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Community Hack - Personal Insights

Blog Post created by Chris Stallone Employee on Sep 7, 2016

Personal insights are now available to all community members. With this new addition, you will be able to see the impact of your contributions to the community. It's got stats, numbers, and pretty graphs! Did I mention it has numbers?  


The following insights are available:


Reach, Impact, and Sentiment

Reach, impact, and sentiment provides users with an understanding of their personal reach , impact on the global community and overall sentiment of your content. 


Individual Interactions, and Profile Type

Located right beneath reach, impact, and sentiment. Displaying individuals you've had the most interactions with, and your profile type. Providing stats on contributions, participation, and consumption. 


Personal Impact

If you want to find how much content you've created, likes given/received, and views received. Head down to personal impact. In addition, you will find a large graph displaying your monthly contributions.


Popular Content

This is the table the cool kids sit at. Popular content will give your top 20 content items by views, comments, likes, shares, and view trends.


To View Your Personal Insights

Click on the profile dropdown -> View Profile. Under your profile select "More" -> Insights.

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