  • Why isn't my product listed in my support account?


Additionally be sure to check out CA Product Vulnerability Response under key content and places on Customer Care. This community hosts all of the product vulnerability blogs that were previously posted on

Hello CA Community Members!


I’d like to take this opportunity to extend a hearty welcome for our Automic customers to CA’s online communities where we endeavor to connect, learn and share between customers, partners & CA employees. A large part of our mission is to humanize the company and work to eliminate any barriers between your ideas and business outcomes. Our team puts the customer at the center of everything we do, and we work diligently to earn your trust and deliver a superior experience.


We do this by:

  • Delivering relevant and timely information to you through the community platform from other customers, partners & CA employees
  • Strive to make sure that you receive answers to questions that you ask in your community
  • Partnering with you to continually improve your experience of working with the online community
  • Having fun along the way


In looking over the activity in the Automic community over the nearly 2 weeks since you joined our platform, there is going to be great and very active engagement. It’s been awesome to see the engagement on the products continue and then see some look to maximize the value of the community platform as well.


Coming along for the journey are the Automic community managers, Octavie and LuuLe!


Octavie Chakoute"My name is Octavie Chakoute and I've been with Automic for almost 10 years: 6 years with Orsyp (which was acquired by Automic in 2014) and then another 4 years with Automic. I am the mother of 3 kids and I enjoy having some good time with my family."


Luu Le"My name is Luu Le and I've been with Automic for 5 years now working as a Tier 2 support for the Applications Manager, Automic Workload Automation & Automic Release Automation products as well as the last 2.5 years as a Community Manager / Technical Account Manager. I currently reside in Bellevue, WA and aside from work I enjoy a good a light novel, gaming out on some Dota 2 or just staring at my fish tank.... surprisingly it's pretty relaxing "


We are very happy to have them joining the CA Community Management team and are looking forward to having them lend their experience and expertise to the community experience for all.

Status updates are one of the underutilized content types on communities. They allow you to post a short, informal message, allowing you to share with others what you're doing or done.



Options To Post A Status Update


  1. On the home page, you'll see "Whats going on?" Typing here and selecting post will create a status update.
  2. Or, from the content creation dropdown, select status update.


There is the ability to see your status update history. Go to your profile, and if you scroll down a little, you can see your latest status update.

To see all your status updates, select Activity on your profile and choose status updates.


Special shoutout to LizR for helping figure out some of the mysteries surrounding status updates. 

Should you create a document on the communities or upload a Word, Pages doc as a file? This depends on what you are looking to do. Here are some considerations.


Collaboration - Its easier to collaborate on a community Document. One-click and collaborators can make changes to a document. Outside documents have to be uploaded as files. Collaborators would have to download the file, open, edit, then re-upload for the next user. Community docs also offer the ability to manage versions with one click.



Advanced Text Editing and Formatting - Communities offers advanced editor which allows formatting, inserting tables and more. If your doc needs larger tables, they become more difficult to manage. Additionally, community docs do not support formulas. Outside document software has more advanced capabilities and consistency.


Transferring - If the document needs to at some point come off the communities you can download the doc as a PDF, but not as an editable document. An uploaded doc would serve better in these situations. 


Look for which option would work best for you. Each situation is unique. 

There may be a simple why some questions/posts are overlooked and left unanswered. 


Shoutingwill most likely not get it any more attention or a correct answer.


If you want to get your questions answered quickly by all the   on communities, make sure you apply a category.


Posts without categories, go randomly into  lost in the.


We are all  from time to time, and CMs catch as many uncategorized posts as possible.


Some though leave CMs scratching their heads. Is this for product or another?


Just remember to apply the category to all your posts by selecting one at the bottom of every post.




Happy Valentines Day!


P.S. I need chocolate.

askCA (Formerly Office Hours)  


 A web-ex meeting where customers can have their questions answered about a particular product via chat. No audio is provided. Support and CA Product Managers answer questions while the CA Community Manager acts as the chat moderator. When the session ends CA Communities Manager will post the transcript to the Community.






Event Webcasts 


Are done via Web-ex where customers can gain some additional insight into their products. Customers can ask presenter their various questions via phone or chat, and all events are recorded and posted to the communities so those who may have missed the event can watch at their convenience.






Product Roadmaps 


By attending the product roadmap and feedback sessions, you’ll gain firsthand knowledge about upcoming product functionality and features along with architectural enhancements.






Be sure to check your product communities for upcoming events.

Today is #CMAD2018 - a day we celebrate the work and achievements of the people who make online communities a reality - community managers.


Community Manager Appreciation DayWe are extremely lucky to have a dedicated team for community management and operations at CA Technologies. I'm sure you know most of them because you see their names on the homes pages, announcements and regular posts throughout the communities. They are (in alphabetical order): Melanie_Giuliani, Joe_Grimaldi, Chris_Hackett, MelissaPotvin C.J, Chris_Stallone, & LennThompson. On related teams, we also have SamCreek, sue.macaluso, & anara6 (through the addition of the Veracode family to CA's own). These folks make up an awesome team and keep things cranking along and ensuring successful engagement between CA, our customers, partners and prospects. They are the ones primarily responsible for all of the announcements, newsletters, webcasts, online chats, blogs & polls that are out there. Today is a day we say thank you for all that you do - even though much of it takes place in the background.


Today is also a day we say thanks to all of the people who take the principles of community management and integrate them into their day to day work - our CA Champions (too many wonderful people to list here) and all of the other people who take it upon themselves to put themselves out there and help you work with CA, our products and each other.  It's truly awesome to see and I am lucky to see it take place each and every day throughout the year.CMGT 101 Cover


Interested in learning more about community management? Here's a quick read by some leaders in the industry: CMGT 101: 17 Community Leaders Share Their Secrets for Success is packed with engagement ideas, governance tips, career advice, and more from community leaders. I was lucky enough to be able to contribute to the effort and after reading what my fellow community management peeps have to share, it's definitely worth a read.


Feel free to comment with a shout out for your community management efforts or a word of thanks for a community management hero in your world!

Next week, we will be introducing some changes to improve the look and experience of the Water Cooler community. After meeting with many individuals, a special shout out to the CA Champions, and reading your posts and ideas, we have found areas where we could improve the overall experience.


Improvements you will see will be clearer terminology - making training items easier to find, navigation - tabs will be added, similar to product communities "Getting Started", a cleaner overview page, and other minor items.


These changes are meant to improve the overall user experience of the Water Cooler, for both new and veteran members. As always, after these changes are made, you are welcome to continue posting your feedback and ideas. All of which I will be reading and taking back to the communities team.



Thanks Everyone