• Converting incoming email messages into an NMS alert

    Hi FOlks   I have a customer who is managing a secure environment where they will not let any incoming traffic into it. So they will allow an email to be sent out, with contains the alert, which they would like...
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  • *** UIM 9.x Defects/Bugs/Gotchas ***

    So I figured I'd start a new UIM 9.x Defects/Bugs/Gotchas thread as the other one has 11 pages so far.  Just so we can all track known bugs and defects since the Announcements page is not used on the old support...
    Daniel Blanco
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  • LUA script for net_connect probe

    I am looking for a script which will check robot against net_connect list for all the hubs . This should be emailed to recipients. can someone help me with the script if exists ?
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  • Enabling TLS on UIM Hubs

    Hello, Has anyone gone thru the process of switching off SSL and enabling the TLS communication on their hubs?  If anyone went thru this process do you have any suggestions, tips, or a break down of what you di...
    Daniel Blanco
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  • Q2 Product Roadmap discussion UIM

    Q2 Product Roadmap Session - CA Unified Infrastructure Management - EMEA7 Feb 2019, 9 AM EST,  Q2 Product Roadmap Session - CA Unified Infrastructure Management - EMEA  About this webinar Attending a p...
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  • UIM and VMWare Horizon View

    We are about to setup a VDI environment using VMWare Horizon View and I'm looking for some experiences with monitoring such platform and the VDI's it provided to the users. Is there anyone who is already running such ...
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  • NAS - Duplicate Tickets for same NimID

    Hi    Currently we have integration with ServiceNow through sdgtw and what we observed that there are duplicate tickets are getting created for same nimid.   Currently in CDM probe disk Interval is se...
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  • UIM RegEX Help Thread

    So was thinking of starting a regEx thread b/c it would be helpful for many of us who have to try to find something in a log or match against a specific message event string. So if you have a regex question post in h...
    Daniel Blanco
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  • Generating a report for percentage availabilty of all devices

    Hi all,   I need to generate a report of percentage availability of all devices. Please suggest me how to proceed for this.   The report needs to be something like following.   Device Name &#...
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  • GA Announcement: CA UIM 8.5.1 Service Pack 1

    Community Members,   As part of the regular release cycle for updating CA UIM 8.5.1, we are pleased to announce CA UIM 8.5.1 Service Pack 1 (SP1). CA UIM 8.5.1 SP1 is a service update that includes new features,...
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  • Using CA UIM with CA Identity Suite - Single NAT and Double NAT

    Team,   I had an interesting challenge where I wished to have a centralized CA UIM management server (with a hub), active in Amazon Cloud (AWS), to be used for various servers I have running or to allow me to de...
    Alan Baugher
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  • Tricky question, what do you monitor? Has anyone found a way to answer this?

    I get asked this all the time and have no way of telling people without manually writing out each probe config, which takes ages..   Are there any other solutions?
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  • Download links to all versions of probes

    Hi,   I generated a list that has download links to all versions of all probes (I think, at least). Don't have to dig around release notes and copy+paste links to get older versions.. html file is attached. &#...
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  • Baseline_engine probe

    Hi  UIM 8.51 on windows 2008R2. My baseline_engine probe is always queued up. what is the resolution to remove them from queuing? I have 1 primary, 1 secondary hub, 1 UMP/reporter and 1 DB. Servers monitored ar...
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  • Transition to Broadcom and a Pause in Some Virtual Events Programs

    As I'm sure you've read/seen by now, Broadcom's acquisition of CA Technologies is now complete. Because of some changes we're making to our systems (webcasts, registration, etc.) we will be pausing our product roadmap...
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  • GA Announcement: CA UIM 9.0.2

    On behalf of CA Technologies, we appreciate your business and the opportunity to provide you with high-quality, innovative software and services. As part of our ongoing commitment to customer success, we regularly rel...
    Sandeep Tiwary
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  • jvm_monitor Target Names

    I am monitoring a lot of JMX stats using the jvm_monitor probe. I have set the monitoring name to be something short and meaningful but the target name that appears in SLM etc is the long JMX key (or somethi...
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  • ntservices: Alarm when successful restart of service

    Hello   Is it possible to configure ntservices to only send an alarm when the automatical restart of a service failed? When the restart was successful, an informational alarm should be sent, but not the normal...
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  • alerts on nimsoft DB

    hi,   i am geting in almost each day not on specific time this alerts:   Subsystem: ServiceLevelManagement Probe: data_engine Message: Failed to insert QoS data into the database, check that the databa...
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  • Next Week on Communities: October 29th - November 2nd

    October 30th   [WEBCAST] Intelligent, Modern Infrastructure Management For Digital Business - October 30, 2018 @ 12 p.m. ET  For businesses transforming to compete in today’s digital economy, there&#...
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