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Thank you to everyone who joined the Webcast on May 24, 2016 which covered Vision and Roadmap for CA Unified Infrastructure Management:

  • Webcast presentation (attached)
  • Q&A Transcript - coming soon!

US Cellular.pngU.S. Cellular Safeguards Revenue Generation and Customer Service with Proactive Monitoring


The fifth largest wireless carrier in the United States, U.S. Cellular serves more than five million customers. It differentiates itself through its comprehensive offerings, excellent customer service and high-quality network.



A critical billing, provisioning and inventory management system was experiencing daily outages after moving to a new platform. With new sales opportunities looming, U.S. Cellular needed to resolve the issues quickly.



CA Unified Infrastructure Management and CA Application Performance Management provide the operational insights needed to prevent and resolve problems before they impact customers or business users.



U.S. Cellular can deliver the excellent levels of service expected by today’s telecommunications customers. This not only helps to safeguard its reputation but also revenue generation.

Read more at: U.S. Cellular Safeguards Revenue Generation and Customer Services with Proactive Infrastructure and Application Monitori…