• Fault Correlation Engine Alarm

    Hi,   We get a critical alarm from the Fault Correlation Engine probe with the message 'The System "HOSTNAME" at IP address 172.***.***.*** has experienced a fault and requires intervention.'. What doe...
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  • Disk(s) MCS templates

    Starting with cdm_mcs_templates 6.34, Disk(s) is a child of Default Disk(s). The problem with having it as a child is that there are 2^(number of disk drives your organization may monitor) permutations of monitoring p...
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  • url_response Monitoring With Embedded Redirects

    25 votes
    Creating simple monitors within the url_response probe, I have came across several URLs being requested which had embedded redirects.  Because of this, we are forced to create synthetic scripts utilizing the e2e_...
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  • How force a super pack to redeploy existing packages?

    So were updating and changing our ntservices probe to make use of the new features. So for boxes with the probe already running I created a super pack that has the following 3 packages in the "Dependencies" tab but wh...
    Daniel Blanco
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  • Detail of server not showing data

    Hi everyone.   I have a situation unusual. When I consult a server can't see the metrics on tab detail. But if I look in metric tab I see metrics.     This happen only with a server.
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  • REST call to search on multiple fields?

    So we have SNOW and were thinking about setting up a workflow w/in SNOW when anyone creates a change control window. We figured out what the corresponding UIM REST Maintenance call would be made to create the Maintena...
    Daniel Blanco
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  • ntevl to syslog options

    I've successfully managed to get ntevl messages to go to the sysloggtw probe by creating an alarm and having the nas repost the alarm with the subject of SYSLOG-OUT which is then picked up by the sysloggtw probe and s...
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  • Usage_Metering probe Automation for email.

    I am using Usage_Metering probe version 9.11 T1 . My requirement is to get auto generated email (weekly/monthly) for consumed licenses or available licenses. Can anybody please give me steps for such automation ?
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  • ntservices probe - make aware of Automatic (Triggered) startup type

    Under review
    14 votes
    Microsoft added the service startup type "Automatic (triggered)" to Windows Server 2008R2. The ntservices probe does not differentiate between "Automatic" and "Automatic (Triggered)" so if you set up profiles for all ...
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  • Online Sizing Tool

    54 votes
    It would be great to have an online sizing tool, where we could enter the details about the monitored infrastructure and it could tell us the requirements in terms of NMS, database, secondary hubs and UMP.   As ...
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  • How do you clean up unneeded templates in MCS?

    I have some templates for MCS that fail to apply. Deleting them from the processed folder directly would be easy enough, but they still exist in ssrv2template and are listed when doing a list_template versions.  ...
  • To Monitor Websphere with client-side authentication enabled

    1 vote
    Hi All,   We are unable to monitor websphere when customer turn on Client-Side Authentication on websphere. Broadcom support have confirmed that it is not supported and ask me to open an idea through here. We wo...
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  • Hub running by a specific user.

    Is it possible to configure the HUB application to be run by a specific Windows user? 
    Jean Gomes
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  • Built and Run Robot within Docker Container

    20 votes
    We from KPN always keen to use latest and greatest technologies. In today modern technology world Container is no more fancy word. We would like to have the docker container built to run the UIM Robot within Container.
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  • Modify NTServices easily

    7 votes
    Hi All.  We suggest that on the NTservices probe, when you go into the setup tab there needs to be a box to check at the top say under properties tab lining up with all the other check boxes. And it needs to be a...
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  • UIM hub v7.97 drop support for 2008

    On the hub's Release notes page it says it dropped support for the following platforms starting in v7.96:   Removed support for the following platforms:RHEL 5 (32-bit and 64-bit) Windows 2008 CentOS 5 (32-bit and...
    Daniel Blanco
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  • is the Hitachi Command Suite a requirement to be installed on the robot that the probe will be sitting on?

    I see the following in the pre-configuration, I am just looking for clarification is the device manager required or the Command suite itself? The hitachi probe requires:  Hitachi Storage System USP-V, USP-VM,...
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  • After UIM 9.0.2 Upgrade forwarded Trap Messages have ASCI Symbols in message?

    We have upgraded to UIM 9.0.2 and left our UIM 8.5.1 environment up at this time for reporting. The robot/probe on the old system that has the SNMPTD probe on it is still receiving traps and then the nas is forwa...
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  • Make probe SDGTW multi tenant with CA SDM

    7 votes
    Hello!   It has been stated that the current solution for CA UIM and CA SDM integration, the SDGTW probe, does not support multi tenant environments, thus it should be suggested as an idea on this community to i...
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  • nas to LUA extension alarm.get command

    Not planned
    0 votes
    Currently, alarm.get for LUA in nas only works with 'On message arrival' AO profiles, it would be great if it can works with every AO profiles condition, especiall 'On trigger'
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