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Announcement 1 GA Announcement: CA Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM) 9.0.2
Announcement 2 [WEBCAST REPLAY] What's New in CA UIM 9.0.2Announcement count
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Phani Devulapalli
Could you please add an option to track the user who has created a maintenance schedule in UIM . This would be a very helpful option mostly in a environment where the application is accessed by different users and it is important to keep track of who made the changes specially in case of a maintenance schedule which might impact the monitoring   …
Customers are upgrading Service Now to London version and need the sdgtw probe to support this version. Currently it is only supported until Kingston: sdgtw (Service Desk Gateway) Release Notes - CA Unified Infrastructure Management Probes - CA Technologies Documentation    If this is feasible, could we know the ETA?   Many thanks
We are planning to install UIM on azure platform, so wanted to have of what all risk, issue, assumptions, dependency would be there. If we migrate the collector hub in azure. Also what ports will we require to get open to receive the alerts and qos on premises hub. Any leads will be appreciable. 
The CDM probe currently has the ability to collect the traffic send and receive for devices. we would like the ability expanding so individual interfaces could be configured mimicking the interface traffic and snmp collector probes
Currently the ICMP probe queries the discovery server based on scopes defined in the probe. However, customer would like to have this feature work on the lines of 'snmpcollector' where it should add all the reachable devices directly once the discovery server is queried. This would be beneficial in case there are hundreds of IPs which are…
Hi there,   we would like to generate an Alarm if the load average (15 min) is above the threshold of 3. The threshold in UMP (MCS) muss be an integer but the value at trend report is a percentage. I think there is no alarm because of the two different ways of the threshold.   If I change the value at advanced settings in IM. Values like "0,3"… (Show more)
Daniel Blanco
Hello so recently saw articles saying most browsers will be blocking all Flash content in a few years.    Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook Will Eliminate Flash |  Adobe will kill Flash web browser technology in 2020 - CNET    Whats the progress with removing all the Flash content out of the UMP's portal? An HTML5 version has been… (Show more)
Hi Expert,   Under the administrator account, I have configure 3 accounts for operation. However, I have provide them the view of UMP to allow them to view the tree view and badge. The 3 accounts for operation able to view the badge and the tree view.    The problem occurs that the 3 accounts under the operation cannot see the different… (Show more)
Infrastructure manager gives us the option to deploy new versions of probes to only those robots, which already contain the probe (instead of deploying the probe to every single robot registered with the hub) by dragging the probe onto a whole HUB and selecting "Update only" - see  documentation.   This idea is requesting to have a similar…
Hi, I'm trying to create a new Nimsoft hub, But during installation, It is unable to locate existing #Nimsoft #domain in the same network but it is trying to create a new separate domain. To make sure that the ports are open b\w this new hub server and UIM server. I installed robot on this new server and connection was established without any… (Show more)
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