• Smarter Mocking: Eclipse IDE with Service Virtualization

    Developers prefer to be able to conduct all of their work directly from their IDE.  If they have dependencies and need to create virtual services, they want to be able to manage these from their IDE as well. ...
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  • How to XOG Datamart Extraction job

    Problem: Unfortunately the out of the box job "Datamart Extraction" job got deleted from the Clarity application and I tried to XOG out using job definition read syntax but nothing worked out for me. So have defined a...
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  • Service Virtualization v10.5 is now GA!

    Proud to announce that Service Virtualization - SV 10.5 is now GA! Super excited to announce 'The Most Developer Friendly release of Service Virtualization Ever' to enable Developers to use Service Virtualization...
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  • Service Virtualization 10.5 - Countdown has begun

    Coming up soon is SV 10.5! Super excited to announce 'The Most Developer Friendly release of Service Virtualization Ever' to enable Developers to use Service Virtualization earlier in the SDLC (Shift-Left anyone?...
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  • CA SDM::. Meu botão export/anexos não funciona.

    CA Service Desk Manager     Sintomas: O botão export não funciona Não consigo baixar um anexo Visualizer não funciona WSP - Web Screen Painter / Pintor de tela web não...
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  • Self-Signed Certficate Creation :: Fast Tracks

    To create quickly a Certificate to configure Apache or SPS with ssl :   #  mkdir certificate #  cd certificate/ #  openssl genrsa -des3 -out server.key 1024 #  openssl req -config /etc/ssl/op...
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  • App of the Week - Portfolio Item Copy

    With the launch of the newCommunity App Catalog doc, we want to highlight some of the awesome apps available for you to install and use right away. Today's let's take a look at one of the great time-saver apps, Portfo...
    William Kammersell
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  • Use JWT to Modernize the SiteMinder to APIM integration

    This blog helps you understand how JWT powers the Layer7 APIM-Layer7 SiteMinder integration. This blog does not emphasize the technical details of JWT or the configuration details of CA APIM and CA SSO.    W...
  • Service Virtualization 10.5: Improved Docker & Kubernetes Support

    While earlier releases of Service Virtualization supported creation of Docker images, it was a manual step for a customer to use the provided script and an existing product install to generate Docker images. More...
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  • Tech Note : Enable httpclient logging in Access Gateway 12.7

    Documented Process for enabling httpclient logging in Access Gateway     With Access Gateway R12.7 using the documented way to enable httpclient logging does not work.  The documented method is to chang...
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  • API Enhancements - SV 10.5

    CHALLENGE: Our Customers want to create & update Virtual Services through APIs without the need to log into the Workstation and/or Portal. SOLUTION SV API v3 simplifies and enhances the user experience -...
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  • Integrating my Virtual Services with my Jenkins Continuous Delivery Pipeline

    In order to build new products quickly and sustainably, automating testing practices is key.  This includes not only designing and building the tests that need to be run, the data that is needed for testing, the ...
    Beverly Mindle
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  • Code Smarter, Not Harder

    By Alf Abuhajleh PPM Pundit   We’re coding software faster than ever before. A recent survey showed 85 percent of developers use Agile methodologies. Another 75 percent of coders ...
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  • PPM Pundits: Industry and Product News

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  • Why a Mobile App is Necessary for Your Business Today?

    The world has gone mobile and so, mobile app development has been highly in demand.  In this digital era, mobile apps play a major role not only in our day-to-day lives but also in the business world. Many small...
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  • Automation Engine 11.2.10 Released

    As of January 23, 2019 Automation Engine 11.2.10 has been released and is available for download.   Automation Engine 11.2.10 - Bug Fixes, Known Issues and files are available for do...
    Luu Le
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  • Cyber Security In Next 50 Years - What's Holding Us Back

    There’s an enormous dependence upon this world to obtain better cybersecurity. Let’s explore specific challenges that might be holding us back. it's not the standpoint coming from the individual or team, h...
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  • New Knowledge Base Articles

    Updated as of May 14, 2019.   Authentication issues after upgrade to UIM v9.0.2 https://comm.support.ca.com/kb/authentication-issues-after-upgrade-to-uim-902/KB000132170    LDAP Groups are no longer d...
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  • Fast Tracks to Install IHS with WebAgent 12.52SP1CR09

    Install IHS # mv /root/download/9.0.0-WS-IHS-ARCHIVE-linux-x86_64-FP011.zip /opt # cd /opt # unzip 9.0.0-WS-IHS-ARCHIVE-linux-x86_64-FP011.zip # cd IHS/ # ./postinstall.sh postinst: Couldn't find perl interpreter in ...
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  • CA UIM Monthly Newsletter - May

    Check out the CA UIM Monthly Newsletter for May! Moving forward, we will be producing quarterly newsletters. The Q3 CA UIM Newsletter will be going out in June.   
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