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Announcement 1 GA Announcement: CA Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM) 9.0.2
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Click to view contentHi all   I am capturing the field "IfAlias" for the alarms from snmpcollector. This field I need to place on the alarms of snmpcollector   The query that I am used for capturing IfAlias is ---->   On this query I hope capture = source and = Interface to place on the alarm snmpcollector the IfAlias   This is the… (Show more)
Click to view contentEnvironment: UIM v8.51 nas/AE version 8.56 or higher   References: nas configuration alarm_enrichment Raw Configuration   Use Case:  In this document, we will discuss alarm enrichment under the context of a specific use case. This is just one example of leveraging the alarm enrichment functionality.   The end result of this configuration will…
Click to view content  Hi All, We have looked at the cdm probe pdf's and was looking at "memory usage", and "physical memory usage" defined:   Memory Usage (MB) QOS_MEMORY_USAGE Megabytes Total memory usage in megabytes   Physical Memory (MB) QOS_MEMORY_PHYSICAL Megabytes The size of the physical memory used on the system in megabytes. Note: For this metric, the… (Show more)
Please add the "IfAlias" filter to the Performance Reports and List Reports to use for creating custom reports so we can leverage the same functionality that has been added recently for grouping Interfaces and Devices in the UMP GUI.
we are starting to migrate some of our monitoring into snmpcollector and we would like to see additional variables be added to the alarm messages.    for example  Interface traffic will pass the text value for a interface status into the alarm message but the snmpcollector focuses on this as a numerical value only.    also things like being…
It wold be nice to have a way, in Nimsoft to stop receiving data from a server that has the Robot installed.? As a MSP we need frequently to ask a costumer to uninstall the robot from a server that will no longer require monitoring.
Click to view contentHi all. I need create a query on DB CAUIM for capturing data trough "Alarm Enrichment configuration", this query i need containing the field "target" of alarms from pollagent probe like Operstatuspolleable.   On the DB CAUIM, where can I find the field "target" = Vl1101 (Vlan1101)?  
This idea is to get the probe of things that was originally created by employee Bryan Morrow, added to the UIM product and fully supported as part of the product.
Click to view contentThe function of this probe will be to provide a UIM administrator with small callback utilities to make the management of the UIM infrastructure a little easier. This probe will be under constant development with new utilities being added regularly. If you have suggestions for new automated utilities or feedback on the current state, please post… (Show more)
Sundy Lau
Open this idea on behalf of Wai Hoe Ho from THOMAS DURYEA CONSULTING (Tops Site ID 776560).   Feature Request to support Cisco Meraki Dashboard API.   Overview,   API documentations,
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