Chris Stallone

Community Hack - Hiding Activity From Streams

Blog Post created by Chris Stallone Employee on Sep 19, 2017

Custom streams are a great way to pick and choose which communities, tags, and individuals you want to receive activity updates on. For more information on setting up a custom stream refer to Creating Custom Streams.


Hiding certain items in your streams allows you to get rid of any activity that no longer interests you. Doing so is simple, find the item you no longer want to receive any activity updates on, and select "Hide."


The below screenshots show where you can find the "Hide" button. I am in the stream "Following" next to each post you can Like, Comment, Share, or Hide.

Hiding Activity


Once you select Hide a few options will display. Hiding optionsWhen hiding a question from the Harvest community, I receive:

  1. Hide this question
  2. Hide all discussions in CA Harvest
  3. Hide all in CA Harvest


Select the option that works best for you.