• *** UIM 9.x Defects/Bugs/Gotchas ***

    So I figured I'd start a new UIM 9.x Defects/Bugs/Gotchas thread as the other one has 11 pages so far.  Just so we can all track known bugs and defects since the Announcements page is not used on the old support...
    Daniel Blanco
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  • Are you looking for Cisco Meraki Monitoring - Get In Touch!

    Hi, If you are using cisco meraki devices in your infrastructure and looking for a monitoring solution, then we have a new UIM monitoring probe available and we are looking for beta customers. Please reach out to me ...
    created by RajeevKurupati
  • Preprocessing script

    We have a requirement to write some writes into a file and we are currently doing through NAS AO. We are not using the alert for anything other than writing into a file. So planning to put a pre-processing script to w...
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  • Messages in queue

    We are reposting all the alerts to message bus with different subject through nas AO.We have created a attach queue to get those posted messages and have a  java based custom probe to subscribe the attach queue t...
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  • UMP showing error too many redirect

    Hi All,   Currently I having the issue on UMP that stop working suddenly like redirecting of url. So I cannot reload the page. The error seen in browser is err_too_many_redirect. I did not found any error info...
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  • Monitoring Drives (Whose Drive Letters Are Not Assigned) Through Disk Management

    Hi All,   Requirement:- I have a requirement where Backup team has demanded to monitor disks that are present in there servers. The disks are visible in the Disk management but due to some god knows reason (Obv...
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  • Network switch need to configure in SNMP collector without any template in CA UIM

    Network switch need to configure in SNMP collector without any template in CA UIM So we can manage the all parameter individually ( like device having  multiple memory  in that case we can select only f...
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  • Check raw and historic QoS delete on Oracle DB

    The knowledge base has an article on checking/verifying the data_engine is deleting raw and historic QoS from the RN_ and HN_ DB tables.  However, the query assumes the DB is MS SQL (see attached).  How coul...
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  • Multiple Targets in Dashboard chart

    Hello community,   Anyone know how or if it's possible to plot multiple targets as some kind of variable to a chart in Dashboard designer?  I'd like to plot many objects to a chart but don't want to create...
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  • Generating Alerts from Email

    Hi All, I was wondering if any one has done any work on generating alarms from emails recieved, any ideas how to collect emails from a pop3 system and generate alarm based on recipient and possibly message content?
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  • Converting incoming email messages into an NMS alert

    Hi FOlks   I have a customer who is managing a secure environment where they will not let any incoming traffic into it. So they will allow an email to be sent out, with contains the alert, which they would like...
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  • Using Nimsoft API in Powershell

    The following block works: $customDLL = "C:\Users\xxxxxxxx\Downloads\NimbusAPI.dll" $assembly = [Reflection.Assembly]::LoadFrom($customDll) Add-Type -Path $customDll $session = New-Object Nimsoft.NimBUS.Messaging.N...
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  • Integrate Nimsoft and SCOM within Nimsoft Portal

    Is there any way to do this? I'm looking to be able to log into the Nimsoft portal, but be able to access data created by SCOM, without having to log into another web interface. I know that I could create a new portle...
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  • Simple Alarm Trigger Script

    Bit f help required with a very simple trigger script.  I want to trigger a new alarm if I don't receive 3 alarms with the same text .......... i.e new arm if only 2 or more than 3   Got this so far: &...
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  • lua and notes

    Hi, I've got a lua script that creates a note and attaches it to an alarm  (using note.create and note.attach) I can't find a way to get it to tick the 'Automaticaly remove this note when no active alarms refer ...
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  • Alarm Suppression using LUA

    When a device goes down I get alerts from all sorts of different probes.  SNMPGET, SAA_MONITOR, NET_CONNECT, CISCO_MONITOR, INTERFACE_TRAFFIC and so on.  This is causing alert overload and I decided to try a...
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  • LUA script for net_connect probe

    I am looking for a script which will check robot against net_connect list for all the hubs . This should be emailed to recipients. can someone help me with the script if exists ?
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  • Enabling TLS on UIM Hubs

    Hello, Has anyone gone thru the process of switching off SSL and enabling the TLS communication on their hubs?  If anyone went thru this process do you have any suggestions, tips, or a break down of what you di...
    Daniel Blanco
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  • Q2 Product Roadmap discussion UIM

    Q2 Product Roadmap Session - CA Unified Infrastructure Management - EMEA7 Feb 2019, 9 AM EST,  Q2 Product Roadmap Session - CA Unified Infrastructure Management - EMEA  About this webinar Attending a p...
    created by RowanCollis
  • UIM and VMWare Horizon View

    We are about to setup a VDI environment using VMWare Horizon View and I'm looking for some experiences with monitoring such platform and the VDI's it provided to the users. Is there anyone who is already running such ...
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