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SNMPTD - Generic Traps

Posted by carl Dec 16, 2013

Deploy the SNMPTD probe.


Select the settings button (top left) and "Enable Generic" bottom left of the settings window. [You might also like to bump up the log level/size while your here in case of debug]



Image 000.png



Then on the generic tab of the settings page tick the "Convert to Nimsoft alarm" box.


In later updates I might go a little further into the options here but for now lets just go ahead and use the defaults.



Image 001.png



In the main config window for SNMPTD there is an icon on the menu bar for the "Trap Monitor" Image 002.png


I use a free windows tool in my testing to generate traps which the monitor picks up. If your SNMP device is correctly configured to point to the SNMPTD probe you should see entries here when you click play (when and how many depends on the interval traps are being sent)



Image 004.png



You can see the top trap has a different icon to the rest. That's because I had a profile in place for "Generic" when that trap was received.


Again in the main config window under V2 & V3 traps create a new profile:



Image 006.png


Name it something like "Generic" and set the "Trap Object Identifier" to . [dot, period] and tick the "Convert to Nimsoft Alarm".


Applying the probe settings should now start to generate traps -> Nimsoft Alarms - possibly a lot so use with care.


Image 008.png