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Currently in the dirscan probe when monitoring remote directories the alarm source, hostname and QoS data will be asserted to the robot where the dirscan probe is installed, rather than the hostname on which the remote file is being monitored. It would be nice to have an out-of-box option to override the QoS/Alarm message information. This feature…
Daniel Blanco
Hello, can CA provide some out of the box, simple example dashboards for the "Dashboard" portlet? I did a fresh install and there is nothing for me to work with to help me create something from scratch. Also why are there no out of the box images, or sample images that can represent machines, devices? There are just widgets but why not have some…
Hi Experts,     We are using CA UIM 8.5.1   We are having list of robots which are in error state.   We are using Below PortQuery to know why they are showing in a error state. sample command syntax: C:\PortQry\portqry -n -e 48000 where is the IP of the… (Show more)
I am having problems after HP3PAR Firmware update, the probe does not read the metrics, I updated the probe to version 1.24 more now it does not work anymore. the log is attached. @HP3PAR is failed to collect data for monitor hp3par
Hi Folks,  In our environment we have a requirement in which one service will be stoped at a particular time on a daily basis and starts automatically.   So we need to exclude monitoring on that service at that particular lime slot using ntservices probe.   Is there any way to exclude monitoring on a service for some define time slot on regular… (Show more)
Click to view contentHi guys,   I have set the logmon to generate some QOSs from variables, and this is working fine, but for each of them the probe generates a new target with the QOS default "QOS_LOGMON_VARIABLE".          This seems like a wrong behavior, and that dirty my database. Does anyone know if it is possible to configure logmon to prevent this?… (Show more)
We have configured a file age watcher with the DIRSCAN probe and there is a difference in the suppression key format depending on what options are selected.  We parse the Profile Name out of the suppression key to send in the alert message, but the content is different.     If the "watch age of individual files" option is selected then the…
is there any way to enable monitoring for all processes instead of enabling them manually.
Hi all,   admitting in the first stage: it's the first time I try to set up automated (scheduled) reports within UIM   I've got a task of setting up daily/monthly CSV reports on specific UIM QOS data metrics but can't seem to find a proper solution. There are several reporting utilities and terms related to UIM making it - to be honest - quite… (Show more)
Currently the logmon probe replaces any carriage returns ( \r ) or new lines ( \n ) with spaces when parsing a log file. ?This behavior should be changed to not replace these end-of-line characters, rather to leave them as is when parsing the string using regex patterns. ?This change will allow for better control of text location when \r or \n is…
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