• Community Platform Migration Scheduled for Early June

    As you all probably know by now, CA Technologies has been acquired by Broadcom. As part of this transition, the CA Communities will be merging with the existing Broadcom Communities and moving to a new platform on Jun...
    Lenn Thompson
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  • Calendar auto-generating

    I have auto-generated a calendar to run job 1 on the 3rd Wed of the month.  I want to auto generate a second calendar to run job 2 on the Friday after the 3rd Wed of the month.  Is there a way to do thi...
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  • Ideas should be created with 1 vote up for the creator.

    53 votes
    As the creator raised the idea, I think its safe to assume that they would vote up, but this requires a manual action and currently when ideas are created they start on 0 votes.   Can / should this be changed so...
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  • As a former CA employee, now a Broadcom employee, how do I update my e-mail address to @broadcom.com rather than to @ca.com.  The "edit profile" does not allow me to change it.

    As a former CA employee, now a Broadcom employee, how do I update my e-mail address to @broadcom.com rather than to @ca.com. The "edit profile" does not allow me to change it.
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  • My Jive for Outlook plug stopped working recently.

    My Jive for Outlook plug stopped working recently. I have tried the following URLs, and neither find it: http://communities.ca.com https://communities.ca.com  
    created by KevinMurphyCA
  • CA PPM 15.5 Reports and Jobs

    Hi, I'm looking for information/documents how to set up Jasper report to be accessible through 'Reports and Jobs' in CA PPM 15.5. Thank you for help
  • UC4 Automic AWI confirmation popups for actions made

    5 votes
    #UC4 pop ups UC4 V9 Automic scheduling. as our team is ramping up and testing the UC4 V12 we have found many features that are in the UI(user interface, java) are not available in the AWI(Automic Web Interface). In ...
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  • missing email notifications on activities

    I stopped receiving email notifications on the 17 of January. Am I the only one having this problem?
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  • User Story from TFS to CA agile: how to import expected results and requirements

    Hey,   I am looking for a way to import requirements from my user stories to a CA model. I want to capture the details and acceptance criteria so I can create test cases from those requirements. Any suggestions?
    created by steveulysse
  • Allow Wild cards in CORS assertion and list of allowed origins

    7 votes
    Hi! Nowadays is more and more required to add CORS and preflight assertions in the exposed APIs due to the number of browsers executing directly APIs.   We have found a couple of possible improvements in Proces...
  • How do I request an enhancement to open cases?

    When I open a case with IBM they have an interested parties section where I can add others in my company. This is very useful.  I would like to see something similar on CA's cases.   Thanks !!
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  • Getting the total number of test cases which got migrated using the QC-Rally connector

    Hi, Was wondering if we do have an option to check the number of test cases which got migrated from Rally>QC or QC>rally when using the QC-Rally connector? 
    created by Siddam
  • Need to connect to Salesforce DB through CA Devtest

    Hi, I have a requirement to connect to salesforce DB. But I am not sure how to connect through CA devtest. Please suggest whether we can connect salesforce DB and shall we migrate existing DB to salesforce DB?
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  • Have a good weekend!

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  • email id? ca.com ---> broadcom.com

    Is it safe to say that the first part of the email ID of Broadcom employees is the same as before and just ca.com was changed to broadcom.com? 
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  • Where we live and work - 8/31/18 thru present

    Hartford Connecticut (my work location) postcard from 1943.    
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  • CA Service Advisory Program for SaaS Customers

    Dear SaaS Customers and Partners,   We are pleased to inform you that as part of our continuing efforts to deliver an exceptional SaaS customer experience, we are partnering with Everbridge (Mass Notification Pl...
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  • Posts show as unread after they are read

    After I read a post, when I go back in later, Jive shows the post as unread.  Any ideas?
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  • Problem with text including @ symbols in Jive documents

    In documents & discussions, Jive automatically converts text strings containing @ symbols into email addresses, even if specifically instructed not to do this. An example follows.   Table with preformatted te...
    created by Michael_Lowry
  • Find Your Mainframe Product Community

    Welcome to the NEW CA Mainframe Communities -- where information on dozens of CA mainframe products can be found within nearly a dozen communities. In each community, you'll find CA product experts and fellow users sh...
    Lenn Thompson
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